Hobby Lobby opened its first store in Oklahoma City back in 1972. Since that first store, Hobby Lobby has expanded to 900 stores across 47 U.S. states, making it the largest privately owned craft store globally.

Since Hobby Lobby is privately owned, the owners can take the business in any direction they want, and they happen to be devoutly Christian and transparently conservative. So at this point, if you want or need any non-Christian holiday items or Halloween decor, you’ll have to take your business elsewhere. However, if you’re looking for art supplies, craft supplies, Christmas decor, home decor, wall decor, Christmas floral, or cheap clearance items, you can potentially save a bundle.

For great Hobby Lobby discounts, just use Hobby Lobby coupons (they’re still offered – on occasion) or Hobby Lobby promo codes in-store or when you shop online. 

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Does Hobby Lobby offer coupons?

Using Hobby Lobby coupons can be tricky if you’re unsure about what you’re doing. Employees at stores across the U.S. have been told to hold off on taking certain Hobby Lobby coupons for in-store shopping instead of “new” storewide Hobby Lobby discounts. However, you might still get lucky when you make online purchases. Some special Hobby Lobby discounts you might find online include:

1. Hobby Lobby coupons

Hobby Lobby coupons may not be accepted in stores, but they are often accepted for online purchases. You can receive a Hobby Lobby coupon by signing up for their newsletter or email list. Unfortunately, Hobby Lobby discounts and any type of Hobby Lobby discount codes cannot be stacked. That means you’ll only be able to use one Hobby Lobby coupon per order when you shop online.

2. Hobby Lobby coupon codes

Hobby Lobby coupon codes may be offered on the Hobby Lobby website or through email notifications. Hobby Lobby coupon codes are usually for a specific event or specific items. Any type of Hobby Lobby coupon, including a Hobby Lobby coupon code, may only be used on full-priced merchandise. And only one Hobby Lobby coupon code may be used per order unless otherwise stated at the time.

3. Hobby Lobby promo codes

Hobby Lobby promo codes are occasionally listed on the Hobby Lobby website. You may also luck out and find an active Hobby Lobby promo code on a legitimate deal site. Unless otherwise stated, you can sometimes use a promo code in conjunction with an existing Hobby Lobby promo. However, Hobby Lobby promo codes cannot be stacked. That means, just like with Hobby Lobby coupons and Hobby Lobby coupon codes, only one Hobby Lobby promo code can be used per purchase. Furthermore, Hobby Lobby promo codes are only accepted for online purchases.

4. Hobby Lobby discount codes

Hobby Lobby discount codes are similar to Hobby Lobby coupon codes and promo codes. There are some differences, however. Hobby Lobby discount codes usually cover the entire online store or a section of items on the website. A Hobby Lobby coupon may cover whatever the store decides to put on sale at the time. A Hobby Lobby promo code usually covers a specific seasonal item or section while having a tight expiration date. In other words, a promo code or coupon code may be valid for a day, a week, or another short time frame while items are in stock. In comparison, Hobby Lobby discount codes may offer wider savings opportunities since they tend to include more items.

5. A Hobby Lobby promo

A Hobby Lobby promo is a discount listed either in-store or on the website. A Hobby Lobby promo usually does not require any type of Hobby Lobby promo code or coupon to claim the savings. However, due to strict store and website rules, other discounts usually cannot be applied to a Hobby Lobby promo.

Does Hobby Lobby take JOANN coupons?

Hobby Lobby does not accept any competitor coupons or special sale ads. Hobby Lobby will price match a competitor’s item if it’s in stock at a Hobby Lobby store and if it’s full-price at the competitor’s store. However, all holiday doorbuster, clearance, and closeout ads are exempt, as are specific brands and items. No competitors’ ads or price matches are accepted online.

Does Hobby Lobby no longer have the 40% off coupon?

