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Daily Polls

Today's Poll: 10/02/2014

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Do you go to the same grocery store each time you shop? Submitted By Team Swagbucks, CA
It depends on what items I need
No, I go wherever is closest
Yes, I stay true to my favorite store
I try to
Other - let us know in the comments
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on 10/02/14
I go between Winco, Safeway & Grocery Outlet. I like all three & they each have different great deals. I would say 60% Winco, 20% Safeway & 20% G O.
on 10/02/14
I go where the best sales are.
on 10/02/14
jenb1384 liked this  
We are fortunate to live in an area where we have lots of choices. One doubles coupons, so we do most of our coupon items from there, another has the best produce, and we have a small local butcher market that you just can't get better meat anywhere else. We mix it up with CVS too. It really pays to shop around here.
on 10/02/14
I go to the closest one most of the time. Every so often, I drive to a discount grocery store nearby. It's hit or miss, but sometimes I can stock up on discontinued stuff for pretty good deals.
on 10/02/14
I have 4 stores where I live. I check the ads and go where the best prices for what I want that's on sale.
on 10/02/14
jenb1384 and 1 others liked this  
I'm between online grocery shopping and brick groceries, after this ebola news hit the states I actually would enjoy being a farmer right now...
on 10/02/14
LiloLilo liked this  
Goto a Super Walmart maybe once a month, rest of the time Winco. Walmart in my opinion just can't compete when it comes to their selection of meat, and produce. They really need improvement there.
on 10/02/14
jenb1384 and 1 others liked this  
We mostly go to a store 50 miles away that is gmo-free but i use my wic checks here in town. Except fruit because it is so iverpriced here tha i can get much more at safeway
on 10/02/14
I shop at 3 stores for my groceries so I stay true to 3!
on 10/02/14
Only have an Aldi and a County Market in my town so that is where I shop. Well there is a wal-Mart super center, but I refuse till shop wal-mart for anything, especially groceries!
on 10/02/14
jenb1384 liked this  
I shop wherever they except foodstamps
on 10/02/14
Go for the deals,then the regular store
on 10/02/14
I go where the deals are.
on 10/02/14
If it's. Before or after work it depends on the right turn in and out. If I'm going just from home and back it's usually the nearest.
on 10/02/14
herefortherock liked this  
on 10/02/14
I usually shop wherever it's most convenient at the time, grocery or no.
on 10/02/14
i shop only when it needed
on 10/02/14
I don't go to any grocery stores to be honest. :x Hate saying this, but my mom does that. ^^
on 10/02/14
I shop Meijer for my grocery shopping, everything else I go to Walmart
on 10/02/14
IanNewYasha liked this  
I like to vary my stores. Trader Joe's has unique items. My local grocery store has my basic needs. Sometimes I read sale ads and if I think something is a good price I chose that market or my shopping trip.
on 10/02/14
Janis1e and 2 others liked this  
I look at the sales, look at my coupons, and go from there. I'm fortunate to have a few stores to choose from.
on 10/02/14
nadya1991 and 2 others liked this  
I shop wherever I'll save the most money with coupons and sales.

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