If you love custom framing, apparel crafts, fall decor, and great deals, you’ve likely at least heard of Michaels. And if one is anywhere nearby, you’re likely a loyal customer. Michael Duprey opened the first Michaels in 1973 after buying out a failing Ben Franklin five-and-dime store and converting it into a craft store. Today, there are nearly 1,300 Michaels stores in North America, and each store has over 5,500 square feet and sells 5,700 items. So you’re sure to find what you need at a Michaels store or when you shop online.

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Where do you get coupons for Michaels?

 Michaels takes its lowest price policy seriously. That includes allowing and encouraging customers to use Michaels coupons, Michaels coupon codes, Michaels promo codes, and Michaels discount codes whether the customer decides to shop online on the Michaels website or in-store. There are several ways to get or find Michaels coupons and Michaels coupon codes in any form.

1. Check the Michaels weekly ad and in-store flier.

Michaels no longer mails its ads directly or through free ads, but the stores and website release their new weekly ads every Sunday. These ads are often full of weekly sale items, Michaels offers, Michaels coupons or Michaels coupon codes, and Michaels promo codes to use for specific items in-store and online. The flier or online ad may also remind customers of the protocol for curbside pickup and offer free shipping deals. 

2. Sign up for email and text alerts on the Michaels website.

Signing up for email newsletters and text alerts through Michaels’ website is one of the easiest ways to get free Michaels coupons and Michaels coupon codes. Some of those can be pretty valuable, so you can easily text STOP or unsubscribe from emails when you get the Michaels coupon or Michaels coupon code you want. Or you can deal with some extra notifications to keep saving.

3. Shop online and visit the coupon page on the Michaels website.

As soon as you pull up Michaels.com, you’ll see loads of sale items, BOGO deals, Michaels promo codes, and Michaels discount codes that pertain to specific items on the website. But if you explore a little deeper, you can find the Michaels coupon page. Here you’ll find special Michaels coupons, Michaels discount codes, Michaels offers, or promos that can either be applied to your cart when you shop online or printed and taken to a physical Michaels store.

4. Check out legitimate coupon and deal sites.

Coupons, promo codes, and deal sites can be your best friends when it comes to finding an extra Michaels coupon or Michaels coupon code. The legitimate ones list active codes that you might not find otherwise. If you want another Michaels coupon or a specific Michaels promo code, try favorites like Bradsdeals, CNET coupons, CNN coupons, Groupon, JoinHoney, Ibiotta, Rakuten, and SlickDeals.

5. Download the Michaels app.

Download the Michaels app through Google Play or the App Store to start shopping on the go and get a Michaels discount code, Michaels coupon code, or promo code as it’s available.

Does the Michaels app have coupons?

Using the Michaels app is a viable option to shop online, and it provides the same Michaels offers as shopping in-store or on the website. These include sale items, free shipping, Michaels rewards benefits, special promos, and an occasional Michaels coupon, Michaels coupon code, Michaels promo code, or Michaels discount code when available. So yes, you can get a Michaels coupon or several when shopping through the Michaels app.

How do you get 25 percent off Michaels?

Saving 25% off Michaels is easy, especially when you shop online on the Michaels website or through the app. Simply go to the website’s front page, scroll to the bottom, and click on the red bar on the left that says “Get 25% off”. A box will pop up, prompting you to sign up for email alerts. Once you’ve done that, they’ll send you a 25% one-time use promo code good for any regular-priced items in stock. Of course, you can always unsubscribe after using the Michaels discount or promo codes. But staying on their mailing list almost guarantees you’ll be notified of future deals, and special sales while receiving a future Michaels promo code at various times throughout the year.

How often does Michaels have 50 percent off coupons?

Michaels offers occasional high-value coupons to their customers. The 50% off coupon is especially popular, but it’s not released very often. A Michaels coupon or Michaels discount code of that value is usually only available for special occasions such as Black Friday and Christmas. Continually check the weekly fliers, the website, the Michaels app, and your local Michaels store to catch all the best Michaels coupons as they’re released.

How do I get free Michaels cashback?

There are a few legitimate ways to get cashback from shopping at Michaels.

