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About Groupon Cash Back Shopping

Lower the best daily deals on the Internet when you combine the savings power of Swagbucks with Groupon. Check for coupon codes and free Swagbucks gift cards prior to claiming your Groupon travel deal. Saving a mint while spoiling yourself can also help you earn cash back on almost all your online shopping needs.

Most Groupon Goods items are delivered in 7–12 business days. Once your item ships, we'll send you a confirmation email to let you know. Some orders have different shipment windows; check the fine print for the estimated delivery. It may take 3–9 business days for the item to ship and for tracking data to become available. Products purchased through the Goods Marketplace are sold by third-party merchants. They usually ship within 2 business days

For Local deals, you can self-cancel within one day, unless otherwise stated in the fine print. We also honor cancellation requests for eligible deals made within three days of purchase. For Groupon Goods, cancel your order within two hours or return the product for a refund within 30 days of receiving it, unless otherwise stated in the fine print. For Groupon Marketplace purchases, cancel your order within two hours or reach out to the merchant to return your item. Most tickets purchased through GrouponLive are Final Sale, unless otherwise stated in the fine print. If your order isn't Final Sale, you can get a refund until midnight the day of purchase.

We accept major credit cards (or debit cards that can be processed as credit) with billing

addresses in the U.S. or Canada, as well as Apple Pay and PayPal.

The cost to ship is configured on a per-product basis. Information on shipping fees for Goods Marketplace items will be shown at checkout and in the Fine Print on the deal page. Marketplace merchants may offer 3-5 or 5-7 business days shipping options. Business days are days of the week, Monday through Friday, not including mail delivery holidays. Shipping to PO Boxes as well as to Alaska and Hawaii may be excluded. Merchants are responsible for the shipping of all orders. The following shipping fees apply only to Groupon Goods items. For U.S. shipping, orders of $34.99 and under: $3.99. Most orders of $34.99 or more qualify for free shipping. For shipping to Canada, fees are between $4.99 and $7.99 CAD, but can vary based on deal price. Separate duty taxes may be included, so check the fine print on the deal page. Oversized items and those delivered by special or white-glove carriers generally incur additional shipping fees.

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