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Daily Polls

Today's Poll: 04/17/2014

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How many sports leagues do you follow? Submitted By CaptainAmerica45, TX
2 - 3.
4 - 5.
More than 5.
Comment on this poll
on 04/17/14
Follow as in twitter
on 04/17/14
dabigeddie and 5 others liked this  
No sports here. I won't allow them on my tv, and games bore me. I'd rather shove burning splinters under my nails than be forced to watch sports
on 04/17/14
Haha yeah, you'd definitely prefer torturous pain than watching something you don't like... ><
on 04/17/14
GRM412 and 1 others liked this  
Sure you would.
on 04/17/14
Lol prof pic!, haha! (profile...)
on 04/17/14
I hate sports. Sorry, but I do.
on 04/17/14
GRM412 and 1 others liked this  
Wish like in YouTube, I can put thumb down, lol
on 04/17/14
come on you blues
on 04/17/14
NHL baby!
on 04/17/14
Not really a fan.
on 04/17/14
Personally I prefer playing sports to watching them on tv
on 04/17/14
Well sports leagues is a bit of a vague term. For example does it include sports where there isn't a league like tennis, golf etc.?
on 04/17/14
ViolettaEtta and 1 others liked this  
I honestly don't understand why people are entertained by watching sports. Playing a sport is heck'a fun but watching is a different matter. To each his own, I suppose.
on 04/17/14
Well. The entire world is falling to ruins and poor Cheshire's off his tea
on 04/17/14
four for four.
on 04/17/14
Not a big sports fan, but I do follow the Canucks during the playoffs...provided they made the playoffs...
on 04/17/14
Ducks for hockey and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish for college football have my sports heart everything else is just something to change the channel on. Oh and don't you dare grab that TV remote while I'm watching one of them games! I dont answer emails, texts, fb posts, etc till the game ends :)
on 04/17/14
NBA and NFL here. True Blue Magic fan and a diehard Bucs fan. Hopefully both teams will turn it around in their next season.
on 04/17/14
Do e-Sports count
on 04/17/14
I bleed Dodger Blue.
on 04/17/14
BrawlerJesse liked this  
Mainly just football
on 04/17/14
BrawlerJesse liked this  
Not that big of a sports fan in general, but I do gots that Wisconsin pride, and besides the basketball team, we aren't too shabby this year.
on 04/17/14
KELLYKATT and 3 others liked this  
what is a sports

lol jk I don't follow sports regularly at all
on 04/17/14
Kunou and 2 others liked this  
Bah. Don't talk to me about sports.
on 04/17/14
RoRoset and 2 others liked this  
what the hell is a sports league
on 04/17/14
KELLYKATT and 1 others liked this  
I personally do not follow sports
on 04/17/14
SugarPuddin and 1 others liked this  

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