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Daily Polls

Today's Poll: 10/24/2014

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Which recent set of Collector's Bills has been your favorite? Submitted By Team Swagbucks, CA
I don't know what Collector's Bills are
Dads vs Grads
Mighty Mascot
Back to School
Other - let us know in the comments
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on 10/24/14
Back to School because it's the first one I completed in a long while.
on 10/24/14
I only got one so far and wasn't aware of what it was.
on 10/24/14
Somehow I haven't seen a single collector's bill in months. My completed Mighty Mascot set was pretty, but since then I've only gotten regular SBs when searching.
on 10/24/14
carriemesser liked this  
while they are pretty I hate when you bring out collector bucks. all the whining and complaining about being shut out of getting the whole set. ugh folks it is for fun and you do all this complaining about a bonus of 12 or 13 sb? really? they should just switch to having pretty decorated bills for each month for what ever holiday is going on and just have it be normal no bonus add for "collecting them"
on 10/24/14
I love the challenge of trying to get them all. It's very frustrating to keep getting the same one, or still needing one when the challenge ends.
on 10/24/14
They're all fun. Have never seen an entire set.
on 10/24/14
I like them all when I can get them.
on 10/24/14
I have only completed a couple of sets since I've been swaging I kind of just gave up on the end. But then I checked and I have all but one of the current one so I'll remain optimistic.
on 10/24/14
My favorite is the only one I completed this year, People's Choice on Apr.23. I don't even remember what that was.
on 10/24/14
I think it will be this one ( trick or treat) because of the immediate SB bonus after collecting all 4 of them.
on 10/24/14
can't choose because I barely get them :-(
on 10/24/14
All of them ... As long as I'm able to collect them all ... Which is A LOT harder to do with this "fantastic" Yahoo search you have added Swagbucks ... Go back to Google ... Please!!!!
on 10/24/14
I don't use collector bills. I use swagbucks for amazon only.
on 10/24/14
Fall Leaves
on 10/24/14
I haven't found one yet
on 10/24/14
Armed Forces!!
on 10/24/14
I haven't received one yet.
on 10/24/14
me either. I got trip last two days, they both were 8/8/8. Also the first won for today also 8.
on 10/24/14
What is a collectors bill ??
on 10/24/14
What are they?
on 10/24/14
havnt been around long enough to remember these. I got, like, two different Halloween ones though.
on 10/24/14
None because I always get down to needing 1 with days left and can never get it!!!
on 10/24/14
elvisfreak liked this  
I don't care one way or another. I think I've collected all collector bills twice the entire time I've been a member. I use the search toolbar every time I search and I might get points twice in one day so it limits collector bills. I realize swagbucks is here to make money, but they are being pretty chintzy on the points in recent months when members actually use their product. My two cents for what it's worth.
on 10/24/14
I don't have a favorite
on 10/24/14
I don't really have a favorite.
on 10/24/14
rosepassions liked this  
Any that I get are my favorite, but though I did countless searches, I couldn't get more that a couple each time.
on 10/24/14
It seems that ever since switching to Yahoo search, I do not get Swagbucks by searching anymore.
on 10/24/14
They all are ok, but as another said if you are lucky to get them when searching. I rarely get any swagbucks when searching any more
on 10/24/14
Don't care. 1 SB please.
on 10/24/14
I wouldn't know because I rarely ever get any!
on 10/24/14
Any of them, if you are lucky enough to get them all..
on 10/24/14
Don't care what they look like, only care about the dollar amount.
on 10/24/14
Dads vs. Grads. I never saw hide nor hair of the other bills...and I use the search bar every day. What's up with that?
on 10/24/14
Kaaya liked this  
I agree with the below complaints at how..cheap?.. swagbucks is being about its winnings. More often than not its not worth the hassle. I think I may have only collected all of them one time by luck.
on 10/24/14
I collected a full set twice in August last year, was only three in those sets though. Almost all the others I tried for, I was one short. Rather gave up on searching with Swagbucks early on this year, so haven't gotten many this year. Really wish there was other ways to get them, rather just random searches.
on 10/24/14
Right? I sometimes get the ones i don't need multiple times while i am missing the last one in a set. That being said, I'm happy to get swagbucks any way i can.
on 10/24/14
Don't really care, never mind have a favorite.
on 10/24/14
LadyPsalm liked this  
can't ever seem to collect them all. Don't get to worked up about it anymore.
on 10/24/14
on 10/24/14
LadyPsalm liked this  
I haven't really earned that many to know what they all look like so I don't have a favorite.
on 10/24/14
i have to say it is the Easter one... probably cause its the first and only set i have been able to complete. Swag on my friends!!
on 10/24/14
Never win them
on 10/24/14
oh no...
on 10/24/14
Rarely ever see them all so so I cant say
on 10/24/14
loztandfound liked this  
The kind i win a set of, duh
on 10/24/14
I have never received a collectors bill for a search!
on 10/24/14
i don't give hoot
on 10/24/14
I don't care?
on 10/24/14
Since the switch to Yahoo search engine, I only use SB search about half the time so I don't even look for the collectors bills.
on 10/24/14
Search "collectors bills" to get swagbucks. Took me one search
on 10/24/14
Pkboolucky liked this  
I can't ever seem to collect them all. I stopped paying attention long ago...
on 10/24/14
Armed Forces - it is actually one of the few that I have ever completed!
on 10/24/14
Armed Forces Appreciation

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