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Help Children in Need - Donate Today!

Every day millions of children go to bed hungry. Make a Monthly Donation of $18 or more and earn 4,000 SB! * If you refund or cancel your donation your SB will be revoked.

*SB will appear as Pending for 32 days upon offer completion. Only valid monthly donations will be credited. SB may be revoked for cancelled or invalid donations. Must be your first time participating in a Save the Children offer to earn SB. Must make a minimum monthly donation of $18 to earn SB. Monthly donations under $18 are not eligible for SB. Must use valid contact and payment information to earn SB. SB may be revoked for cancelled or invalid donations. This offer may only be redeemed once (1) per user. This offer is presented to you by Swagbucks on behalf of a third-party merchant or sponsor ("Merchant"). Swagbucks does not endorse (and therefore is not responsible to you for) the Merchant's views, policies, products or services. Have questions? Please contact the Swagbucks Help Center here. If you are not credited within 32 days of offer completion, you have 14 days to contact the Swagbucks Help Center for further investigation. Help Center tickets submitted after the 14 day grace period are not eligible for further investigation and SB.