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How can I save money on Walmart Plus?

What is Walmart Plus?

Walmart Plus is a new kind of membership for Walmart customers that rewards you for shopping at Walmart and gives you tons of benefits to save time and money.

What will Walmart Plus offer?

A Walmart+ membership or plan will give you loads of benefits, including:

-Unlimited free deliveries for orders of $35 or more, including same-day delivery. Unlimited free delivery covers over 160,000 grocery items, household goods, and tech products.

-Discounted (member) gas prices at over 2,000 participating WalmartPlus fuel stations across the United States, located at Walmart stores, Murphy USA stores, Murphy Express stations, and Sam’s Club fuel stations.

-Mobile Scan & Go option. Shop and checkout in-store right from your phone!

-Get a special Walmart discount coupon or Walmart promo code. You can also visit the Walmart coupon code page on Swagbucks to get extra savings and perks, like cashback rebates.

-Free shipping! Walmart+ members get free 2 day shipping and no order minimum from items on Walmart.com. You can also receive free shipping for next-day purchases!

-Free 15 day trial. Try it out and see what you think. Get 15 days of free shipping and free deliveries for Walmart grocery orders of $35+. You can cancel anytime.

What is Walmart+ Mobile Scan & Go?

The Walmart+ Scan & Go is fast and easy checkout right from your mobile smartphone. It is the ultimate in contact-free checkout. Just open the Walmart app when you’re inside a Walmart store to use this feature. It will make your next Walmart grocery run faster than ever.

All Walmart locations offer the WalmartPlus Scan & Go feature, and there’s no limit to how many things you can buy in one trip using Scan & Go.

You’ll need to connect a payment, like a credit card or debit card, to your Walmart account to use this feature. And you’ll have to scan the QR code in self-checkout. This will provide your receipt. And for age-restricted purchases, it will prompt a Walmart store associate to check your ID.

If you have a Walmart promo code, you can still use it with Scan & Go. Link Walmart promo codes and coupon codes to your Walmart+ account.

Is Walmart Plus worth it?

If you shop at Walmart at least once a month, it’s worth checking out. And if you shop there at least twice a month it’s worth joining. Just two deliveries per month cover the cost of your membership. And the gas savings are great too, The average U.S. driver pumps 656 gallons a year, and Walmart+ saves you money on every gallon of gas. According to the numbers that Walmart has crunched, Walmart+ members will save time and money. Save 2.5 hours a week by using the free delivery on groceries instead of going to the store. Save $84 per year on gas prices when you fuel up at Walmart grocery stores (with gas pumps), Murphy, Sam's Club, and other participating locations. Save over $816 per year on delivery fees. As a member of WalmartPlus, you won't have to pay for delivery fees. Save over $50 per year on shipping costs from Walmart.com with the free shipping that Walmart+ member get.

How much is the Walmart grocery delivery fee?

If you’re not a Walmart+ member, grocery delivery fees typically run from $7.95 to $9.95 per order, and the order must be for a minimum of $30 worth of groceries and goods. Walmart Express Delivery is available in many stores. For an extra $10+ above regular delivery charge, you can get your items delivered in two hours or less.

To avoid going to the store AND delivery fees, you can Walmart curbside grocery pickup. The service is free, and you can use a promo code to save $10 off your first order with a
Walmart curbside pickup code on this page.

Is there a minimum order for Walmart delivery?

For WalmartPlus deliveries, the minimum order amount is $35. If you’re not a member, the minimum order amount is $30 and delivery fees charged in addition.

How much is a WalmartPlus membership?

There are two kinds of Walmart+ memberships:

-Yearly for $98 or
-Monthly for $12.95 a month

If you can afford the yearly membership fee upfront, it will save you much more money in the long run. Paying each month for an entire year comes to $155.40 so you’ll save $57.40 if you go with the yearly option. And with the cash back for joining from Swagbucks Walmart Plus promo code page, you could save up to $80 or more off of your Walmart+ membership.

There's no need to enter a Walmart coupon code to get the cash back off of your purchase. When you visit the Walmart+ signup page from Swagbucks, your visit is automatically logged and the cashback savings will get added to your account.

If you do have a separate Walmart promo code (i.e. EXTRA 10), you can enter in that promo code at checkout.

How do I cancel my free trial at Walmart for Walmart Plus?

You can cancel your free trial for WalmartPlus from your Walmart account. Go to the main or overview page, select your account settings, and from there you can cancel your membership. You can also ask a Walmart associate to assist you.

How do I get Walmart Plus free?

You can get WalmartPlus free when you sign up for a 15-day free trial of Walmart+. Visit walmart.com/grocery/plus/ to get started. You’ll need to provide your name and address, and set up a free Walmart account if you do not already have one. There is no coupon code needed to get this deal.

How can I find a Walmart Coupon Code?

There are plenty of places to find Walmart coupons and promo codes.
1. Check out coupon code and promo code sites like Swagbucks. You can find Walmart promo codes for Walmart+, Walmart.com, or Walmart eBooks. Right now some of the best Walmart coupon code deals include free 2 day shipping for overs over $35, save $57 on Walmart+ annual membership, or Walmart coupon codes to save $1.00 on every gas tank fuel-up.
2. You can also find Walmart coupons on the Instacart promo code page. There's a coupon code to get $ cash back when you try Instacart, and a Walmart coupon code to get $15 off your next Walmart grocery order of $50 or more. There's also a promo code to get Walmart free delivery for your first order.
3. Visit the Walmart website. When there are promos or specials, like free shipping or a seasonal promo code, they'll share the saving information front and center.
4. Subscribe to the Walmart email news letter. You'll get updates on new products, sales, and deals. And also find Walmart coupons and the occasional discount code or coupon code.
5. Get SMS or text alerts from Walmart.
6. If you do get the paper, don't toss out your weekly Walmart add. While you probably won't find a Walmart coupon code in a paper circular, you may find print Walmart coupons and updates like a local sale at Walmart.
7. Don't toss out the coupon envelopes from Valpak and other coupon distributors. While you'll commonly find savings (promo or discount code) for newer and lesser-known merchants, you can occasionally find a Walmart coupon code to use online

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