Zombie VS Vampire Challenge

It's a spooky October in Swag Nation. Help your team rise from the undead to claim a bonus so big, it's scary!
Bonus Info
Click the GET STARTED button below if you dare, and be assigned to either Team Zombie or Team Vampire.
Every Daily Meter challenge you complete will add one point to your team's total. It's dead simple!
Complete min. 20 daily challenges in October to get a shriekingly-high bonus, regardless of which team wins!
Rules and Details
Team Challenge runs October 3, 2012 through midnight PT on October 31, 2012. The team with the most points at the close of the promotion is the winner. To earn team bonus users must be assigned to a team and contribute at least 5 points to team total. All bonuses will be awarded on November 5, 2012

20+ Points
150 SBs
5-19 Points
40 SBs
Runners Up
20+ Points
130 SBs
5-19 Points
30 SBs