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Poll From: 07/19/2013

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Do you ever talk to your pets in baby talk? Submitted By rxoo94503, CA
Only when no one is around.
I don''t have any pets.
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on 04/28/14
I have a fish
on 07/19/13
Bleapers liked this  
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on 07/27/13
You obviously have never had a pet. They are more than just company. The cute things they do just brighten your day. I would prefer to have a pet than to watch a few squirrels in a forest jumping around. I talk highly about pets but i understand a huge priority difference between animals and humans. I guess you don't. How dare you compare a child with an animal! They are not pets. They are human, too.
on 07/19/13
Gader1 and 13 others liked this  
Children make terrible pets.
on 07/24/13
don't have pets
on 07/20/13
i baby talk my neighbor's dog
on 07/20/13
HopefulGJL23 liked this  
Nothing wrong with talking to your pets
on 07/20/13
Hi I talk to my dog
on 07/20/13
yea cuz its fun how they react
on 07/20/13
on 07/20/13
If to talk to your baby.
on 07/19/13
Juleskii and 14 others liked this  
I talk to ANY animal in baby talk. If I see a squirrel while I'm taking a walk? You bet I'm going to stop and talk to it. I've gotten very strange looks because of it but that's okay, I've accepted I'm strange. lol.
on 07/20/13
girltrouble liked this  
Would you talk to an elephant in baby talk? What about a crocodile?
on 07/19/13
JBthe1 and 4 others liked this  
I always talk to all animals! I don't know if it qualifies or not but they love it I guess. All animals love me. Good thing since I am in dog rescue!!
on 07/20/13
on 07/19/13
I have a cat.
on 07/19/13
love my puppy wuppy
on 07/19/13
This is my puppy for my profile pic
on 07/19/13
on 07/19/13
My wittle shnookems
on 07/19/13
on 07/19/13
animals are like babies
on 07/19/13
I will admit to talking to my animals. The cats generally ignore me, the dog has a few words she recognizes. Out, food, treat, basic commands, that sort of thing. It's all in a normal speaking tone, however.

