A Google Play gift card is a great gift for gamers ad non-gamers alike. Anyone not living under a rock can make use of it. Use a Google Play gift card for games and in-game purchases, apps, books, movies, and subscriptions like YouTube TV, Google Fi, or Google Premium Music.

There are plenty of places where you can buy a Google Play gift card, and also a number of easy ways you can get free Google Play gift cards. Here are 15 simple, fool-proof ways you may have overlooked. Odds are you do some of these activities every day already. With just a few minutes of effort, you can start cashing in.

1. Take Surveys Online

Take paid online surveys from free surveys rewards programs like Swagbucks or InboxDollars. Answer short surveys from your laptop or phone and get free Google Play gift cards. Your card is delivered electronically and you are given free Google play codes to redeem to collect your prize. Sign up to start earning now!

2. Play Online Games

There are several rewards sites that will reward you with points for playing web-based games and free game apps. Redeem your points for free gift card for Google Play, iTunes, GameStop, and other popular stores and brands. Get paid to play games.

3. Play Live Trivia Matches

Earn cash rewards and prizes for playing live trivia games on apps like Trivia Crack, HQ Trivia, and Swagbucks LIVE. In addition to live games, Swagbucks offers free daily games that you can play at any time. Cash out your trivia rewards for free gift cards, PayPal cash, and other prizes.

4. Complete Tasks Online

You can complete small, varying tasks online to earn points redeemable for free gift cards and PayPal cash. Tasks and micro-tasks can include signing up for eNewsletters, downloading eBooks, visiting online content (webpages), getting insurance quotes, and reading promotional marketing messages.

5. Download Apps

You can download free apps and earn points or cash that you withdraw for gift cards, PayPal, and other prizes. To claim the reward, you may need to install the app and log in at least one time. Or, you may need to register or complete a certain in-app action live reaching a certain level or scanning a barcode. Downloading apps is an easy way to cash in. Earn rewards for downloading apps on rewards sites like MyPoints.

6. Watch Videos

Get paid to watch videos. And for sharing them too. Reward videos you like with SB (points). And earn SB for sharing videos that other people like. Think short, fun reels you capture on your phone – the kind you share on TikTok and other social apps. Cash out your SB for a free Google Play gift card or other gift card options. There’s a version for Apple and Android. Get SwagIt now.

7. Participate in Focus Groups

Participating in focus groups can earn you a free gift card. Many of them are virtual (online). Find focus groups on FocusGroups.org, or by checking research opportunities with local colleges and universities.

8. Write Reviews

You can get paid to write product reviews. Not fake reviews, but actual reviews where you give your true opinion of the product and rate it a certain number of stars. Products with reviews sell, and sellers and retailers will actively solicit reviewers so they can bolster their listings and get more traffic and sales. Check out product reviewer sites like GetReviewed or CrowdTap.

9. Pick Up an Online Side Hustle

There are countless side hustles you can do without ever having to get out of bed. (Although you may want to blur or hide your background if you’re on a video call.) This includes teaching English online, freelance writing gigs, website design, data entry, or website testing. You can find online side gigs on a number of sites like VIPKid, Fiverr, and Upwork.

10. Search Online

You can earn rewards for searching online with non-Google search engines. Bing (Microsoft) and Swagbucks (results powered by Yahoo) will pay you reward points for your online searches. Redeem your points for gift card codes, free products, sweepstakes entries, or nonprofit donations.

11. Trade in Old Electronics

You can trade in old phones and other electronics for a free Google Play gift card. And not just Pixels and Google products. You can trade in old Apple, Samsung, LG, and Motorola devices toward a Google Store trade-in credit. Use the Google Play Store credit for a Google Play card or subscription for YouTube Premium, YouTube TV, Google Fi, or YouTube Play Pass. Google Play credits never expire and make playing games easy.

12. Sell Items Online

Selling your old stuff online, or flipping thrift store finds, is another way to earn money toward free Google Play gift cards. Resale sites and apps to check out include eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, Facebook Marketplace, and Etsy.

13. Scan Gas Station Receipts

You can get paid for purchasing gas. The Tada rewards app will pay you $1 for purchasing gas and scanning your receipt. A minimum gas purchase is 5 gallons and it must be made at a participating store, but there are thousands of eligible locations across the country. Redeem your $1 reward once a week for $52 free each year just for fueling up like you usually do. Get Tada.

14. Cash in on Grocery Deals

You can claim cash back and save money on grocery shopping. There are a couple of different ways to earn. One, get free cashback for purchasing select featured items and scanning the receipt. Two, get free cashback for purchasing at select grocery stores. Order online, pick up your groceries in store and earn free cash back rebates. Get cash back for groceries now.

15. Claim Free Cash Back for Your Online Purchases

Shopping online is just about the easiest way to claim cash back and score free Google Play gift codes. There are dozens of cash back shopping apps and browser extensions you can use to effortlessly get rewards. Get free cash back rebates on your purchases ranging from 1% to 30%. Popular, reputable, and easy-to-use options include Honey, Rakuten, Swagbucks, MyPoints, and Upromise.

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