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GameStop $5 Gift Card

GameStop $5 Gift Card
GameStop $5 Gift Card
GameStop $5 Gift Card
Price: 500
Snag This!

Ranked 262 on the Fortune 500 listing, GameStop is the world's largest multichannel video game retailer. GameStop's retail network and family of brands include 6627 company-operated stores in 17 countries worldwide and online at www.gamestop.com. GameStop is committed to delivering great games to customers, regardless of how and where they play.

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on 10/19/15
When I got to where I could claim my card, I could only get the PIN, and Icouldn't see the Card Number. Could anyone help?
on 06/21/15
jazzyjay3187 liked this  
Ive completed the 500 SB now where the hell are my kreds for CW
on 06/19/14
jazzyjay3187 and 4 others liked this  
I want a gamestop giftcard but to buy kreds in kongregate, would it work?
on 04/07/15
jazzyjay3187 and 1 others liked this  
Dude its bullshit last year it was only 200 swagbucks
on 04/23/15
jazzyjay3187 liked this  
Oh look another CW player :P
Lvl 66 here :D
on 02/18/15
jazzyjay3187 and 1 others liked this  
on 11/07/14
jazzyjay3187 and 2 others liked this  
yes it will
on 04/07/15
jazzyjay3187 liked this  
Like a year ago this was 200 swagbucks but now its 500 thats bullshit
on 03/27/15
jazzyjay3187 liked this  
Does this work in Canada?
on 08/11/14
needthecashnow and 1 others liked this  
Does this work in physical GameStop stores?
on 11/07/14
needthecashnow and 1 others liked this  
yes just print it out
on 08/02/13
If you're thinking about getting this to either get a playstation netowrk card or xbox live card, don't because it appears that gamestop doesn't allow us to get gift cards with gift cards like amazon (except the download versions, need prime for that). I wasted 1,000 swagbucks on something I couldn't get (spent 1,000 to get two $5.00 gamestop card to get a $10 playstation network card). I turned around and got a wii game for $5.00 instead.
on 08/05/14
Funny i was able to use it to get the PSN cards.
on 04/14/14
Yea bad idea. I just got the amazon gift card and ordered my MS points from there. got the code instantly even though it took swag over a week to get me the gift card
on 08/21/13
say, did the psn card say "not available" when you went to gamestop? the $10 dollar one, i mean.
on 09/05/13
do these cards work for mmorpgs like runescape?
on 07/09/14
lolitadolll liked this  
There are runescape cards on swagbucks rewards if u want that game specifically
on 09/09/13
Doubt it.
on 06/06/14
VyrusKing liked this  
This reward actually was great for me. Got it within 4 business days.
on 07/02/14
does this gift card come in the mail or is it a email
on 07/03/14
JudahOla liked this  
It appears in the "My gift cards" section in the top right corner under your name like the other eGift cards.
on 07/09/14
is it a egift card that u can print out
on 06/16/14
why are prizes such as this and best buy only for USA?
on 01/17/14
it got delivered in 4 days!!
on 12/06/13
Can you use this in store?
on 01/07/14
on 12/21/13
i like this because my kids love gamestop they almost want to go every day.
on 12/17/13
SATalbert liked this  
Thought I would ask here, why did all the other prizes vanish, and why are there only giftcards as our options?Though i'm not complaining
on 12/01/13
Xin7515 and 1 others liked this  
Could I use four of these to purchase a $20 Steam card?
on 03/26/13
Do these card stack?
on 05/27/13
bobbyay liked this  
Not certain about online, but you can use multiple in store on a single purchase at least.
on 06/22/13
I am pretty sure you can only stack 4 at a time.
on 08/30/13
bobbyay liked this  
i just redeemed 6 of the $5 gamestop giftcards today in my store with no issues
on 08/21/13
DrakeDagger liked this  
do these ever expire?
on 08/01/13
Why did this sale have to happen just after I spent my 450 on an Amazon coupon??
on 02/18/13
Does anybody recommend this?
on 04/24/13
I would NOT recommend this.
on 08/21/13
on 05/03/13
on 02/26/13
RenRei00 liked this  
not really cuz you can get this code with the amazon download
on 03/23/13
I thought you couldn't use Amazon gift cards to buy other cards.
on 05/03/13
Yep, you can't. I wish I could though.
on 06/22/13
disappointing because amazon has giftcards swagbukcks doesnt
on 05/27/13
tokhmi liked this  
I exchanged my points for one of these and one $25 so far, used the express delivery for an extra 50 SB, and did get them within two days. It goes to the same place you get your Amazon cards under My Gift Cards. Instead of a code, however, you'll click the link to be taken to a page similar to the example above: "To view a sample e-Gift Card and a complete list of the Terms & Conditions click here." You can either redeem it online using the code and PIN provided or print it out and take it to a physical store where they can either scan it or enter it manually.

My only problem was the employee "who worked there four years now" had zero idea gift cards can be applied to pre-orders (Deadpool), but Swagbucks can't be held responsible for stupid. They can though, and both of these worked perfectly when they actually tried. Would I recommend these? Absolutely. Would I recommend GameStop as a company? Eh... some stores are better than others.

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