I refuse to talk baby talk to my children, either, and made sure my parents and anyone who was going to be around them a lot also spoke in a normal tone of voice. As a teacher, I've seen too many kids who in kindergarten, first, even second grade who still use the baby talk words their parents taught them. I'd rather have my kids using normal vocabulary from the start than have to break bad habits later. So far, it's worked with the 4 year old, and the 17 month old has a pretty extensive vocabulary for a toddler.
on 07/19/13
Interesting poll!!! I have a mini rabbit and treat her like one of the kids! It is amazing how animals have there own unique personalities and what they understand. I have always treated my pets as part of the family I think it make the bond between u and ur pet stronger.
on 07/19/13
rainboweverafter liked this  
Never did talk to my Rotty in baby talk. Baby Talking to your pet is ok..But feeding one from your spoon or bowl is plain disgusting. It isnt true dogs have clean mouths....they lick "every" part of their bodies....
on 07/19/13
on 07/19/13
dang dude.
on 07/19/13
JBthe1 and 3 others liked this  
i can't help it, my dogs are like children, only not annoying.
on 07/19/13
on 07/19/13
no I do not
on 07/19/13
He,s my baby.He is actually my brothers dog.He is a 4 month old minature long haired chauaha.He's a baby..
on 07/19/13
sheepshearer1975 and 1 others liked this  
I talk to my pets...but NOT in baby talk!
on 07/19/13
sheepshearer1975 and 4 others liked this  
Of course I talk to my kitties! We have complete conversations!
It doesn't matter if it is a high brow monologue or a discourse
On the virtues of catnip. Mature or baby talk,
We all enjoy the attention!
on 07/19/13
sheepshearer1975 and 6 others liked this  
I do it unintentionally. LOL. I don't know why I just always have. It really annoys me when people baby talk just because they think it makes them sound cute. It doesn't make you sound cute it makes you look stupid. I don't mind when people baby talk to their pets though. Pets are like your babies. :)
on 07/19/13
goodies, my dog knows that word,
on 07/19/13
Errrr merrrr gerrrdddd
on 07/19/13
sheepshearer1975 and 3 others liked this  
Wow the amount of snobs on here, like you wouldn't be caught dead using baby talk! xD
on 07/19/13
soulofme liked this  
i don't have any pets :( but I if I did id NEVER use baby talk cuz id have a bully pit :D and it would just seem weird and even with a puppy or a human baby...id talk to them with maturity lol
on 07/19/13
JBthe1 liked this  
I have 2 pitadors (lab / pit mixes - both rescues) whom I speak with regular - not baby talk. the 'know' certain words and have visual cues.
Now, I have to say - though I talk regular to those two and my newest rescue (puggle pug/beagle mix), I have MS, and sometimes I will stutter, slur words, stubble, wobble. fall. Not a single one cares - they love me.
If I were to use 'baby talk' and no-other cues indicated a "ms" moment was happening - they likely would go on about their current business thinking I can't be talking with and of them!!
on 07/19/13
morimunda and 2 others liked this  
I have a pit bull... I use baby talk with him all the time. Pit bulls are the biggest babies of all the dog breeds!
on 07/19/13
Hahaha oh how cute I love that! I used to baby talk my Rotti, he loved it too. A lot of larger breeds are like big sweet babies.<33
on 07/19/13
They sure are!
on 07/19/13
JBthe1 and 3 others liked this  
Why would I do that??
If I need to talk to my dog,
I just write it down on a post-it note and leave it near his food dish.
He reads it on his own time.
on 07/19/13
My pets seem to like it so I continue to do so though I speak to them as I would anyone else as well. :3 Though I don't like baby talking in front of other people, then again I'm a private person & I get easily embarrassed by stuff.
on 07/19/13
Awesomeperson888 liked this  
I have to admit I do babble to my cats, even though they give me a look of confusion. But its too hard to resist.
on 07/19/13
on 07/19/13
kristenannx3 liked this  
ohmigosh! narutoooooo!
on 07/19/13
I can't help it for some reason!
on 07/19/13
MissBrookeBamBam liked this  
Though I know for a fact talking that way to kids/babies can seriously mess them up.
on 07/19/13
on 07/19/13
sebreilly liked this  
Not only did I talk in a higher kiddy voice to my cat who loved it, I also talk to my grandkids that way, until they get old enough to listen to Lady GaGa.
on 07/19/13
Awesomeperson888 and 2 others liked this  
My cats will give the 'you've gone crazy' stare to anyone who baby talks them. But they do enjoy it when I sing to them. I think they believe it's how I purr.
on 07/19/13
talonblackhart and 1 others liked this  
I don't have pets...I have children but I don't talk to them in baby talk, even the baby gets talked to the same as her 8 year old brother.
on 07/19/13
Darktaurus002 liked this  
I talk to my cat, but not in baby talk. She always ignores me...
on 07/19/13
sdmitch16 and 13 others liked this  
I talk to them.. but not baby talk, that's just rude. I don't even talk like that to babies.
on 07/19/13
sc1012 and 1 others liked this  
A kindred spirit! I think animals and babies deserve some dignity and respect.
on 07/19/13
sdmitch16 and 7 others liked this  
I have no pets, but yeah, I don't even "baby talk" to babies.

I want babies to learn actual English, not "Are we cwute widdle feller? Yes we are! Yes we are! Dwo you wants a cookie?"

More like, "So, I know you were just born and all, but let me fill you in on early child development and the Cold War..."
on 07/19/13
sdmitch16 and 5 others liked this  
I dated a speech pathologist that told me baby talk actually helps babies learn speech.
on 07/19/13
sdmitch16 and 4 others liked this  
yep- I remember learning about that in college. It does serve a purpose. Babies will pay more attention to you if you use baby talk.
on 07/19/13
LDawnZ and 4 others liked this  
I think if baby talk does work at all, it works, not becuase you are being ridiculous and saying ridiculous things, but because you are spending the time with the child, close up, and giving love and attention. I can't see that saying a bunch of words the wrong way is actually helpful If you give the same time and attention, and annunciation with real words, said the right way, that would probably work better.
on 07/19/13
tfjparadise and 2 others liked this  
You are just speculating while twins05 and the SLP that told me that actually STUDIED it. Um...derp?
on 07/19/13
No, I speak in a normal tone when I speak to my dog.
on 07/19/13
grumblewine liked this  
on 07/19/13
morimunda and 2 others liked this  
my pet is like my kid
on 07/19/13
ChampionIsJaws liked this  
my pets r like my baby
on 07/19/13
truepureblue liked this  
I love our dog's just like our kids

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