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Poll From: 12/01/2013

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Do you typically rinse your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher? Submitted By Nancetta, OR
Yes, I rinse them.
Actually, I soak them.
I wash them a bit before putting them in the dishwasher.
Some combination of the above.
No, I put them right in the dishwasher.
I don't have a dishwasher.
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on 12/28/13
on 12/28/13
Dishwasher dont get dried on food
on 12/27/13
I feel thay are not clean other wise.
on 12/20/13
other wise u clog up the washers drain
on 12/19/13
If I did I probably would rinse a bit
on 12/05/13
devinberkani and 1 others liked this  
Since I have a newer model dishwasher, I rarely rinse before I load. I can honestly say, I haven't had any problems with a any items not coming completely clean after the cycle. I have even had items sitting a couple days in there, while I was waiting to have a full load to run the dishwasher, and it still came out sparkling clean. Now the dishwasher I had at my old house, before I purchased my newest home, I had to rinse and even pre-wash things that were really stuck on, and then run it. I hated that old dishwasher and I really should have just replaced it. I guess I was just being stubborn on spending the money on replacing that ancient model. lol But, I totally love my new one I bought about 6 months ago. It's awesome and it really conserves water and energy. It uses way less water per cycle than what you would use hand washing the dishes. That along with only using about $12 a year in energy, makes it a winner in my book.
on 12/19/13
The newest dishwashers are very good im happy for you
on 12/19/13
I rinse the dishes then put in the dishwasher exept the forks, spoons and knives, because somethimes the dishwasher left a white residue
on 12/11/13
I rinse then put in the dishwasher
on 12/11/13
I always rinse first.
on 12/05/13
nerdfilmsinc liked this  
I have a dishwasher. Never been used. Its a waste of water. I can wash them by hand much faster and it saves on my water bill which is the most important...ha
on 12/04/13
on 12/03/13
on 12/03/13
on 12/03/13
nerdfilmsinc and 3 others liked this  
Did you know that 85% of couples argue about how to load the dishwasher??? =)
on 12/02/13
on 12/02/13
i wash them before putting them in so they get cleaner
on 12/02/13
OddTanya liked this  
I had a dishwasher and never used it. I like doing things the old fashioned way. I know my dishes are clean if I scrub them.
on 12/02/13
I read an article once, not sure where, but it mentioned most people's sinks have more germs than a toilet. I wouldn't feel confident washing my dishes in a toilet, so I'll stick with the dishwasher. I just do a quick rinse the big chunks off first.
on 12/02/13
dc5523 and 1 others liked this  
This is why I spray my sinks down regularly with anti bacterial spray (409), after I wash them out.
on 12/02/13
what the heck is bacterial spray?
on 12/02/13
I wipe them off and rinse them first.
on 12/02/13
beckgrim liked this  
I just make sure all the extra gunk is off of them.
on 12/01/13
dc5523 and 8 others liked this  
people that have a dish washer wash them twice it's kind of over kill don't you think!!!
on 12/01/13
OddTanya and 2 others liked this  
That's why I've never wanted a dish washer. If you have to rinse them before putting them in the dish washer you might as well go ahead and wash them and be done with it.
on 12/01/13
MBHALL and 3 others liked this  
So what if it is.. who are you to judge?
on 12/01/13
dc5523 and 2 others liked this  
That wasn't a judgement call.
It's a matter of conservation.
Excess water, then power.
Common sensical.
on 12/01/13
MBHALL liked this  
I've heard that the new dishwashers use less water than washing dishes by hand. Because of the water used to rinse and the water wasted for the water to become hot. By the way I used to like washing dishes by hand before I got sick. Now I can only wash one or two items before my legs go numb and start hurting.
on 12/02/13
beckgrim liked this  
That's where a small plastic tub comes in. Fill it with HOT, soapy water, put in the dishes and you barely need
to scrub them. Then rinse. Very effective, and no electricity. When ppl have to pay for water, you'll see
frugalness step into place ;)
on 12/02/13
They go right in the dishwasher, unless there's big chunks, obviously.
on 12/02/13
Your dishwasher must be good. If I did that, It would be that much harder to get them clean and there would be grime on the other dishes.
on 12/01/13
DiannaAnna and 4 others liked this  
i just use my hands and hand wash them because a dish washer wont get them clean how u want them to be....
on 12/01/13
njpete3992 and 1 others liked this  
If you have a good dishwasher and use good detergent in it there is no way you can clean them by hand as well since you couldn't put your hands in water as hot as is used in a dishwasher.
on 12/02/13
Rubber gloves can stand the heat ;)
on 12/02/13
I found years ago that when you don't rinse them they don't get clean. The Crochetor
on 12/02/13
I must get the left over food washed before placing in the washer
on 12/02/13
I have to get most of the food stuff off my dishes, the water where I currently live is horrible. I have to put vinegar in my machine to keep it clean because there is so much iron in the water.
on 12/02/13
cdj41 and 1 others liked this  
I rinse them but to get others in my house hold to do so is like pulling teeth
on 12/02/13
BeccaMarie21 liked this  
I do rinse before I put them in the dishwasher
on 12/02/13
on 12/01/13
Interesting! :)
on 12/01/13
dc5523 and 1 others liked this  
What Dishes??
Open Pizza Box... Eat Pizza.. Throw Pizza box in trash...
What would I rinse??
on 12/01/13
Always clean
on 12/01/13
I have always done my dishes by hand. I had four sons to do dishes after and for a while a niece as well. Then of course there was my husband. First I have to hunt some of them down. Seems someone is always carting them off to their room even though they never were supposed to.
on 12/01/13
mimoha liked this  
I like to give them a rinse
on 12/01/13
Is cool
on 12/01/13
TikiKrissy liked this  
I think that it really depends on your dishwasher and how long your dishes sit in the dishwasher. My mom and I both have Bosh's. I have an older model, but we wash dishes almost daily and we don't rinse, just scrape. Mom has to rinse hers, but her dishes are in the dishwasher for a week or so. I have been with out a dish washer before, but have been so thankful to have one with kids.
on 12/01/13
combination is the best way
on 12/01/13
amc5610 liked this  
answer poll and then answer in box people? LOL
on 12/01/13
cdj41 liked this  
I have to clean mine before putting in the dishwasher. It's pretty much only good for sanitizing, if that.
on 12/01/13
on 12/01/13
DiannaAnna and 3 others liked this  
I have a dishwasher but wash my dishes by hand.....
on 12/01/13
dc5523 and 1 others liked this  

I don't have a dishwasher, unless my hands count.
on 12/01/13
on 12/01/13
on 12/01/13
dc5523 and 5 others liked this  
Thought I was the only non Amish person left who doesn't have a dishwasher! Glad I'm not alone!
on 12/01/13
mike832 and 2 others liked this  
I scrap, rinse and load...and my dog is always there eager to help, lol
on 12/01/13
DiannaAnna and 2 others liked this  
I don't like dishwashers...they never really clean well. I think its best to hand wash, that way you know the dishes are scrubbed clean. Also, running the dishwasher uses a lot of electricity.
on 12/01/13
TikiKrissy and 2 others liked this  
scrape food off, rinse tomato based stuff off, then load the dishwasher properly (if it doesn't clean one of 2 things, wrong soap/water temp, or improperly loaded) if you rinse everything you'll notice your glasses getting cloudy, that is from the soap etching them (I was an appliance service manager)
on 12/01/13
I rinse them...
on 12/01/13
is their really a difference if you soak or rinse them?

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