By Stacy Garrels

Second Hand Furniture

Some furniture items are great to buy used. Older furniture can add character to a room. If you’re after really classic pieces of furniture to suit a farmhouse or mid-century modern look, then you’re going to be wanting to look for some older pieces. 

Shop Hard

Quality older pieces can actually end up being pricy, so you’ll need to keep an eye out for deals online and shop the thrift stores. If you’re buying items online, the prices probably won’t include free shipping and you’ll need to arrange to collect the items yourself.

It can take a little effort to find budget options and you might need to do a little restoration, but the results make it worthwhile. Keep an eye out for garage sales and even people who are giving away furniture for free.

Choose Appropriate Items

If you’re looking for second-hand options, you’re typically looking for wooden or metal pieces of furniture. If you’re looking at soft furnishings like a sofa, mattresses, curtains, or rugs then you’ll want to look for items that are very lightly used. It’s important to have a good plan in place to clean them up well and seek professional help where necessary.

Ask Friends And Family

Your friends and family might have older furniture that they’re not using anymore or which they’ve grown tired of. Mention to friends and family that you’re looking for furniture and ask if they have anything that they would like to sell on. The advantage of buying from people that you know is that they’ll likely give you a good price and you’ll have a good idea just how clean (or dirty) the soft furnishings are.

Brand New Furniture

Perhaps the idea of second-hand furniture doesn’t appeal to you, or you prefer the convenience or style of new furniture. There are some great tips and affordable options for buying brand-new furniture.

Don’t Sacrifice Quality Too Much

Of course, if you’re looking for cheap new furniture, you know you’re sacrificing a little on quality. Try to choose items that seem sturdy. It’s worth paying slightly more for a higher quality product. Buying a slightly more expensive product will work out cheaper than buying a cheap, poor-quality product that needs to be replaced in a year’s time.

20 Bargain Furniture Stores To Try

There is a great variety of both brick and mortar and online home stores which offer affordable prices. Here are twenty great stores to check out if you’re looking for deals. You may need to wait for special sales events, but the savings can be quite extraordinary.

  1. Ashley HomeStore
  2. Urban Outfitters
  3. Target
  4. Costco
  5. HomeGoods
  6. Big Lots
  7. Amazon
  8. AllModern
  10. Wayfair
  11. World Market
  12. Walmart
  13. One Kings Lane
  14. Lowe’s
  15. West Elm outlet stores
  16. Pottery Barn outlet stores
  17. Room & Board outlet stores
  18. Tuesday Morning
  19. Macy’s Furniture
  20. HOM Furniture

Will It Be Delivered?

If you’re shopping for furniture online, be sure to check if the price involves free shipping. Some online stores will offer free shipping if you spend above a minimum amount. If you’re shopping from a brick and mortar store, you’ll need to plan to get the furniture to your home. Almost all stores will offer delivery and assembly, but it usually comes at a cost. 

Does It Need Assembly?

Some furniture comes flat packed and needs to be assembled once it arrives. Make sure that you know how your product will arrive and have a plan in place to assemble it if necessary. Some stores offer an assembly service and can usually recommend a service provider to you if they don’t offer their own assembly service.

Look Out For Sales And Discounts

Looking out for sales and discounts is a great way to save money and make affordable choices. Keep an eye out for sales and discounts at your favorite store, or sign up for an extensive rewards program like Swagbucks which will give you access to discounts across a wide variety of stores and products. Swagbucks also gives you the opportunity to earn rewards for completing simple tasks like shopping online, taking a survey, or watching a video. You can cash out the rewards you earn on the site to get gift cards and buy the furniture that you want.

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