Barbara and David Greene took out a $600 loan in 1970 because they wanted to create a home business selling custom picture frames. Two years later, they were able to open a small 300-square-foot store in Oklahoma. And today, they have over 900 stores nationwide selling a lot more than picture frames. In fact, Hobby Lobby may be the perfect solution for those looking for art supplies, craft supplies, Christmas crafts, Christmas decor, Christmas floral, Christmas lights, fall decor, home decor, paper crafts, wall decor, and wearable art.

But how do you get Hobby Lobby discounts and Hobby Lobby coupons? What happened to the coupons? Let’s explore the best ways to get coupons (they’re still there – sometimes) and other ways to save big.

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Does Hobby Lobby take competitor coupons?

Hobby Lobby accepts absolutely no competitors’ coupons, including JOANN or Michaels coupons. Hobby Lobby will price match in-store as long as the presented ad doesn’t contain special ads, holiday doorbusters, closeout sales, or clearance merchandise. Specific brands and types of merchandise are also excluded from price matching, such as Cricut materials and papercrafts. The only coupons or discounts Hobby Lobby accepts in-store or online are:

  • Hobby Lobby coupons
  • Hobby Lobby coupon codes
  • Hobby Lobby discount codes
  • Hobby Lobby deals
  • Any advertised or announced Hobby Lobby promo
  • Hobby Lobby promo codes

Does Hobby Lobby offer coupons?

Hobby Lobby has discontinued the famous 40% off coupon and now it is more likely to offer category sales and discounts, which it advertises in its weekly ad. Hobby Lobby coupons are now harder to find, but they are available with a little effort.

Unfortunately, the weekly 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon is gone. But Hobby Lobby offers an occasional Hobby Lobby coupon or Hobby Lobby promo code to customers who sign up on the website for their newsletter. You can also download the Hobby Lobby app to find the best Hobby Lobby discounts, including Hobby Lobby coupons, Hobby Lobby promo codes, and Hobby Lobby discount codes when they’re released. Those work for online purchases, and at Hobby Lobby stores, so you just need to show the active code to the cashier if you opt not to shop online. 

You can grab as many non-code Hobby Lobby deals and whatever Hobby Lobby promo you want for online purchases or when shopping at Hobby Lobby stores. But Hobby Lobby coupons and Hobby Lobby discount codes cannot be stacked. That means only one Hobby Lobby coupon, Hobby Lobby coupon code, or Hobby Lobby promo code can be used per purchase. Hobby Lobby discount codes and coupons can also not be used with Hobby Lobby sales or other Hobby Lobby discounts. Coupons and Hobby Lobby discount codes of any type can only be applied to full-price merchandise unless otherwise stated at Hobby Lobby stores or on the website when you shop online. 

What happened to coupons for Hobby Lobby?

Hobby Lobby coupons and Hobby Lobby coupon codes are still available, but they’re no longer sent through the mail or available in the weekly flier. In addition, hobby Lobby officially discontinued the popular 40% off coupon previously offered weekly. While some news sources claim there are still 40% off coupons floating around, all Hobby Lobby stores are supposed to reject or refuse them on sight.

The decision to discontinue the weekly coupon disappointed and infuriated many loyal customers. But Hobby Lobby’s owners claimed it was so the company could offer more Hobby Lobby sales and discounts regularly in-store and online. While that did little to appease the situation for coupon enthusiasts, the truth is that some ongoing Hobby Lobby offers can save customers more than a single coupon–yes, even a 40% off coupon. And the company now makes sure that a Hobby Lobby sale, such as for home decor or craft supplies, is continually on rotation or going on throughout the stores.

If you still want to find Hobby Lobby coupon codes or chance your luck at finding a regular Hobby Lobby promo code, download the Hobby Lobby app. That way, you’ll be informed as soon as special Hobby Lobby coupon codes or Hobby Lobby promo codes are released.

How do I save money at Hobby Lobby?

