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Daily Polls

Today's Poll: 12/19/2014

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Which type of gift do you most enjoy getting? Submitted By Team Swagbucks, CA
A giftcard
A physical gift
I don't like getting gifts
A handmade gift
A donation made in my name
Other - let us know in the comments
Comment on this poll
on 12/19/14
Chianti29 liked this  
I like physical gifts because you get to open it!
on 12/19/14
on 12/19/14
Physical gifts are nice, but a gift card is as good as cash (depending on how much you like the particular store).
on 12/19/14
I don't care, its the thought that counts.
on 12/19/14
Chianti29 liked this  
CASH. Crisp, new bills in big stacks, please... XD
on 12/19/14
With the choices given, it depends.
on 12/19/14
any kind will do,its the thought that counts!!!!!
on 12/19/14
it depends.
on 12/19/14
If you wanted to give me a gift card...that would be great...but if you wanted to make a donation in my name to my favorite
charity...that would be awesome!
on 12/19/14
Depends on who is giving me the gift.
on 12/19/14
depends on the person
on 12/19/14
I always want pots and pans and kitchen gadgets.
on 12/19/14
NakiahBurnes liked this  
I like the gift of time. Either someone doing stuff for me or just spending time together.
on 12/19/14
I love handmade gifts the best, but prefer cash or gift cards now that I'm older.
on 12/19/14
on 12/19/14
tc28376 and 3 others liked this  
Are you guys watching the comments in the Ugly Sweater challenge? The team I'm on seems nice enough but I guess some people freaked out and were crying about other team members not contributing enough to put us in the lead. Calm down. This is Swagbucks, not a war. Some people DO have lives and jobs and families and can't spend hours every day racking up points.

Sorry, that wasn't actually the topic of today's poll. I was just wondering if anyone else has seen anything like that in the team comment sections?
on 12/19/14
tc28376 liked this  
It seems to happen a bit every challenge, people get s bit too hyped up I guess. Complaints about what counts and what doesn't, who is "pulling their weight", weather the teams are chosen fairly, weather others are "cheating", and so on. Mostly people are positive and encouraging but there will be a few negative nellies in any group I guess :-/
on 12/19/14
tc28376 liked this  
Ppl are going to complain just ignore it
on 12/19/14
I mostly saw encouraging comments, but I have not looked through a whole lot.
on 12/19/14
tc28376 liked this  
I adore gifts that my 5 kids (now grown and also have 5 grandkids so far) get together and get me.They always mean alot.Sometimes they get together for a group picture.I love anything they do because its from all of them caring about me.This year I got a heads up ahead of time! My fault!I had told my oldest daughter was going to buy a cheap tablet to try and earn more x-tra $! They sent me a picture of ipad they got already!Amazing kids!So thankful!
on 12/19/14
tc28376 and 1 others liked this  
I prefer a gift that actually has thought behind it, not just what ever happened to be handy or, what the other person wanted...
on 12/19/14
necapricorn and 1 others liked this  
Yes, that's why I said handmade. Although I really am not picky. If someone thinks enough of me to give me a gift It's appreciated.
on 12/19/14
I'm talking bout Money money money
on 12/19/14
A thoughtful gift
on 12/19/14
on 12/19/14
cgff and 2 others liked this  
any gift is nice
on 12/19/14
cgff liked this  
Agreed its honestly hard to answer then question for me. So i had to choose other
on 12/19/14
I don't get gifts. If I did, probably money.
on 12/19/14
An item from a local artisan.
on 12/19/14
Cash, cash, cash, cash, cash. :)
on 12/19/14
cgff liked this  
I answered homemade, but I actually like all of the above. I am not picky, I love giving gifts and getting gifts.
on 12/19/14
majormanafemale liked this  
Gifts that have required thought and also practical things. with such a limited income gift cards to the grocery store are very thoughtful
on 12/19/14
Im happy with whatever a person gifts me.
on 12/19/14
"Show me the money!"
on 12/19/14
Illegal drugs.
on 12/19/14
on 12/19/14
Nietzschean and 1 others liked this  
I would really like to get something meaningful - even if it's just meeting a very special person that I've been wanting to meet or having the opportunity to do something I've always wanted to do. It doesn't need to cost anything - it just needs to be from the heart.
on 12/19/14
WarGreymon77 liked this  
Cold hard cash is always nice.
on 12/19/14
WarGreymon77 and 1 others liked this  
Gift cards are cool as well as a a physical gift I specify like something I seen I have been drooling over LOL!
on 12/19/14
I like any gift, really.

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