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Poll From: 03/15/2013

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Do you struggle with acne or a poor complexion? Submitted By Numchucks37, CA
No, never.
No, but I used to.
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on 08/20/13
Why does it matter when people do? It's just a part of who you are so accept it!
on 03/25/13
Daughter does, we have tried everything.
on 03/22/13
Na don't get it
on 03/16/13
I do, but I'm a teenager, so that probably doesn't count...
on 03/16/13
very good product!!!
on 03/16/13
pretty cool
on 03/16/13
its true
on 03/16/13
works great
on 03/16/13
Try the clarisonic...works wonders on your skin!
on 03/15/13
Beatrice123 liked this  
on 03/15/13
umm yeah
on 03/15/13
nope i dot
on 03/15/13
on 03/15/13
my daughter has proactiv and she loves it .. it cleared her face right up :) thank you proactiv
on 03/15/13
I envy dark skinned people because they usually have the healthiest skin because they have more pigment in their skin. I struggled with acne a lot when I was younger. Bleh.
on 03/15/13
You're wrong. My face is atrocious because I struggle with severe acne.
on 03/15/13
What else did you expect? nellburn
on 03/15/13
with acene
on 03/15/13
haphazardry and 1 others liked this  
I knew it!!! This poll is a front for a facial cleanser ad!
on 03/15/13
lizzrood liked this  
acne is a normal thing that many people get but there is small changes in which one self can make to lower your chances of getting acne such as not wearing makeup, eating less greasy food, and simply just washing your face with an acne soap
on 03/15/13
leogirl817 and 1 others liked this  
Acne is very annoying.
on 03/15/13
I do
on 03/15/13
Acne was a pain when I was a teenager. Ugh.
Mirin::2013-03-21 22".."+
on 03/15/13
The best acne treatment I used was simply cleaning my face with cold water, no soap or additives, when I wake up and before I go to bed. I also had some on my upper shoulder. For this, I put a clean towel on my pillow every night and washing them by the end of the week. I just continued this process and it worked very well for me.
on 03/15/13
Luckily, I've never had a breakout.
on 03/15/13
on 03/15/13
I only didn't have acne because my skin gets really dry during extreme hot and cold.
on 03/15/13
That's one of the reasons I'm glad I'm not a teenager anymore.
on 03/15/13
odonnellma liked this  
I started to as a teenager at boarding school but the floor monitor told me to boost up my plain water consumption and it vanished.
on 03/15/13
Water works wonders!
I need to increase my intake of it!
on 03/15/13
The worst thing ever it is so embarrassing
on 03/15/13
It is embarrassing but it happens to everyone! No need to be embarrassed about it! :)
It's not your fault! :P
on 03/15/13
I've had terrible, deep cystic acne since I was 8. I'm 21 now. No amounts of makeup can conceal the scars left behind. I STILL get deep, cystic acne and I STILL get acne scars. It's really killed any chance at self confidence I could ever have.
on 03/15/13
psychgirl06 liked this  
I'm sorry!

Always, always remember you are more than the acne! Don't let it get you down! :) No ones perfect!
on 03/15/13
Thankfully, no!

I have 1 or 2 breakouts every now and then but it's hardly ever!

I wash my face every other day ( I havent' worn make up in years and I've always had great skin/no acne) with facial cleanser! When I wash daily I notice an increase in breakouts! Kind of sucks but I have noticed a difference in my complexion now that I wash and moisturize every so often! :)
on 03/15/13
I do once in a while i use avicodos
on 03/15/13
on 03/15/13
like this
on 03/15/13
more now in my thirties than when I was a teenager!! Having babies messes up you biology lol!
on 03/15/13
Or rather your* lol
on 03/15/13
firefox1973 liked this  
I kid you not. water + sea salt = best acne reducer!
on 03/15/13
on 03/15/13
Yeah acne's the worst!
on 03/15/13
I check.
on 03/15/13
Yes, but I have been told they may be genital warts.
on 03/15/13
Smoopy65 liked this  
Not enough options...I wouldn't consider a couple of zits here and there during my teens as having a problem with acne or a poor complexion...thankfully never had the problems with it some of my friends did.
on 03/15/13
ZeeMAD1 liked this  
look how many liars answered the poll today
on 03/15/13
yo man\
on 03/15/13
Smoopy65 and 1 others liked this  
Only time I break out is a little bit at that time of the month. But I rarely wear makeup which is a major part of why I don't have breakouts. Or if I do wear makeup, I just wear mascara and lipstick and once in a blue moon will I wear face powder. But liquid face makeup will cause me to break out. Another thing that I did do, is change my liquid makeup in for mineral makeup. It goes on far cleaner and easier to wash off and my pores can still breathe beneath it. :-)
on 03/15/13
I used ambi and my skin didnt like that...it went bezerk!SO I started using the aloe vera plant...cutting it open and using that icky gel on my skin!It turned my problem areas red but I still used it for about a month and stopped.(Im a black girl but Im not dark..and ppl where coming up to me and saying why are you blushing and Im like im not!)It was the aloe vera doing something.. idk what but after I stopped completely using everything no facial wash no nothing JUST splashing water on my face like 5times a day or less rubbing in a circluar upward motion and using cotton balls my skin has been clearing up it looks way better!Im guessing it was the aloe vera from the month before it works slow but it eventually gets there!I guess I will get another plant but not use it as much since my skin is not that bad anymore and I dont think water can help alone.(I have oily skin and blackheads)So maybe this will help others idk but dosent hurt to try look up the benefits of the aloe vera plant!
on 03/15/13
on 03/15/13
omglookakitty liked this  
I never get Acne but I have other skin issues that make up for it. Id take Acne over my skin issues in a Heart Beat!
on 03/15/13
I have had TONS of large pimples.. they are all gone now, but the problem is that they leave tons of black spots and even after a month or more they won go away!! it looks really bad on my regular skin tone. so can anyone please help me with this problem?? dark spot correctors don't work...
on 03/15/13
Hey use cotton balls to help get the dead skin off your skin will help with the lightning up your skin!
on 03/15/13
Wow idk that that many people had acne
on 03/15/13
Good stuff from what I hear...
on 03/15/13
Its not really a struggle if you've come to accept it!

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