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Save More: Earn $45 Cash Back with Swagbucks

How to save money with Stash App

Save with a Stash sign-up bonus when you open a new account with as little as a $5 deposit and earn $5. Sign up through Swagbucks and earn an extra $30 with this special Stash deal.

Stash users can earn a $20 bonus for each successful referral that signs up using their unique referral link. Earn up a maximum of $500 in referrals.

Stash’s mission is to make investing approachable for beginners. It’s process is not only quick and easy but there is some guidance and free education tools throughout the process. It costs $1 per month for their beginner brokerage account that offers fractional investing, you can buy portions of a company's stock or a fund share with as little as 5 cents. Stash also offers banking and retirement accounts like a Roth or traditional IRA.

Does Stash Invest offer student, senior, or military discounts?

Stash does not currently offer special discounts for students, seniors, or military personnel. Stash Invest offer basic subscription plans for just $1 a month.

Where do I enter a Stash promo code?

To enter a promo code via app Select your profile on the upper left corner Scroll down to Enter Promo Code under share your links section.

How do I use Stash coupons?

No coupon code or promo code is required. Register using a referral link and get a Stash sign-up bonus

Can you make money with Stash Invest?

Stash is an investing app that allows users to grow their money. In order to make money with Stash, you need to invest money. Different users have had different experiences, but most agree that if you invest modest amounts of money you're going to earn modest amounts. A finance writer on CNBC says she saw a 6.34% return on her investment, but having only invested $5 a week that came to a return of $18.13 for the year (in profits) after paying $1 monthly subscription fees.

What is Stash Invest cancelation policy?

Canceling your Stash subscription can take up to 10 business days to complete. If you choose to cancel your Stash subscription, the investments you own will be sold, and the money in your cash balance will be transferred to your linked bank account once your account is closed.

What payment methods does Stash accept?

You will need to link your bank account to deposit money into your Stash account. Stash works with multiple banking institutions to make the process easier. Stash accepts debit or credit cards for your convenience for the purpose of making your monthly Fee payments.

Do I need a coupon code or promo code to get the $35 cash bonus for signing up for Stash Invest?

No, there is no coupon code or promo code needed. The cash sign-up promo for Stash Invest is awarded as a cash back reward for opening your new account.

Right now the Stash Invest promo is a $35 sign up bonus from Swagbucks. To get the bonus, you'll need to sign up for Stash Invest and fund your account with at least $5. During the first 32 days, the bonus of $35 (awarded as 3500 SB) will appear as "Pending" under your account earning status. After the funds have credited to your account, you will be able to withdraw the Stash invest promo bonus.

The $35 Stash promo amount is subject to change. Previous amounts have been a $30, $25, or $20 bonus.

Stash Invest also offers a $5 bonus. You'll get 5 dollars free when you you open your new account to help you get started investing. There is no coupon code or promo code required for this Stash promo. The funds will be automatically applied to your account. Please note that this $5 Stash promo may be modified or canceled at any time.

How do I get started investing money with Stash Invest?

To start investing money on Stash, head over to Stash's website or download the Stash app. Create your login and then answer some basic questions about your age and financial situation so that Stash Invest can offer you the best recommendations. Stash App will make recommendations based on your comfort level with risk.

Then, link your bank account or checking account to make your first $5 investment. There are learning and coaching tools that help you along the way, offering tips and informational resources.

When you start investing, you can sort through or select Stash invest options based on your likes, beliefs (i.e. renewable energy) or what you want to achieve. The portfolio(s) you invest in are clearly named so you understand what you are investing in.

Can I get the Stash Invest signup bonus if I already have an account?

No, the $35 sign-up bonus is available only for individuals new to Stash for completing an account opening. If you are a member of Stash Invest but brand-new to Swagbucks, you may be eligible for other Swagbucks new member bonuses.

How can I save money using Stash?

Stash provides you with a number of resources to help build financial discipline and create better budgeting habits. Stash shares coupon code and promo code deals for relevant offers based on your profile, and makes practical suggestions like carrying cash or creating monthly "I want lists".

Turning on Auto-Stash helps many Stash users save more money. Choose how much you want to invest in Stash and how often (i.e $20 every pay period) and Stash will automatically move the funds from your bank account to your Stash account. Many Stash users use their Stash funds as an emergency fund or savings account to build a nest egg. It's an out-of-sight, out-of-mind way to save money. And there's a $5 bonus from Stash to use to get started saving and investing.

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