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Zappos.com $25 Gift Card

Zappos.com $25 Gift Card
Zappos.com $25 Gift Card
Zappos.com $25 Gift Card
Regular Price: 2,500
12% off $25: 2,200 SB

Get a 12% discount on your first $25 gift card redemption each month. Excludes PayPal.

Snag This!

If the shoe fits, wear it. If not, Zappos.com will gladly take it back at no cost to you. Zappos.com has become the #1 seller of shoes online (ahead of J.C. Penney) by stressing customer service. It stocks 3 million pairs of shoes, handbags, and apparel and accessories, specializing in some 1,000 brands that are difficult to find in mainstream shopping malls.

Terms & Conditions
• The Zappos.com Gift Card can only be used online at Zappos.com.
• They cannot be redeemed in Zappos.com retail stores.
• Gift Cards will not be returnable or exchangeable for cash, except in states where required by law.
• Purchase amounts that exceed the value of the tendered Gift Card or e-Gift Certificate will require a credit card for the balance due.

To view a sample e-Gift Card and a complete list of the Terms & Conditions click here.

Your gift code will be posted on your account profile, under "My Gift Cards" within 10 business days of verifying your purchase.

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on 12/10/12
I can't wait to get a gift card from here.
on 11/23/12
Can you use these on Zappos Couture as well?
on 08/21/12
is this stackable?
on 10/06/12
on 06/17/12
hey there
on 06/17/12
The only place to shop for shoes !
on 06/16/12
seems cool
on 06/16/12
very nice item
on 06/15/12
moody341 and 1 others liked this  
Glad this is on sale. My shoes are literally falling apart.
on 06/16/12
LOL... I know just how you feel!
on 06/15/12
Hunneebee liked this  
i like swagbucks..... daily
on 06/15/12
Hunneebee liked this  
nicee =p
on 06/15/12
AnitaPepsi and 1 others liked this  
I just got 40 seag bucks for typing something in!
on 06/15/12
I'd like shoes from Zappos. You know the spanish word for shoes is zappatos. Probably where the company came up with the name.
on 11/20/11
Hunneebee and 1 others liked this  
i don't think i'll ever save enough points to get this haha; and i really like zappos.
on 12/21/11
Hunneebee and 1 others liked this  
lol really? it will take me about 20-25 days to get this starting from 0 swagbucks.
on 01/09/12
Haaa morre im at 825 right now and i calculated how many days it will take and its 5 months because i make around 105 each weekkkk so yaaa !
on 04/09/12
AnitaPepsi and 1 others liked this  
Really ? Do some surveys dude. If you do, you'll be making around 1,200 a month. Combine that with some searching, a few swag codes and you really got yourself something. You'll have this in no time.
on 06/15/12
cl3158 liked this  
Only thing is the surveys you do them and then at the end you get no points and its a waste of time.
on 06/02/12
I love Zappos. What I'm really lobbying for though is a 6pm gift card, (6pm, for those that don't know, is Zappos' outlet site).
on 05/15/12
I love these. They got me some much needed "Swag" without me wasting any of my own "Bucks". See what I did there? It's a great deal but the higher valued cards will be my next snags.
on 04/27/12
Oooh, just noticed this and am haaappy! I love Zappos for shoes because of their free shipping and returns. Love that they're stackable.
on 03/20/12
How long does it take to receive this once you've ordered it? I don't see it in the description above.
on 03/19/12
are these stackable?
Team Rewards Store
on 03/19/12
salsabil89::2012-05-03 17:46:04::2012-05 liked this  
Yes they are indeed stackable
on 03/19/12
on 03/19/12
Thank you swagbucks, for enabling my shoe addiction. You always know exactly what I want!
on 03/19/12
Nice! I love Zappos, I'll add this to my list items to go for. Great service, love the free shipping especially when I get the wrong size and have to go back and forth a few times to get the right shoe.
on 03/13/12
Great card,Great site ,waiting for my new shoes.Ty Swagbucks.
on 09/01/11
Not a review but, are these gift cards stackable? Does anyone actually have any experience stacking them?
on 12/23/11
susieschell liked this  
I stacked the gc's when I ordered my uggs. I used 3 at 1 time.
on 12/05/11
I Just love,love,love Zappos!!!! Order today and shoes will be at your door tomorrow and if they do not fit, free returns!! I am so going to order this card now!!! Thanks Swagbucks! :)
on 11/07/11
How does this work? I'm scared to get it bc I don't think it would work.
on 11/08/11
saltiest and 1 others liked this  
I have gotten this card two times now (and saving up for another), and it works perfectly!

Swagbucks sends you a code. When you are checking out at Zappos, you click on 'Have a Gift Card, Gift Certificate or Coupon Code? Add it here' just below your 'Grand Total', which opens up a text box you copy/paste the code into.

Zappos also says 'You may apply more than one gift certificate, coupon, or store credit to an order. Enter the code for each one individually, and click the "update grand total" button after each code is entered to update your grand total.' so I believe these codes are stackable (I have not stacked these codes, but I have stacked a Swagbucks code with a coupon I got from Zappos, and it worked!).
on 11/15/11
bluesky3 liked this  
on 10/19/11
I really want this! I love Zappos and their awesome service, I have never had a problem with them, and they ship so fast! I am looking to purchase a new purse from here and could definitely use one of these.
on 08/26/11
Got this - used it to get a fancy polo shirt. They sell more than just shoes!
on 07/08/11
blahitslizz liked this  
I really could use this...they sell uggs and this is a way to save $ on them!
on 07/05/11
mizztinkerbell0::2011-07-23 20:01:05 liked this  
I really want to get this :D
on 05/14/11
how long does it take to ship
on 06/24/11
why only three stars just for a question?
on 04/29/11
Oh thank you! I absolutely love Zappos, and I have been a customer of theirs for years. Zappos has a wide variety of items, along with awesome customer service.
The Swag Gal
on 05/11/11
zayitd and 5 others liked this  
Well this sounds like the perfect prize for you!! I'm hooking you up with 100SB for your comment! :o)
on 05/11/11
Sweet :). I think its time for more skate shoes! DVS, Circa, DCShoe, Etnies, Vans, Roxy Converse Thanks!...they have the all.
on 05/02/11
It should be stackable, it doesn't say it isn't and other gift cards you can redeem say if they are or aren't. I assume it's similar to Amazon.
on 04/29/11
I really wish this was available to us Canadians! I shop on zappos.com too and being able to redeem for one of these gift cards would make me love swagbucks even more!!! hint hint ;)
on 04/30/11
I'm sorry, I didn't intend to give it a lower review, complete error on my part not paying attention when I was clicking the stars and I couldn't go back and change it after. I really do think this is a great value gift card! (even though I can't get one)
on 04/30/11
posquatch liked this  
Why are you giving the card 3 stars if you haven't used it? Does any one know if these are stackabale?
on 04/30/11
I'll look into that. It'd be nice oif they were. I agree. Giving a lower (3 star) rating just becasuse the prize is limited doesn't seem fair.

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