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Surprise your friends and earn referrals with Spoof search results from Swagbucks.com

Start Creating An Original Spoof Now
Spoofs are custom search results designed to mildly trick your friends into thinking that they've achieved a very high level of recognition and notoriety in their profession or field of interest.

After telling us a little about your friend and his/her passion, you'll be given a chance to preview the one-of-a-kind results. You can continue to make changes to your spoof as you deem necessary. Once the spoof is ready to go, click "Generate Custom URL" to get a link which you can share with your unwitting victim (Note: once you generate the URL, you cannot continue editing the spoof). You can even find suggested text to send along with the custom link.

If your friends decide to create a spoof for one of their acquaintences, they'll first need to create an account at swagbucks.com, and will be automatically registered as your referral. There's no limit to how many spoofs you can create!
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