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GameStop $25 Gift Card

GameStop $25 Gift Card
GameStop $25 Gift Card
GameStop $25 Gift Card
Regular Price: 2,500
12% off $25: 2,200 SB

Get a 12% discount on your first $25 gift card redemption each month. Excludes PayPal.

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Ranked 262 on the Fortune 500 listing, GameStop is the world's largest multichannel video game retailer. GameStop's retail network and family of brands include 6627 company-operated stores in 17 countries worldwide and online at www.gamestop.com. GameStop is committed to delivering great games to customers, regardless of how and where they play.

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To view a sample e-Gift Card and a complete list of the Terms & Conditions click here.

Your gift code will be posted on your account profile, under "My Gift Cards" within 10 business days of verifying your purchase.

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on 11/24/15
did anyone else swagbucks mobile app reward 3 sb for each 6 videos yesterday
on 11/18/12
babygurlLD and 4 others liked this  
are they online codes like amazon, or do you print them?
on 11/23/15
Either. It can be used online or printed out to use in store. but no physical giftcard is mailed to you
on 02/06/13
Dmezzi and 3 others liked this  
Why no express shipping :(
on 11/23/15
Because it does not come as a physical gift card, you either use a code online, or print out the info for the cashier to use for an in-store purchase.
on 11/17/15
Can I get two of these in the same month?
on 01/20/14
Tyler1702229242 liked this  
Please refer to me, I'll do the same!!
on 11/10/15
ummmm most or all of the people seeing this already have an account and so can't sign up as a referral for you maybe try posting it to your facebook or twitter or something?
on 08/18/15
Does anyone knows how long it takes for an pin number to came to your address
on 10/27/15
the pin does NOT come to your address. Please read the fine print first.

" Your gift code will be posted on your account profile, under "My Gift Cards" within 10 business days of verifying your purchase. "
on 10/08/15
It should take less than a week. ??
on 03/19/15
When does this sale expire?
on 07/09/15
needthecashnow liked this  
12% (2200 pts instead of 2500) is for your FIRST purchase of it MONTHLY. If you buy two the second will be 2500
on 09/02/15
Oh ok, thank you!!
on 06/28/15
needthecashnow liked this  
Thats a good question id like to know too
on 06/28/15
on 11/13/12
sweetcube3 and 7 others liked this  
Finally, I was waiting for these gift cards ever since I joined, now the only thing that would make me even happier is if PSN,XBOX LIVE and WII gift cards returned at the new low price of 2000 sb. Please make my day :)
on 06/29/15
Join Bing Rewards to get XBOX Live gift cards. You can buy Bing rewards with your Swagbucks and use Bing rewards to buy Swagbucks!
on 12/21/12
BigDog93 liked this  
its sad they took the PSN card off thats what i was saving for
on 11/10/15
maybe get the visa cards to get psn?
on 06/22/14
Can you redeem for an Amazon gift card and purchase it through their store?
on 03/29/15
Amazon gift cards cannot be used to purchase other gift cards.
on 11/20/12
if I redeem this will I have to pay gamestop after they see the code or what? I don't really know how swagbucks gift cards work. I'm not sure if it's free or if I have to pay.
on 05/24/14
DRC724 and 3 others liked this  
Ull have to print the card out n den itll work like a normal gift card but instead its on paper no u wont have to pay anymore because the money is already on the paper all you need to do is say that u have a gift card at the checkout n show the paper to the cashier the cashier will scan the bar code on the paper n ur done good luck
on 03/19/15
Thanks for the info, koolegurl.
on 08/30/14
we can't use cards :(
on 08/30/14
on 05/16/14
Tyler1702229242 liked this  
Gosh. I would love to win this for my baby brother. :)
on 12/15/12
Tyler1702229242 and 2 others liked this  
I know that it's a digital code so there's no physical card, so how can you redeem it in stores? I'm sorry if that's a dumb question but I was hoping to know before I set in to redeem this.
on 12/13/13
Tyler1702229242 liked this  
When the card arrives.

Go to your My Gift Cards page from the drop down menu on the very right.

Follow the instructions for the card.

Print it out. It has a barcode like a normal gift card.
on 09/27/13
Tyler1702229242 liked this  
You can use virtual cards online at the website
on 01/30/13
Tyler1702229242 liked this  
that link will definetley answer your question
on 01/28/13
Tyler1702229242 and 2 others liked this  
You will get it sent to your Gift Cards tab on swagbucks in which it will have a Pin Number. The Pin Number is what you use to get your code. You click the URL next to the pin and that's the place you enter your pin number. Then you will get a long number and a short number. You will need them both. All you need are those numbers whether you are using it in person or online. They just have to enter it in their computers to make it work. I hope that helps. <3
on 02/12/13
Tyler1702229242 liked this  
Have you done it in person before!
on 12/17/12
Tyler1702229242 liked this  
Not a dumb question, I'm not sure how it works myself but you probably can't redeem this in store, only online on the website. Unless swagbucks sends an email with a barcode, which you can then print out and have it scanned at the store. But it sounds like they just give you a code.

Can someone who has used one of these before explain where you redeem it on gamestop.com? I'm guessing swagbucks give you both a code and a pin number and you put that in during check out. Is that right?
on 12/31/12
Tyler1702229242 and 1 others liked this  
Can you use this gift card to purchase XBox Points from Game Stop?
on 01/28/13
Dmezzi and 1 others liked this  
Yes you can; at least my Gamestop location allows it, just did it today! :3
on 12/21/12
Tyler1702229242 and 1 others liked this  
this is one of the best things they have in here i wanted a PlayStation network card but they got rid of them. so if we got these do they still work in store is it on the internet only card?
on 11/18/12
Tyler1702229242 and 2 others liked this  
This'll be my future gift card, i promise u.
on 11/18/12
Tyler1702229242 and 4 others liked this  
wait can you people reply my question please, will they ship it to your house your give you a gamestop code
on 11/18/12
Reallychristian and 2 others liked this  
They'll give you the code, It'll be under 'My Gift Cards'
on 11/18/12
babygurlLD and 4 others liked this  
Love it!!! Thank you so much for putting these on here. My son will love it too!! =)
on 11/16/12
Malpacka99 and 1 others liked this  
WOO!!! This'll be great with that big PS2 game sale they've got going.
on 11/15/12
Malpacka99 and 1 others liked this  
:oooo This would totally help in my advantage for Black Ops 2!

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