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1/10 CT Diamond & 7/8 CT Amethyst Silver Ring

1/10 CT Diamond & 7/8 CT Amethyst Silver Ring
1/10 CT Diamond & 7/8 CT Amethyst Silver Ring
Available Sizes
1,699 SB
1,699 SB
1,699 SB
1,699 SB
1,699 SB
1,699 SB
1,699 SB
1/10 CT Diamond & 7/8 CT Amethyst Silver Ring
out of stock
Price: 1,699
--Select Size--
Snag This!

You can snag this high-quality jewelry, courtesy of our friends at YaySave.com!

A bold purple amethyst stone will always add a pop of color to your evening look. A bright 7/8 CT amethyst stone compliments the sleek silver setting.

Snag this great accessory for FREE thanks to Swagbucks and YaySave.com!

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on 05/17/13
i want this ring its my birth stone ring
on 04/11/13
is it real silver?
on 04/08/13
oh my gosh I am new to this if you can, please donate money to me I only have 24 sb! this sucks! I don't know how to earn money quick! I really want to buy my mom a ring! this is the only way I know how
on 02/14/13
I've had mine for about a year. Never turned green. I love it because its danty.
on 08/12/11
MNM1ROCKS and 1 others liked this  
this ring is worth 39.99 dollars
on 09/04/11
Jirachi68106 liked this  
how did you find out the retail value?
on 12/08/12
stairway220 liked this  
on 06/07/12
churchpeppergirl liked this  
This ring looks amazing :)
on 08/31/11
bunnyheart liked this  
this is the one item i would love to redeem my swagbucks for, and have been working towards getting. and i just realized it's for us residents only! how depressing. i'd even be willing to pay shipping for it, its stunning.
on 06/02/12
bunnyheart liked this  
You sound very desperate. Don't give up.
on 09/14/11
Just ordered it :)
on 08/24/11
Aww....I'd love to get this ring! They don't have my size though :(
on 07/27/11
bunnyheart and 1 others liked this  
Beautiful ring! I wish I had enough Swagbucks for it, though.
lpjdp1::2011-10-28 1".."+
on 08/03/11
Mrsswagglucas liked this  
go earn them! its easy! do the noso once a day. do the pool once a day. watch SB TV./videos. how many times u want . i think i heard u can only earn up to like 75 from that a day. and each one u watch is like 3bucks. (i could be wrong, but i know the watching part is 3 bucks, bc i watch them a lot and get them.) -
lpjdp1::2011-10-28 1".."+
on 08/03/11
Mrsswagglucas liked this  
play games. randomly get bucks while playing, and after playing. (games are free, dont have to download) do the surveys( ive found these are a waste of time actually lol. and u answer alot , then get no points most of the time!) , do the random searches in the swagbar. download the tool bar, and earn 1sb each day for that, plus i think u can get extra ones by REFRESHING through out the day with the toolbar. um.... i know u can earn sbs from the hunts they do. i have the swidget on my FB account and i periodically check that, (the sb thing on the bottom) and sometimes codes are there, and u can get them that way. they are really easy. just the more time u put into it the more sbs u could earn. its all up to you. - GOOD LUCK!
on 08/20/11
great advice cuz i really need help bcuz i only have 82 swag bucks and i want to get an ipod touch but its like 22,ooo something swagbucks.....
on 08/08/11
Has it turned anyones finger green?
on 08/15/11
gloriahn liked this  
I've had mine almost a month. Still hasn't turned my finger green. Only thing that is different from the day that I got it is that it's not as shiny, but a little bit of TLC will restore that. :]
on 07/29/11
Thank You so much Swag Bucks,I received my ring today,it is beautiful!
lpjdp1::2011-10-28 1".."+
on 08/03/11
is it tiny ?? i want to get this, but im afraid i wont like it in real life. lol.
on 08/15/11
Nah, it's not tiny. It looks exactly as pictured.
on 08/11/11
how much in retail?
on 07/15/11
Wish you still had a size 8.
lpjdp1::2011-10-28 1".."+
on 08/03/11
when u get it in the mail take it to a jeweler and get it resized. it doesnt cost to much. and u can get it back from them most of the time 3-5 business days. get a 7.5 ring and try what i said ^^
on 07/22/11
got it in the mail today, it is GORGEOUS! What I'm wonder now is if it's beauty will fade away and turn my finger green. Anyone know?
lpjdp1::2011-10-28 1".."+
on 08/03/11
i could be wrong... but i think it shouldnt. bc its REAL...... but like i said i could be wrong lol. like the diamonda and the thing in the middle is real, but i think that actually now that i look at it, that the ring part its self, might be sterling silver..... which if it is, YES IT WILL TURN UR FINGER GREEN... its so pretty though :)
on 07/26/11
Mrsswagglucas and 1 others liked this  
Yippe!!! It says my ring has been shipped, can't wait!
on 07/19/11
lpjdp1::2011-10-28 18:44:59 liked this  
you girls that need a size 8, you can always get the 7.5 and get it resized at a jeweler when you get it in the mail. It doesn't cost that much and you'll be saving a lot seeing how you only need to pay to have it resized. To the people that have already gotten this ring: how's the quality?
on 07/19/11
This is such a pretty ring i would love to have it! But i need a size 8!
on 06/28/11
lpjdp1::2011-10-28 18:44:59 liked this  
Looks like it'd make a great engagement ring.
on 06/16/11
lpjdp1::2011-10-28 18:44:59 liked this  
Emerald-cut stones are so pretty! I have a similar ring and wear it all the time, but I would love to have an amethyst too. A great color for spring and summer.
on 06/03/11
lpjdp1::2011-10-28 18:44:59 liked this  
This is absolutely beautiful. WAY worth the swagbucks I spent on it!
on 03/29/11
moochie2cute liked this  
i just ordered, i hope it ships fast :(
on 04/04/11
moochie2cute liked this  
it's not here :( i think my mailman stole it
on 04/05/11
purezen and 2 others liked this  
it came today! It's smaller than the picture but it's still pretty!
on 12/02/10
Grammyofmany liked this  
I need A 7 or 8 When you getting New Sizes :)
on 11/25/10
i need a 5 to 6 =]
on 11/25/10
Grammyofmany liked this  
when are you getting neew sizes? i rly want to get this for someone befor christmas
on 11/18/10
geoaaaaaaaa liked this  
This is truly a beautiful ring.
on 11/18/10
i got this ring last month and it is more beautiful in person! my wife loves it. thx TSG
on 11/17/10
Can't wait to get this!

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