The 40% Hobby Lobby coupon was a massive draw for existing and new customers since it allowed shoppers in-store to get one full-priced item for 40% off. However, Hobby Lobby announced on Facebook that they were discontinuing that coupon to pursue other discount options storewide. Much to the dismay of Hobby Lobby loyalists, the 40% off coupon was discontinued on February 28, 2021. Some news sources and websites claim the 40% off coupon is still in rotation and accepted at select Hobby Lobby stores. However, that’s unlikely.

When did Hobby Lobby stop using coupons?

Hobby Lobby stopped offering its weekly 40% off coupon in 2021, but it still accepts mobile and printed coupons as long as they’re valid. Any Hobby Lobby coupon code or physical coupon must be for Hobby Lobby and no other retailer. Most of those coupons are offered through third-party coupon sites, but the Hobby Lobby app will occasionally release a special promo code. That code will be accepted online and in-store if you present the cashier with the activation code.

Look for this code on the Hobby Lobby app around the holidays when all Christmas decor, including Christmas trees, Christmas floral, Christmas lights, and Christmas decorations, flood the stores. Unfortunately, hobby Lobby mailers, weekly fliers, and newsletters do not currently offer any coupons. While that may change again in the future, the company currently has no plans to change the policy.

How do I save money at Hobby Lobby?

Hobby Lobby may not currently provide its 40% off weekly coupon, but there are still plenty of ways to save money.

1. Sign up for mobile coupons.

Hobby Lobby doesn’t release coupons in its ads or fliers. But you can still get coupons, an occasional Hobby Lobby promo code, or a Hobby Lobby newsletter coupon by using their mobile app or signing up for coupons on the website. Be sure to show any discount or coupon codes on the app to the cashier if shopping in-store.

2. Learn the sale rotation for art supplies and craft supplies.

Something is always on sale at Hobby Lobby, so you’re bound to get a Hobby Lobby deal whenever you shop. But if you want even better deals, understand the sale rotation. Books, custom framing, home decor fabric, furniture, wearable art, and certain other art supplies are always on sale. You can save up to 50% off the regular prices on those items at any time. Wall decor and other home decor go on sale every other week. Check Hobby Lobby’s weekly ad released every Sunday for special deals on home decor, art supplies, and more.

3. Head to the clearance wall.

Check the clearance wall to save big on clearance items–up to 90% any day of the week and while supplies last. Also, be sure to check clearance items throughout the store and the Hobby Lobby clearance section online.

4. Buy in bulk.

Hobby Lobby doesn’t offer discounts on bulk purchases overall, but you can sometimes get great deals on bundled items.

5. Focus on seasonal deals.

Christian-based holiday items are heavily stocked. That means pre- and post-seasonal deals are plentiful. Customers can especially get great deals on Christmas decor, Christmas decorations, Christmas crafts, Christmas lights, and Christmas trees. 

6. Check the front of the store.

Hobby Lobby puts a lot of hot buys and special deals listed in the weekly flier right at the front of the store. So check there first to get an excellent Hobby Lobby deal.

Unfortunately, there is no Hobby Lobby military discount. Many customers have complained about that, but those complaints have not yet made the company implement a Hobby Lobby military discount. However, an occasional Hobby Lobby promo code or Hobby Lobby deal may be targeted at military members. So you may still be able to get the discount at certain times throughout the year without needing to sign up for a special membership. Also, most craft supplies go on sale for up to 50% off every three weeks. However, specific items such as paper crafts and Cricut rarely ever go on sale. 

How do I get Hobby Lobby cashback?

Hobby Lobby offers cashback on several items in their stores. You can also join cashback sites like Swagbucks to earn extra cashback for shopping on the Hobby Lobby website.

Final thoughts

There’s no wonder why Hobby Lobby is one of the largest hobby and craft stores nationwide. Even without its coveted weekly coupon, plenty of savings can be found. And for those needing Christian holiday items, you’ll likely see more there than at Michaels or JOANN. Just be sure to follow the above savings solutions and sign up for their newsletter or app to get Hobby Lobby coupons and promo codes as they’re released.

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