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Poll From: 10/06/2013

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When was the last time you used a pay phone? Submitted By djohn78, TX
Within the last year.
1-3 years ago.
3-5 years ago.
More than 5 years ago.
I have never used one.
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on 10/15/13
had to when my phone died XD
on 10/13/13
ShavellVille liked this  
Think about this A cell phone is actually a pay phone!?
on 10/12/13
What a great question !!!
on 10/12/13
dc5523 liked this  
I'm going for the 1-3 year option but truthfully there needs to be an "I don't remember" option. It wasn't a terribly long time ago, but which side of three years? not sure.
on 10/12/13
dc5523 and 1 others liked this  
I use a pay phone to travel within the Matrix daily.
on 10/06/13
dc5523 liked this  
on 10/10/13
ShavellVille and 1 others liked this  
they're probably more well made than an iphone
on 10/11/13
haha sooo true!
on 10/07/13
Couldn't use one if I wanted to they are all extinct (like the dino's) at least in Michigan anyways! Haha Payphones, If I told my 10 or even 7 year old about payphones they would wonder what the hell I was talking about! It would be like the walked to school up hill both ways, in a hurricane\ blizzard\ tsunami bare foot story my grandparents told me....Well (except payphones were real) you get my point!
on 10/10/13
payphones are awesome duh
on 10/07/13
No they aren't they are in airports. I went to Canada over the summer and didn't have cell receptions so i had to use one of these to call a cab. So they do exist, you are just oblivious to them.
on 10/07/13
You guys AIRPORTS! Have none of you ever traveled out of the country where your previous cell phones didnt work??
on 10/09/13
My cell phone works in any country. You and your quaint CDMA cell can go use a pay phone.
on 10/07/13
blueberryghouls and 1 others liked this  
wow do these still exist lol
on 10/07/13
godsrose21 liked this  
Yeah that's why I compared them to dinos! Like dinosaurs bones payphones around filling stations and other locals are still there but the cord is cut or the receiver is missing or sometimes just the sign and the booth but all the phones gone! lol
on 10/07/13
ChrissyCastro liked this  
I would not even know where the nearest pay phone was any more nor how much a "local" call would be and how many minutes that would even buy you at that!!
Do they even have 911 free service on them? Gosh I would hope so!! Secondly - I wouldn't have enough disinfectant with me to be able to come near one!! Ewe!!
on 10/07/13
I don't know where any are!
on 10/07/13
Who uses pay phones these days? I think everyone has a cell phone
on 10/07/13
on 10/07/13
I hit never forgot I used one in London woops.
on 10/07/13
Princess1223 liked this  
on 10/07/13
its hard to even find one these days!
on 10/07/13
it is hard to even find one around here except for rest stops along the freeway.
on 10/07/13
man90 liked this  
I only use a cell phone for emergencies when in the car. My land line works just fine. I see payphones rarely and if I do run across them there usually isn't a phone connected anymore just the metal encasement.
on 10/07/13
pay phones are out and cell phones are in.
on 10/06/13
Signs need to be changed for phones in general. The oblong sign for telephone is far outdated.
on 10/06/13
terrancesurette liked this  
Oh i remember those things XD, just kidding, though I don't think I even have anymore near me to use even if I wanted to.
on 10/06/13
on 10/06/13
hahah i have actually used one in the past year, but now i have a plip phone
on 10/06/13
Plus, I've read Stephen Kings book "Cell." I only use the cell phone for emergency & as a watch. Don't want to be "caught" on one, you never know-----
on 10/06/13
How funny!!! I have used one the last 3 days!! I have a tracfone cell phone but no $ to buy a card for it as my 90 days ran out on 10/01. I had to do a check in call for work when I got there so used the pay phone outside.
on 10/06/13
onlyswagtags liked this  
I don't remember the last time I used a payphone. A cellphone is more convent. I do think a lot of people need to use proper manners when using their cellphones. When I'm in a restaurant, or waiting room hearing other peoples conversations for those who talk loud enough for all to hear, it's annoying. When you are at the store, don't hold every one else up that are waiting in line just so you can finish your phone call.
on 10/06/13
I honestly have never had the need to use one.
on 10/06/13
These honestly don't exist anywhere around me anymore
on 10/06/13
three years ago. i did not have a cell and my car broke down. hard to find a pay phone now. so now i have a cell just in case.
on 10/06/13
beaandbunny05 and 10 others liked this  
I use a payphone at least once every few months. I am one that will use them just because I don't like cellphones I guess I am just old fashioned as well as I am tired of conforming. Cellphones are definitely just another way to let the Government keep tabs on you and call it in the name of Security. Also Cellphones have taken away from family quality time. When you go to a restaurant and see entire families playing on cellphones rather than enjoying each others company. Or you go on a trip with your family and everyone in the car messing with the cellphone rather than enjoying each other. Then I feel its something that should be thrown in the trash. Sure there is some good reasons for cellphones "like for emergency" but other than that, they are a tool that is destroying Families AND friends, So bring back more payphones. Sorry to be going on a rampage but this OLD timer loved the more simpler life og the 60's and 70's even some of the 80's
on 10/06/13
allonasmommy liked this  
so stopping at a pay phone instead of using the cell is "simpler life"..little backwards if u ask me
on 10/06/13
mike832 and 1 others liked this  
I'll gladly take a cell phone over using one of those germ and bacteria ridden pay phones. For me, i could care less if I'm conforming. And you know what, I'm not doing anything wrong so i really don't care if the government is keeping tabs on me. That's over-thinking it a bit. Sure, I'll use a pay phone, when I get a hazmat suit! So disgusting! Besides, why do you care if OTHER families let cell phones get in the way of family time. Refusing to have one for emergencies isn't going to change that. It's just strange that you're opinion about cell phones is based on how other people use them. They can just as easily stay shut off in your glove compartment. Life isn't like the 60's, 70's or the 80's. Very unfortunately, times have changed and not for the better. It's not about keeping up with the Jonses. It's about being safe now that there are fewer and fewer pay phones. What if your in an accident? Don't
on 10/06/13
Bacteria aren't all bad. Being an utter germophobe is nonsensical. Besides are you telling me you clean your phone that rigourously? Cause I sure don't!

