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Walmart $25 Gift Card

Walmart $25 Gift Card
Walmart $25 Gift Card
Walmart $25 Gift Card
Regular Price: 2,500
12% off $25: 2,200 SB

Get a 12% discount on your first $25 gift card redemption each month. Excludes PayPal.

Snag This!

With a Walmart eGift Card, you get low prices every day on thousands of popular products in-store and online at www.walmart.com. You'll find a wide assortment of top electronics, toys, home essentials and more. The Walmart eGift Card can be used for purchases at Walmart stores, walmart.com; also for purchases by SAM's Club members in U.S. SAM'S Club stores and at Samsclub.com. Walmart currently has over 10,000 retail units, including Walmart stores, SAM'S Clubs, Walmart SuperStores in 27 countries.

Terms & Conditions
Use of this card constitutes acceptance of the Gift Card Terms and Conditions posted on Walmart.com. The card can be used in-store and for online purchases at Walmart.com. It can also be used by members of Sam's Club for in-store and online purchases at Samsclub.com. This card cannot be redeemed for cash.

Prodege, LLC, doing business as Swagbucks, is/are not affiliated with Walmart Stores, Inc. The services, products or activities of Prodege, LLC, are neither endorsed nor sponsored by Walmart Stores, Inc.

Access to your gift code will be emailed and posted on your account profile, under "My Gift Cards" within 10 business days of verifying your purchase.

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on 11/18/15
hsynesae liked this  
Is there a limit on the $25 gift cards?
on 11/29/15
on 11/25/15
I dont think so
on 11/24/15
Does anybody know how i can combine multiple walmart gift cards into one?
on 11/25/15
I take them up to customer service after printing, and have them put on a card, you can keep adding to the same card
on 11/18/15
booboosbaby06 liked this  
Does anyone know if you can use these in the vision center? I need an eye exam and new glasses. Thanks.
on 11/16/15
Wow, this unbelievable. I usually have wonderful turn around time with my gift cards but they are getting slow of late. I know I am chomping at the bit but I was spoiled by Swagbucks. I usually have my gift card by now. It has been over a week. :( IT still is under what they tell us to allow but I want my swagbuck Card. Thank you Swagbucks. You are indeed awesome.
on 11/15/15
lacubanita1997 liked this  
I've had turn around happen in 2 to 3 days, then sometimes they have taken about a week...not sure how or why but plan for about a week turn around. You can use the card to buy anything, I have used cards to buy food, basics, clothes, presents....its awesome. :) Love SB!!
on 11/14/15
OopsieDaisey and 1 others liked this  
How long does it take to actually receive the e card & it be available for use?
on 11/11/15
greenmushroom liked this  
i see that it says music and entertainment. so can i only use the card for that or can i buy anything i want from walmart?
on 07/30/15
Can these be combined like the target gc, please someone tell me? And how?
on 08/01/15
TheAC and 1 others liked this  
If you go to the Walmart website, you can create an account. Then you can save up to five gift cards on your account. Since these are egift cards you can also exchange them for physical gift cards through the Walmart website just to make it easier if you want to use it in an actual store.
on 08/19/15
MollyAnneRose liked this  
How do you exchange them to a physical card on the website?
on 09/30/15
Moodleminski and 1 others liked this  
You purchase a physical gift card using your e-gift card.

