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Magic the Gathering 4 Pack of Trading Cards

Magic the Gathering 4 Pack of Trading Cards
Magic the Gathering 4 Pack of Trading Cards
Magic the Gathering 4 Pack of Trading Cards
out of stock
Price: 1,000
Sale: 475
Snag This!

Grab yourself of 4 Pack of Magic the Gathering Trading Cards and save some Swag Bucks!

***The cards you receive will be chosen at random, and different than the cards pictured here.***

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on 01/17/12
HEy what can you actually get thats for kids for example like xbox 360 or ps3 i can't really find any
on 01/20/12
They just recently got rid of the video category. Can't get them anymore.
on 10/24/11
Xare and 1 others liked this  
To the people complaining about the cards that they got...why on earth did you buy this in the first place? It's clearly a rip off. Booster packs are like 3 for $10. And they have 15 cards. And you can actually get rares and foils and really expensive cards. Some packs of MTG are only $1! (some of the older sets that didn't have any good cards, kind of like this prize)
on 09/08/11
corbinsmom85 liked this  
Okay, im not saying that its right that you guys got all sucky cards. but hey...its free. so, can you REALLY complain?
on 09/05/11
Xare and 3 others liked this  
Absolutely not worth it. Just do the math. Only 450 SB for a $5 on Amazon. Then you can all kinds of goodies. If you're just into the randomness, then $5 will even get you a booster pack with 15 randomized cards, instead of a puny 4!
on 08/28/11
dube this is a booster pack 1000 is worth ittt!!
on 08/17/11
Xare liked this  
ok, they fixed the price, but i still got 4 plains?
on 08/10/11
Much better price!
on 12/21/10
penguinpyro liked this  
i got all the same ones so not random
on 05/17/11
what did you get?
on 05/17/11
Warning do not buy they are selling old 2002 cards that are common cards. unless you want common old cards then do not buy
on 03/21/11
At least they fixed the SB price
on 03/09/11
jonathan740 and 5 others liked this  
1. Get a $5 Amazon gift card for 450 SB.
2. Buy an entire booster pack for under $5 on Amazon containing a land, 10 commons, 3 uncommons and a rare.

Prizes on this site never add up...
on 12/28/10
i'm confused, it's 150SB for 1 MTG card... yet 1000SB for 4?

Surely you could buy 6 150SB MTG cards for 900SB?

So whats diffrent about the 4, are they rares or uncommons?
on 12/29/10
nothing. The four are commons. Like i posted earlier, i received 4 swamps. At least one could have been a foil!
on 12/29/10
so i've wasted 1,000 SB on 4 MTG cards that are 150 SB on there own?

It's not just MTG either as the other TCG's that are 4 for 1,000 SB can be bought for 150 SB each which for 900 SB you could get more than 4.
on 12/29/10
Ubel and 4 others liked this  
yes. Sorry . To people who play magic this is a slap in the face......
on 01/18/11
amanda22 and 1 others liked this  
a slap in the face indeed :((
on 01/07/11
loniu7 liked this  
Thank you Swagbucks for sorting out the points cost.
on 12/28/10
soyacan and 2 others liked this  
So i ordered this item way back in November. The "4"cards i received way after christmas. I received 4 black swamps. Really? At least they could have thrown in an unholy strength. Really Land? these were not even basic commons! DO NOT ORDER THIS PRIZE its a waste of swagbucks
on 11/17/10
loniu7 and 1 others liked this  
Good Value, Like the random-ness. Haven't got any lands form a four pack which is good but really wish we could buy booster packs and such, without going through paypal or amazon
on 11/28/10
Ubel and 2 others liked this  
Dual lands would be nice!.......:)
on 11/21/10
loniu7 liked this  
Is there any rares or are these just commons in this random selection?
on 12/09/10
I'm pretty sure these are just commons :(
on 11/17/10
Me too!
on 12/06/10
soyacan and 6 others liked this  
such a rip-off
on 11/17/10
Fearlesslemons and 1 others liked this  
Great stocking stuffer for my 9 year old! Thanks for the sale!

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