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Daily Polls

Today's Poll: 03/29/2015

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With sequels, prequels, and remakes becoming more prevalent these days, do you think Hollywood is running out of ideas? Submitted By Team Swagbucks, CA
Yes, I am tired of sequels, prequels, and remakes
Yes, but I don't mind
No, there are plenty of fresh ideas
Other/Undecided (explain in comments)
Comment on this poll
on 03/29/15
i'm ok with it as long as it entertains me
on 03/29/15
I spend my time taking surveys and listening to Rabbi lectures
on 03/29/15
I don't watch a lot of movies so I'm undecided.
on 03/29/15
for me its ok.nothing wrong with it.
on 03/29/15
dont really care
on 03/29/15
There seem to be a lot of sequels & remakes, but I'm not tired of them because I don't watch them.

I watch mostly indie movies. No shortage of interesting material there.
on 03/29/15
I think that in the very begining they plan out if they are creating somthing that will or has possibly sequels. Its not wether or not they are running out of ideas its them thinking ahead and making the most out of their one idea.
on 03/29/15
I don't mind Star Trek or Star Wars. But remakes are definitely a show of no imagination/new ideas.
on 03/29/15
If you can't find original stories...you're not looking hard enough. Stop focusing on what the mass media is feeding us and dig a little deeper.
on 03/29/15
Yes, I am tired of sequels, prequels, and remakes. Except Star Wars, keep them coming!!!
on 03/29/15
The Crow DOES NOT need to be remade! Leave it alone!
on 03/29/15
Remakes Have Existed since 1918. Considering how many films have come out since, I doubt Hollywood is running out of ideas.
on 03/29/15
I believe there is new ideas but I do not care for what they are putting out there. I rewatching something that had a good plot and was well made than some of the newer stuff.
on 03/29/15
TL97 liked this  
This is why I stopped watching these mainstream movies and TV series. All of them are EXACTLY the same; just a simple linear A-B storyline with explosions, good guy beats bad guy and no character development.... Sadly these will always be popular because most people will never leave their box and go out exploring other superior stuff. Try giving hidden gems a try like Madoka Magica, a dark psychological thriller masterpiece (DO NOT judge a book by its cover. The first 2 episodes look cute and innocent just to fool people until the dark, violent and mindblowing truth is revealed later on). It's sad to see better shows will always be overshadowed by mediocre mainstreams....
on 03/29/15
Depends on the subject/quality
on 03/29/15
SkeletalRoses and 1 others liked this  
I'm mostly tired of the generic plots and weak writing. Everything lately seems very predictable, shallow, and overused.
on 03/29/15
There are no new ideas. Shakespeare made half his career from 'borrowing' older stories (the rest was d*ick jokes and Historical Fiction -- heavy on the fiction).

There are, however, better and more entertaining ways to retell the stories.
on 03/29/15
It'd be nice to see good original movies that don't tie into other things.
on 03/29/15
Yes, definitely needs new, fresh ideas

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