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Daily Polls

Today's Poll: 07/24/2014

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Have you ever had a song dedicated to you on the radio? Submitted By TeaJae, GA
Yes, from a friend/family member
No, but I've dedicated a song
Not yet
Yes, from my significant other
Other - let us know in the comments
Comment on this poll
on 07/24/14
Not only did my husband dedicate a song for me on the radio, but when we were younger he came to my Fraternity house & sang a song to me while his friend played the guitar.
After 36 yrs of marriage I still love the wonderful Geeky man.
on 07/24/14
way back when I was a teenager, hahaha
on 07/24/14
do they still do that?
on 07/24/14
We used to have a radio show where people would pay to have their song played. I'm a songwriter and had written one for somebody, so I brought them the tape and the money and had them play it. Super cheesey.
on 07/24/14
my sister on the anniversary she had our wedding song played for us
on 07/24/14
I don't remember whether I ever had or not. So... if I did, I guess it didn't mean that much.
on 07/24/14
Not since high school
on 07/24/14
I choose other because my answer is no, and I don't anticipate it ever happening because I don't listen to the radio.
on 07/24/14
on 07/24/14
on 07/24/14
When I was in junior high i called and dedicated a song to my best friend!
on 07/24/14
ruthie1019 and 1 others liked this  
NO and it's not ever going to happen. Where are the romantic men out there?
on 07/24/14
Jayesper liked this  
Not something we ever look at doing
on 07/24/14
I've neither dedicated a song to someone else or had anyone dedicated a song to me on the radio...however, I have called in to make a song request before & also to attempt to win a radio prize giveaway.
on 07/24/14
Yes, once from my sweetie at the time, once by a friend, and once by my daughter-in-law, who is a DJ among other things. & I've dedicated, too. Kind of fun.
on 07/24/14
No. Love my husband but he never listens to the radio nor likes the music i like.
on 07/24/14
cox23 liked this  
Yeh, no one listens to the radio, no point to get dedications...
on 07/24/14
one day i will
on 07/24/14
maybe one day
on 07/24/14
Not yet? Lol.
on 07/24/14
don't listen to the radio
on 07/24/14
I only listen to Sirius satellite--and these days, it's sadly mostly Radio Disney.
on 07/24/14
ecoswag liked this  
only listen to radio 4
on 07/24/14
Hope that my wife or child someday dedicates a song to me...hopeful :)
on 07/24/14
jcams liked this  
I don't listen to the radio anymore so I wouldn't hear it if someone did.
on 07/24/14
no radio
on 07/24/14
queenmaureen liked this  
wow 9% this world is so sad where is the romance omg smh
on 07/24/14
Yes - by the DJ on local radio after I had posted a comment on their online Facebook page.
DLT also dedicated Madonna's "Vogue" to me the first time he played it on Radio One - I was captaining a quiz team at the time for "Darts on the Radio" - we won!
on 07/24/14
I've no idea. I never listen to the radio.
on 07/24/14
Nope...no one I know does stuff like that
on 07/24/14
My ex
on 07/24/14
mintymintmint liked this  
I know no one will ever dedicate a song to me in anyway.
on 07/24/14
Yes, I've twice written in to ask for songs to be played for myself, which they have been. BBC Radio Norfolk played 'Hey, Jude" for my 40th birthday, and I had a Favourite 5 played on Hereward Radio, but my husband refused to let me listen to it.
on 07/24/14
I really want to dedicate a song to someone
on 07/24/14
Never really considered giving a dedication as people I know don't listen to the radio very often.
on 07/24/14
Nope and I don't think I ever will
on 07/24/14
Yes, several times.... family, friends, spouse, and others as well.
on 07/24/14
mandac424 liked this  
no, and don't want one dedicated, either
on 07/24/14
Nope. I've requested a song once and I was actually on the air though while requesting it. That was pretty awesome.
on 07/24/14
on 07/24/14
kicker074 liked this  
Every Presidential election I call some classic rock station and dedicate "Big Balls" by AC/DC to the inaugural balls.
on 07/24/14
maybe soon :(
on 07/24/14
RupertPsmith liked this  
Until then...

I dedicate this comment to AlphaHiFi!

All the best!! :)
on 07/24/14
Not at all.
on 07/24/14
Someone I couldn't stand dedicated a romantic song to me once; it was creepy.
on 07/24/14
mandac424 and 1 others liked this  
Knowing my luck,it it happened, I would miss it.
on 07/24/14
nope def not
on 07/24/14
i get love notes instead
on 07/24/14
fefifoe liked this  
No how embarrassing!
on 07/24/14
SugarPuddin liked this  
Yes, my first boyfriend was a DJ.
on 07/24/14
not that id know of, i dont listen to enough radio though, could of and never would of known

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