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Daily Polls

Today's Poll: 11/23/2014

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Which earning vertical would you most like to see in our next Team Challenge? Submitted By Team Swagbucks, CA
Special Offers (Desktop/Mobile)
SBTV Mobile
Other - let us know in the comments
Comment on this poll
on 11/23/14
All of the above
on 11/23/14
on 11/23/14
While there should have been a choice for "All of the Above", I'd like to see the surveys and mobile app earnings back in the next team challenge. The challenge before this last one I was able to add some great points (for me, anyway! lol) to the team but this last challenge I did awful on.
on 11/23/14
saintbernard and 1 others liked this  
Bring back the mobile app earnings. I only put 700ish toward this challenge; I put nearly 2,500 toward the one before.

Look for smartphones for nearly free on other websites, especially with the holidays coming up. You don't have to activate them to run the apps on your wifi at home. I got one for a $1 & change online and it has netted me over $200 just running the mobile apps. They do pay themselves back rather quickly.
on 11/23/14
saintbernard liked this  
FREE SMARTPHONE? HOW CAN I GET ONE!!! usually they are free with contact and i cant pay for a contract
on 11/23/14
shaniece447 liked this  
Ebay. Search for "Bad ESN". This quite basically means it has a bad serial number so it won't connect to the network (i.e. sprint), BUT they still work over wi-fi. You just have to have wi-fi at home.
on 11/23/14
wataki2 liked this  
No not sbtv mobile because i cant afford a smart phone
on 11/23/14
saintbernard and 1 others liked this  
Give us 50 points again for Swagbucks Mobile TV!!!!!!
on 11/23/14
I need points for sleeping...
on 11/23/14
lagunasmoon and 4 others liked this  
I have no idea what earning vertical means.
on 11/23/14
MaraLin liked this  
I think they meant "thing that will be used to count towards team challenge points"? Personally I'd like to see games because at least people in other countries can do those and still get points. Although I don't really feel incentivized to do more than get at least one point unless they go back to that format they had a few times where if you contributed so many points to the team challenge then your bonus was higher and you got like 50sb for 3rd place instead of 10.
on 11/23/14
i dont understand
on 11/23/14
If I MUST select one. All of these would be the bomb-diddiest.
on 11/23/14
sbtv and games, woo hoo.
on 11/23/14
catdog77 liked this  
My main modes of earning points are nGage+Take a Discovery Break AKA Laptop Guy+Encrave+The 5 mobile android apps that run videos+The Daily Crave which I hit the keep craving on to keep it rolling until that message dissapears. So if you did a team challenge with all those as point givers I might be able to do some massive points. I also run SBTV from the Chrome extension but its not my main point giver that would be Encrave.
on 11/23/14
Janiiine liked this  
Jungroup videos
on 11/23/14
adriennel and 1 others liked this  
I wish sb mobile was available on my tablet
on 11/23/14

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