Are payphones that expensive to furnish? I am for thwarting gov't snooping all the way, but they have taken almost all of them away.

I disagree with the notion that they are there to destroy lives. They are there to enhance. But they are also meant to be subserviant, not an unhealthy fixation!
on 10/06/13
allonasmommy and 3 others liked this  
I agree to some extent, but payphones freak me out -- the germs!!! Grosses me out to think about putting a dirty public phone close to my face (never touching!). And yes, I'm old enough to remember (and have used) payphones. Hated them back then, and love not using them now :)
on 10/06/13
terry1905 and 3 others liked this  
I agree they can take away from family time; if you ALLOW it. The key there is allowing it.
on 10/06/13
I was in JR. that last time I used a pay phone
on 10/06/13
I don't know that I've ever used one, and if I did it was more than 5 years ago. However, I don't have a cell phone either. I just make decisions while I'm out on my own, or simply wait.
on 10/06/13
The last time I used one was in the dormitory in college, about 8 years ago. Even then, I had a cell phone so I don't remember why I used the payphone. There was one on my high school campus which I used several times. I went to high school from 2000-2004. I'm getting older! Wah.
on 10/06/13
allysonsmommy liked this  
thats just yo
on 10/06/13
allysonsmommy liked this  
not fun at all
on 10/06/13
I don't think I've ever used one.
on 10/06/13
allonasmommy and 1 others liked this  
I recently had to use one.
Left my cell at home.
Wanted to ask the boyfriend if he wanted something from
the store.
Sure enough, he could barely hear me, nor I, him.
They're unmaintained and filthy. !Blech!
on 10/06/13
I don't think I've ever used one.
on 10/06/13
dmridley51 liked this  
The whole world is now a pay phone! Everywhere you go you see them!
on 10/06/13
Never had the need to use one and now there are none ha
on 10/06/13
didn't ever have to use a pay phone
on 10/06/13
I used one in 08 while I was deployed. That's about it though.
on 10/06/13
Raya324 and 1 others liked this  
Yea, its in my gameroom.
on 10/06/13
LOL used one the other day I was like WOW Im using a pay phone to call you!!!
on 10/06/13
i'm far less inclined to use a pay phone ever since they've upped the fee to fifty cents.
on 10/06/13
Actually, I don't think I've used a pay phone since like 1996. I got my first cell phone in like 1996 or 1997 or so, after I started driving. And it mostly stayed in my car. It was (compared to today's phones) a brick. My second cell phone was actually 1/3 the size. Anyway, pay phones. I never had much reason to use pay phones anyway, ever.
on 10/06/13
Jcooper6 liked this  
I think this is a good question because it will kind of open up people's eyes to how technology has evolved.
on 10/06/13
Raya324 and 11 others liked this  
New swag code worth 6 swagbucks
on 10/06/13
on 10/06/13
There was one at my college. Yes they can come in handy.

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