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Daily Polls

Today's Poll: 04/21/2014

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Do you think men typically look best with a beard, without, or somewhere in the middle? Submitted By Winifred23, WA
Clean shaven.
Full beard.
5 o'clock shadow.
Groomed facial hair like a mustache or goatee.
It doesn't matter.
I have no opinion on this.
Comment on this poll
on 04/21/14
It depends on the guy. I absolutely prefer my husband clean shaven. However, there are some actors that look better with facial hair, like Jonathan Frakes who played Riker on Star Trek: The Next Generation.
on 04/21/14
Goatees that are kept trimmed and nice are good, but also are ZZTop beards!! I agree with Krisshammer, "It depends on the man..."
on 04/21/14
kimart4974 liked this  
I think it depends on the man - some men just can't pull off any facial hair and some need it :)
on 04/21/14
yea being clean shaven is pretty sweet
on 04/21/14
I think a clean shaven man looks so much neater. My hubby grew a beard and mustache because he has a baby face (no chin) and he didn't think people took him serious as an adult when he looked like a kid.
on 04/21/14
I like to be shaved, i do not like the pulling of one.
on 04/21/14
I was just going to say the same thing. It depends on the face.
on 04/21/14
celdritch and 3 others liked this  
Depends on the guy. Some look better with one, some don't.
on 04/21/14
on 04/21/14
Thankyou! ^_^
on 04/21/14
GiveRiseToCXI liked this  
5 o' clock shadow!
on 04/21/14
"Only the SHADOW KNOWS!"
on 04/21/14
RebelRebelJen liked this  
It depends on the man. Some men look good with a bit of facial hair, or a mustache or something, and others look horrible.
on 04/21/14
I don't like being poked. My husband doesn't shave as often as I would like him to. He's not even one of those guys who needs to shave every day, but he finds shaving to be a hassle.
on 04/21/14
Don't you mean scratched?

The not liking being poked may be a subjuct for a family therapist.

^o^ - (did I say that?)
on 04/21/14
I'm a huge hypocrite on this subject.

I think wearing a beard makes you look backwards / slow / dim-witted / predjudiced / small minded and highly opinonated.

Then again, I swing back and forth between clean shaven, to gotee, to HEAVY beard. For me it's less to do with fashon, and more to do with being a pain in my backside.

I shave until it becomes a chore, then I trim until it becomes a chore, then I stop trimming until it's a chore to have to eat aroung it.

I guess if I'm honest, it just depends on how lazy I am at any given moment, and which seems more trouble than it's worth. Clean shavenness, neatly trimmed, or hair beast living on my face! ^_^
on 04/21/14
definitely depends on the guy
on 04/21/14
I think beards have a meaning in some cultures it means they are married. Some guys actually look better with beards, it depends on the person.
on 04/21/14
daliamohamed1 and 1 others liked this  
I chose it doesn't matter, but there should have been a choice for it depends. It depends on the man and the situation.
on 04/21/14
daliamohamed1 and 1 others liked this  
One option should have been : It depends upon the man. Some men look best with just a mustache, others with full beards, some clean shaven. I think that the 5 o'clock shadow look is unkempt, unless it's my husband on a Saturday, ha.
on 04/21/14
I agree with you buttercup52. It depends on the man.
on 04/21/14
cgff liked this  
I like stubble, but I'm not fond of beards. I'm a fan of nice lips on men and the facial hair ruins it. Stubble is enough to be masculine, but not so hairy it covers the lips.
on 04/21/14
cgff and 1 others liked this  
I think men look better clean shaven, besides woman don't like stubble burn.
on 04/21/14
I think I grew up in a "culture" where beards are less about the looks and more about the superstition that it gets shaved off when a championship is won or something. Not that I know, since I'm not into sports.
on 04/21/14
Most men shoud be clean shaven plz.
on 04/21/14
For me, it really just depends. Sideburns, however --- YES, please! ;D
on 04/21/14
Clean shaven, sometimes people get irritated when it gets rub with somebodys face
on 04/21/14
hey boys, get out your 'no-no' and remove that fuzz off your face!!
on 04/21/14
cox23 liked this  
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on 04/21/14
Full beard. Women LOVE when I kiss them with it.
on 04/21/14
Depends on how I'm supposed to look at the male in question. Some men look great with facial hair, some men look great clean shaven. I mostly need to look at the jawline and eyes to see if it works.
on 04/21/14
I have a full beard but I knew it'd get the least votes. At least I'm in the *top* minority! :)
on 04/21/14
I didn't know what to pick, but I knew I didn't want to pick clean shaven that isn't sexy on a man lol
on 04/21/14
EP4ever and 4 others liked this  
A "depends on the man" option would have been helpful.
on 04/21/14
So true!
on 04/21/14
Depends on the guy.
on 04/21/14
tssmokefan14 liked this  
Some guys look older with facial hair and some look distinguished. There is a difference.
on 04/21/14
Beard power!
on 04/21/14
Depends on the guy. Some guys look good without facial hair and some guys don't. I mean, have you seen Harley Morenstein without his beard?
on 04/21/14
Full Beard!!!!!!
on 04/21/14
I find a man with a full beard extremely attractive. I mean, clean shaven men are attractive as well, but I will do a double take for a guy with an impressive beard.
on 04/21/14
spyz4ever liked this  
Experience, I was so full of beard, cut it off, then how I attracted all kinds of people, like dang!
on 04/21/14
omg beards. especially ginger beards, even better.
on 04/21/14
MistressBabs and 4 others liked this  
Depends on the guy. Some can't carry off scruff, let alone a full beard. Others look so weird clean shaven.
on 04/21/14
MistressBabs liked this  
It depends on the man.

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