You can also purchase a higher denomination e-gift card with several smaller e-gift cards.
For example: use 5 $10 e-gift cards to purchase a $50 e-gift card. Then you can free up space on your 5 slots for saved gift cards. I ended up getting a $500 physical gift card doing this multiple times with about 20 different e-gift cards. Just kept combining until I had 5 $100 e-gift cards saved.
on 11/05/15
Thanks. I was wondering about this myself.
on 10/26/15
swaguser11822346 and 1 others liked this  
Have I missed something? I want actual plastic cards to give out as gifts. Now, it seems everything is pretty much e cards.
on 10/28/15
You can print this out and take it to the store, where they can transfer it onto a plastic card for you.
on 05/14/15
giesecke and 4 others liked this  
Just got my 3rd $25 Walmart gift card! Thank you swagbucks for such speedy transaction!
on 10/05/15
How long did it take to receive
on 05/14/15
rainyyang liked this  
Also, bye bye secret code! It's now easier to redeem rewards especially for those who have/had difficulty figuring out those secret codes. Swagbucks now takes you directly to your gift card. ????????????????????
on 10/05/15
For anyone asking how to use an E-gift card...you just print it out.
on 09/05/15
I submitted for a $25.00 Walmart gift card. It's not showing my request, nor has it deducted from my point amount. Also it didn't send me a confirm email. Does anyone have an idea what I'm doing wrong here? I've never had this happen before. Thanks
on 08/05/15
why did I get a refund does anyone here have the same thing?
on 09/01/15
raveninarmor13 liked this  
Happened to me once when I forgot to verify the purchase by clicking the link they send you in email
on 08/28/15
Wait, so you're getting this in a form of a code when you redeem it?
on 06/30/15
chrisco12 liked this  
Does it expire?
on 08/03/15
Walmart gift cards don't expire.
on 07/28/15
I wonder the same?
on 07/25/15
Question for anyone who may know...how do we go about redeeming our SwagUp 50SB rebate dealie? I want to get a gift card today and apply mine that I got from the team challenge yesterday.
on 07/23/15
I have yet to receive my pin code so I can get my gift card. it's been way over a week. What do I do?
on 06/19/15
This says it can be used "in store." Does anyone know how would I use a e-gift card in store?
on 07/08/15
raveninarmor13 and 1 others liked this  
You can print out the email, or if you have email on your phone, they can scan the barcode straight from your phone!
on 07/14/15
Thanks, I didn't know you could do that!
on 06/22/15
mc381 and 3 others liked this  
I always get gift cards for Walmart and use them in the store. Just print it out and at checkout they scan the barcode.
on 07/14/15
Thanks, I thought I could only use e-cards online!
on 07/12/15
It's asking for my password, but I'm logged in with my facebook account. Has anyone else figured how to still get a girf card?
on 07/12/15
So I got this on Friday. Anyone know if it'll be delivered into my gift cards by Monday?
on 07/12/15
I mean to say I ordered this and had it verified on Friday but I was wondering if I'd actually receive it by Monday
on 07/12/15
LittleNaruto liked this  
I've had it sent in as little as 1 day but never more than 5 days.
on 07/12/15
So is it likely that I'll maybe receive it on Monday? I'm just a little anxious to get this gift card haha.
on 07/03/15
How do you use this in a real store?
on 04/07/15
I have yet to receive the gift card and it's been 4 days? Usually, I get it within 1-2 days. Anyone else having this problem?
on 07/01/15
you have to verify when ordering then u get an email usually around monday with the gift card. its not a physical card that gets mailed to u. i referred someone who thought that.
on 06/22/15
I have gotten them anywhere from a couple to 10 days.
Don't worry yet.
on 05/18/15
Somewhere I read that you couldn't use Google Wallet at Wal-mart. I have $75 worth of gift cards on my Google Wallet app. Does anyone know if it is an issue? Can Wal-mart scan off my phone?
on 06/26/15
edwardsc005 and 2 others liked this  
Walmart's scanners can't scan phone screens, they still use older systems. They can type in the gift card numbers though so as long as you have the gift card on the phone and are able to show it to them they should be able to do it, if they don't then they are just being lazy.
You also have the option of taking your phone to customer service and getting them to put all of your gift cards on a physical gift card so you don't have to deal with the hassle when you go to check out.
