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Are you the
Swag Mom?
We're giving away an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas to The Swag Mom. Voting is open until May 11 and Grand Prize winner announced on Mother's Day, May 13. Earn 1 SB for every 2 votes cast.
There are many deserving people out there, including EmilieBee. If you have not experienced the kindness of EmilieBee, please watch the video and if it makes you smile, please give her a vote. EmilieBee is a helpful and fun member of our Swag family. We are a family of swaggernauts, even though we have never met; only connected by the internet. As a family we've celebrated swag code extravaganzas, encouraged those who needed one more Collector Bill at the 11th hour, advised on special offers to complete, laughed over what searches have won, cursed surveys that disqualify after 20 minutes, cried over non-searching referrals and shared code, search and video alerts. We are countless members of the Smart Canuck forum that strive together to earn Swagbucks. EmilieBee is an integral part of our family and we are nominating her to be the Swag Mom. (The rest of us are deserving too, but no one else wanted to risk missing a swag code while on vacation).
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