1. Sign up for the Michaels Rewards program.

 Michaels Rewards allows shoppers to earn cash back every time they shop at Michaels. Members can earn a base cashback amount of 3%, or shoot for the moon and earn 6% cash back for spending a minimum of $300 annually. Just shopping for custom framing for your home could help you reach the 6% goal. Combine that with baking supplies, fall decor, and fall ribbon, and you’re sure to double the base cash back in no time.

2. Use a debit card as the method of payment when shopping at Michaels.

Michaels offers free returns, but the return payment options depend on the original payment method. You can expect a store credit if you pay with a gift card or gift receipt. Credit card payments are returned on the original payment card, but it can take several days to receive. Personal checks require a 10-day waiting period before any refund can be given. However, if you pay with a debit card and walk into a Michaels store to return merchandise, you will be paid in cash unless you prefer the funds to be returned directly to your card. It’s not the same as earning a percentage for your purchases, but it is literally “cash back.”

3. Join legitimate task and shopping sites to earn cash back at Michaels.

Loads of shopping and task sites offer cash back at your favorite stores, like Michaels. Most of the legitimate sites are entirely free to join and just require you to complete some simple tasks or shop as you’d do anyway. If you’re looking to get your feet wet, some of the best options include Swagbucks and InboxDollars.

How old do you have to be for Michaels’ senior discount?

Michaels offers a relatively low 10% discount for seniors, but you can claim that discount on one full-priced item daily. So it can add up. To claim your senior discount, you must be at least 55 years old and become a Michaels Reward member. If you prefer not to become a reward member even though it’s free, you will have to show your ID whenever you shop at a Michaels store to claim the discount. Michaels also gives AARP members a 10% discount (no promo code needed) which is interesting since the age requirement for AARP starts at 50. Some stores may allow you to get away with the age difference for the discount, but it’s probably best not to chance it too often.

How else can I save money at Michaels?

Missing out on the higher-value Michaels coupons? No worries. There are always other ways to save money at Michaels.

1. Pay attention to the weekly flier.

The new Michaels weekly flier is released in-store and online every Sunday. While it may not cover every sale or special deal at Michaels, it does cover the biggies. Scan the flier for sales or discounts on custom framing, fall ribbon, baking supplies, apparel crafts, and more.

2. Check the Michaels website or app.

As soon as you look at the Michaels website or app, there’s usually a promo code at the top of the page. Take advantage of any Michaels promo code that works for your specific needs. Michaels allows coupon or code stacking (unless otherwise stated) as long as you only use one coupon or code per item.

3. Take advantage of free shipping.

If you’re shopping online or ordering an in-store item that needs to be shipped, free shipping starts at $49. Sometimes a special promo code covers shipping, but don’t count on it. But definitely take advantage of free shipping for your larger or more expensive orders.

4. Opt for in-store or curbside pickup.

In-store pickup and curbside pickup are always free. Check with your local store for their curbside pickup protocol and hours, but most Michaels stores limit curbside pickup to 6 PM. In-store pickup is still available after that time.

5. Use your personal discounts.

On top of Michaels’ 10% senior discount, there’s also a Michaels’ military discount and teacher discount. The military and teacher discounts offer an extra 15% off your order, and sale items are included! So sign up for those discounts online or in-store to start saving big time.

6. Shop in bulk.

Shop the MichaelsPro section without having to become a member of anything and shop in bulk for all art supplies, crafts, school supplies, apparel, frames, canvas, yarn, and more. Get great bulk prices on items you consistently need without rummaging for deals or coupons.

7. Become a Michaels Rewards member.

Michaels Rewards program is completely free to join. On top of earning cash back, members get special coupons, including coupons for merchandise in which they’re specifically interested. Get early notice of sales, receive a birthday coupon, and enjoy no-hassle returns without needing a receipt.

Final Thoughts

With nearly 6,000 in-store and online items, it’s no wonder Michaels is one of North America’s largest private craft stores. And considering the number of ways customers can save money, it’s become a consistent favorite for craft lovers and art addicts nationwide. Don’t have a coupon? No problem! Check the ad and website for promo codes, sales, and other ways to save that week. But if you have coupons, bring them all along or add the accepted codes during checkout to revel in the savings.