on 05/05/15
Queen63640 liked this  
I ordered the $25 Walmart gift card from Swagbucks, plus two $25 Walmart Gift Cards from mPoints. I had it saved on my Walmart account because I was saving it to pay for my 3 months of Straight Talk service.
Instead, someone stole the gift cards on my account and used them in Minnesota. I'm in Washington. I informed Walmart, Swagbucks, and mPoints about this problem. Walmart kept giving me the run around and majority of the time you only reach an automated system that doesn't even give you the option to talk to an actual human. Since it was redeemed to my account, they all claimed it was out of their hands at that rate. Despite the fact that I could add the other $25 Walmart GC I had on the way during this process show up after this went through. I was able to use it in the store to buy groceries instead.
I am no longer shopping at Walmart anymore. Not just because of this issue, but because when I tried to purchase the 3 months of Straight Talk service with the last gift card, Walmart had problems with my payment, even though it worked only a couple weeks ago with NO difference. They took a week to return my money. My service was almost out, so I tried to purchase it a second time, this time without a gift card and only with my card. They still had a problem processing my payment, despite the fact that I was able to use the same card earlier and later that same day and my card issuer informed me that there were no problems with it whatsoever, and they were waiting on Walmart to process it. Walmart claimed it was PayPal and my card issuer that were the delayed troubles even though they've never been that delayed ANYWHERE else EVER.
Needless to say, I lost that number and had to get a new one. And since Straight Talk is associated with Walmart and I refuse to give Walmart ANY kind of service EVER AGAIN, I switched cellphone companies. Turned out to be a better deal anyway. Good riddance Walmart and Straight Talk!
on 06/16/15
How can you get giftcards stolen? were they stolen through swagbucks or through walmart? did you have them on your walmart account already?
on 05/05/15
Chinoire23 liked this  
My point being, if you use Walmarts gift cards, do so at your own risk... and don't store them up unless you want to risk losing $75, or whatever other amount you have saved up and have them not give a rip about your money being stolen.
on 04/17/15
Jiza and 1 others liked this  
ordered this yesterday, received it already! Printed out the gift card with a barcode, assume it will work fine in the store (but I'll try to remember to update you all)
on 05/05/15
2colors liked this  
It will work in the store that's the only way I redeem them
on 04/04/15
I received an e-mail with an order number and the date ordered, but how do I get the code?
on 04/27/15
Nvm I figured it out
on 01/28/15
To take it into a walmart store do I just print out the secret code and thats it?
on 03/15/15
tristyncoker liked this  
copy the code go to the link paste the code and gift card page comes up print that out and take in to the store.
on 03/11/15
2colors and 2 others liked this  
or you can order physical gift card online on walmart.com and pay with e-giftcard.
on 04/09/15
That did not work for me... They refunded my order saying it had a verification error. However, when I go to check the balance in the gift card section on walmart.com it shows my card still has $25.00. So maybe they don't let people do this anymore?
on 04/16/15
Chinoire23 liked this  
The same thing happened to me, I did email Walmart and they did reply telling me that you can no longer buy a gift card and pay for it with a gift card.
on 03/05/15
on 04/11/15
its only me or everyone got the same problem, why i can not use Phone verification ?
on 04/09/15
rajamanish liked this  
I ordered mine 3/31 and just got it today. It's taken the longest of any one I've ordered. I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever get it!
on 04/01/15
Does anyone know if I can order 4 of these cards in the same day or is there a limit?
on 04/06/15
2 orders per day
on 03/14/15
today i go to walmart store. they told me the GC dont work, just secret cant work, then i try to put this GC to my walmart account ,but show me need put digit number. how i do?
on 03/31/15
There is a URL above your secret code. You have to paste your secret code there to get your actual GC code.
on 03/14/15
just secret code dont work, how i do , please help
on 03/02/15
JSchaefer liked this  
Tried to snag this one today and it is telling me I need 2500 SB to do it. It is clearly supposed to be 2200, so I don't know what the issue is.
