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Poll From: 03/30/2015
Submitted By Team Swagbucks, CA
Charities usually fall within several types of categories: Environmental, Humanitarian, Arts & Education, Health, Support, and Animal. We wanted to ask you, of the most common charity categories, to which are you most likely to donate or have you donated to in the past? »
Humanitarian (Ex: Give A Child A Meal, Clean Water, Provide Disaster Relief, etc.)
Environment (Ex: Clean Air: Offset Carbon Emissions, Reduce Landfill Waste, Plant a Tree, etc.)
Animal (Ex: Bottle Feed a kitten, Feed a rescue puppy, protect a lion habitat)
Support (Ex: Help a veteran, give a senior a ride, give a pair of shoes)
Health (Ex: Fight Ebola, Fight Obesity, Immunize a child, provide medical supplies)
Arts and Education (Ex: Provide Art Supplies, Give a child a paintbrush, fund a music lesson, etc.)
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