Youtube is one of my favorite social media platforms. This is true for a lot of other people as well. The content is endless and there are so many different creators. Wouldn’t it be great if you could earn money from your YouTube account? 

Well, you can! When you become a YouTube creator and enroll in the Youtube partner program you can earn money from ad revenue and a few other ways. If earning money from a YouTube channel is something that interests you keep reading below!

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How Do Youtubers Make Money?

Youtubers are making some serious cash. In 2021 MrBeast was the highest-paid video creator making $54 million. How is this accomplished you might ask? By joining the Youtube partner program!

To do this there are some minimum criteria you have to meet first. You need 4,000 valid public watch hours in the last year and at least 1,000 subscribers. From there it is pretty easy, you will need to link your AdSense account, and follow the basic Youtube community guidelines.

Once you are in the partner program you will gain access to monetization features that will allow you to earn money based on views your videos get. Other ways you can make money on YouTube include brand deals or partnering with other influencers. Your earnings will be transferred to your AdSense account where you can choose your preferred method of payment like a direct deposit or third-party transfer. You will need to provide your tax information and confirm your personal details to get paid. 

There isn’t a certain number of videos you need to make to make money on YouTube. Maintaining a healthy and active channel is a good start to earning money. Having detailed video descriptions will help your videos show up for more viewers. Making money on YouTube isn’t too hard, but it will defiantly take a little bit of work.

It’s hard to say how many views you need to make $5000 a month from your YouTube channel. From views alone, you would need millions of views. If you are trying to make a couple of thousand dollars from your YouTube channel, to make this feasible I would recommend looking into video ads or branded content.

What is the Youtube Partner Program?

All this talk about the Youtube partner program, but what exactly is that? The YouTube partner program is a program that gives creators access to Youtube resources and monetization features. 

This is a great tool for YouTube influencers and video creators alike. When you sign up for this program you will get paid for your content by just posting it. Once in the program, you can also explore other streams of revenue like channel memberships and super chat.

People can pay to be members of your channel and they receive exclusive benefits that regular subscribers don’t. This is a great option if you have premium content that you would prefer viewers pay for rather than them just watching it for free. 

Super chat is another premium feature that comes with being in the Youtube partner program. This allows viewers to purchase live chat messages that will stand out or be pinned at the top of a live chat feed. This is a great option for creators that like to host live streams on their channels.

How Much Money Can I Make Creating Youtube Videos?

The big question: how much money can I make creating YouTube videos? Well if you are consistently posting new content to your YouTube account and are getting decent views you can expect some pretty decent money. There isn’t really a definite answer to this question.

There are ways to maximize your earnings. Having Youtube premium subscribers will definitely boost your earnings. You will want to be sure you are uploading videos regularly with detailed descriptions. The more keywords you put in the more the video will show up for users searching.

Another thing to keep in mind are the tools available through the partner program, paid channel memberships, and super chat. These features allow users to feel closer to their favorite creators and allow creators a few extra revenue streams. 

Advertising revenue is another great source of income for your YouTube videos. When you partner with brands and post ads for them, not only will you earn money from the video, but the brand also pays you. So in a way, double the income for one video.

On average 1,000 views are worth around $10. So to make decent money on YouTube with views alone you will need a lot. But if you take advantage of all the different resources you are sure to see more than just that.

How Do I Create A Youtube Channel?

Creating a Youtube channel is fairly easy. If you already have a Youtube account you are one step closer than the rest of us! To make a YouTube account simply go to their website and enter the information requested to create your account

Then to create a channel go to your account settings. Find your profile icon in the top right corner of the screen, click on it, and then click on “create channel”. After that, you are all set to start creating videos.

Can I Earn More Money Offering Channel Memberships?

Yes, you can earn more money on Youtube if you offer channel memberships. When you offer channel memberships viewers can sign up for them and receive extra special content, for a monthly fee/donation. 

Creators that offer channel memberships post premium content for their members and in exchange, those members pay for that content. So yes, if you offer channel memberships and lots of viewers become members you can earn more money doing that. But remember, you have to provide extra content for them.

What Other Social Media Pays Creators?

Making money on YouTube sounds cool and all, but are there other social media that pays creators? Yep! You can earn money for posting on practically any other social media platform. Brands will pay creators to post about their products on Instagram or Snapchat.

If creating content is more your speed, TikTok will pay you for posting videos on their platform. Similar to Youtube there are some minimum criteria you have to meet first. You need at least 10,000 followers and to have received at least 100,000 views in the last 30 days to qualify to earn money. 

Similar to the Youtube Partner Program, TikTok offers its creator marketplace tools and resources for creators to maximize their earnings.

What Are Alternatives To Social Media for Making Money Online?

If social media isn’t your style, fear not! There are still some ways you can make money online too!

1. Online Survey Websites

You can make some decent money online just by taking short surveys! There are tons of different websites to choose from that will pay you for taking surveys, but here are some of our favorites

Swagbucks is an online survey site that pays its users for taking short surveys. Once you have earned enough “Swagbucks” you can cash out with a PayPal transfer or a free gift card! InboxDollars is another site that will pay you for taking surveys. With InboxDollars you can also get paid for reading emails and playing games. They offer free gift cards as rewards. 

2. Online Delivery Services

If you prefer to be moving around and doing something while you make money, online delivery services might be perfect for you! You can become an Uber driver or a DoorDash driver and make money doing that!

Similar to in-person serving jobs, not only would you be making base pay, but you also would receive tips! It’s easy to sign up and you can start earning money today!

3. Shopping Online and In-Store

Yes, you read that heading right. You can make money shopping online. This is generally done through an online survey site. Both Swagbucks and InboxDollars offer shopping as a way to earn. When you online shop through those sites you can earn points for your purchases.

In addition to your online purchases, you can also earn on your in-store purchases. When you upload a picture of your receipt to the Swagbucks or InboxDollars app you can earn a cash back percent based on what you bought. 

Final Thoughts on Making Money On Youtube

Overall, making money on Youtube can be profitable. If you are consistently posting and creating meaningful content you are sure to make some good money. It is definitely something that will take a bit of work though. So if you don’t have the time to commit to it, I would recommend using the other ways to make money online.

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