on 03/31/15
JossyJo and 7 others liked this  
if you've already got a gift card at the 2200 price this month (even if for another store) you have to pay full price. The discount price is ONLY for your first $25 gift card of any brand each month.
on 03/19/15
When you snag this how do you receive the gift card? I got a $5 visa gift card and i couldnt figure out how to get it. i got am email but i had to have some kind of account to get it or something. so i was wondering how this walmart gift card works.
on 03/15/15
karozsurp liked this  
Used it in-store today, NO PRINTOUT NEEDED. I just told the cashier it was the number (16-digit) AND PIN that I received in an e-mail but that I hadn't printed it out. On 2nd thought now, I'm wondering if they even needed the 4-digit PIN to process my transaction. Anyway, I still have a balance as I didn't max it out. Looking forward to next month and I'll probably keep the PIN to myself (security concerns). Thanks Swagbucks! :)
on 03/02/15
Can I use this giftcard to buy a different giftcard on walmart.com?
on 03/12/15
Yes! You are able to save only FIVE gift cards to your WalMart account. When I get 3-4 on my account, I use them to buy a gift card for the combined amount. REMEMBER to purchase an e-gift card, not a regular one (I did that once by mistake, but received it in the mail in about 3 days). Happy shopping!
on 02/06/15
weisifu liked this  
Do the Walmart cards work the same way Amazon cards do - stackable and no expiration? I plan to use the cards on their site.
on 03/05/15
weisifu liked this  
on 03/02/15
2colors liked this  
walmart gift card is great! I used it at self check out and it works like a charm.
on 01/14/15
Queen63640 and 1 others liked this  
I wish there was a $15 Walmart Gift card because there's one for other stores :(
on 11/17/14
needthecashnow liked this  
I received the code and now what? can i print the code and show it to the cashier or what?
on 12/10/14
2colors and 3 others liked this  
Just print and use like a regular gift card. You can also take it to customer service and have it loaded to a card if you prefer
on 11/10/14
KKSWAGN4BUCKS liked this  
when i receive the "code" by mail can i go into walmart and have it actually put on a "gift card" ?
on 01/06/15
on 11/18/14
Can someone please answer my question?
on 12/10/14
mouse1959 liked this  
on 11/30/14
I just ordered this card, received it and added it to my account which then told me it had a $0 balance and had been used back in January. Very Unhappy never had these problems on swagbucks before hoping it gets resolved.
on 10/24/14
Queen63640 and 3 others liked this  
This was super fast, I ordered this this afternoon and already got the code and spent the giftcard! Super reliable and fast, I'll use this a bunch more. Great value.
on 10/06/14
noahswag17 liked this  
Question...don't know where to post, so trying here. I am new, went to order first reward, asked for text to authenticate my account...text never came. Now, I can not place order cause it needs that authentication #. Anyone know how to ask for a new text or something so I can place an order? Thanks
on 10/08/14
you should probably email swagbucks about this. you can contact them if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the swagbucks home page it says "contact us"
on 09/24/14
How can I order a hard copy and send it do a friend..
She needs food money.. badly
on 10/04/14
swagstar110 liked this  
When you get your number in the mail, click on the link and it brings up an e gift card, with a pin and card number on it. Go online to walmart.com and shop for gift cards. Pick the cards you want, add them to your cart, fill out your info and such, and when it says pay, there is an option to use a gift card. Click on the option, it will ask for the numbers, put them in, select shipping and all that, which is free, and they will send you a card in the mail in a short amount of time. Mine doesn't usually take that long to get to me.
on 09/28/14
it took me 14 days to get $25 dollar Walmart card I wonder if there a faster way to get swag buck. surveys not a good way for me cuz of location.
on 09/15/14
so I don't get the card by mail?
on 09/11/14
on 09/09/14
hurray got my card thank u :)
on 09/08/14
OK I have 2 questions and or statement.
#1 Up under terms it terms it sounds to me like you get a paper card sent to you from Walmart is that right?#2 Was I understand it you get it though the My gift place here.
on 09/08/14

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