The discontinuation of the weekly 40% off coupon is undoubtedly a massive disappointment for loyal Hobby Lobby shoppers. But there are still plenty of ways to save money. And if you combine them, you can easily save more than you would have with the weekly coupon anyway. If you are looking for a Hobby Lobby deal, follow the steps below.

1. Pay attention to the weekly flier.

Hobby Lobby’s weekly flier is released online and in the store every Sunday. The flier announces any Hobby Lobby promo in the store and on the website. These promos don’t require discount codes, and the company doesn’t accept discount codes or coupons on already reduced-priced deals. But paying attention to the weekly flier is a great way to know what’s on sale and just how much you can save on all departments, including home decor, fall decor, and upcoming Christmas crafts.

2. Shop the front of the store.

It’s a shame running into a store to search for your favorite deals, only to get lost in the shuffle of other shoppers or miss out on the goodies altogether. Most of the time, Hobby Lobby sale items or special promos can be found right at the front of the store. Fortunately, that also happens to be where the cashiers are. So if you can’t find what you’re looking for there, you can ask one of the sales associates, who will direct you to the correct location.

3. Look for bulk deals.

Hobby Lobby doesn’t offer bulk deals for customers. But sometimes, specific craft supplies, paper crafts, and even Christmas crafts or Christmas lights can be found in multiple-pack buying options. In addition, those “bulk” items are usually marked down compared to the separate price. So stock up on those when you see them.

4. Dive into seasonal deals.

Hobby Lobby is an openly Christian company, so Christian-based holidays are recognized and celebrated throughout the store’s inventory. Customers can often get great seasonal deals on holiday items such as Christmas crafts, Christmas decor, and Christmas floral.

5. Check for clearance.

Hobby Lobby takes clearance items so seriously that the stores have an entire wall devoted to deal-seekers. Check the clearance wall to save up to 90%, and also keep your eyes open for heavily marked-down clearance items throughout the store.

6. Learn the sale rotation.

Hobby Lobby always has something on sale, but sales tend to rotate. Books, custom frames, fabrics, furniture, certain art supplies, and wearable art are on sale weekly. You’ll also get sale prices on home decor and wall decor bi-weekly. Check the flier online and in-store to verify other sales and deals.

7. Sign up for the newsletter or use the app.

Online shoppers can score an occasional Hobby Lobby promo code or Hobby Lobby coupon code by signing up for the website newsletter. And those who want to avoid that can use the Hobby Lobby app to get a Hobby Lobby coupon code whenever one is released.

Customers often wonder if there’s a Hobby Lobby student discount or Hobby Lobby military discount. While neither a Hobby Lobby student discount nor a Hobby Lobby military discount currently exists in the company, Hobby Lobby still releases deals and sales throughout the year that are known to target both groups.

8. Shop Specific Sales

Hobby Lobby offers various sales and discounts throughout the year. Customers can expect big sales around Easter, Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day, with significant clearance sales after holidays. Regular items like furniture, custom framing, books, wearable art, and home décor fabric departments are always available at a discount of 30% off. Additionally, items like home décor, floral arrangements, and art supplies are offered at 50% off every other week.

How do I get cashback on my Hobby Lobby purchase?

You can earn cash back on your Hobby Lobby purchase through Swagbucks, the shopping rewards site. If you’re not a member, you can sign up in about 40 seconds. Then you can earn free cash back for your purchases at Hobby Lobby and 10,000 other popular merchants.

The Bottom Line

Hobby Lobby’s strict conservative views, refusal to stock or sell non-Christian holiday items, and its lack of coupons may be serious turn-offs to many shoppers, especially in today’s social climate. But smart consumers know sometimes you have to combine your shopping efforts to find the best deals. If you need something for a non-Christian holiday or seasonal items that Hobby Lobby doesn’t carry, go elsewhere for those. Michaels, JOANN, and even Walmart carry loads of alternative decor and crafts. But why avoid the deals and sales Hobby Lobby offers, especially if the items are cheaper?

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