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Magic Stretch Gloves Assorted Colors

Magic Stretch Gloves Assorted Colors
Magic Stretch Gloves Assorted Colors
Available Colors
Magic Stretch Gloves Assorted Colors
out of stock
Price: 349
Sale: 262
--Select Color--
Snag This!

Snag these Magic Stretch Gloves and keep your hands warm this winter! These are 100% Acrylic and one size fits all! Available in several colors. Please select your desired color from the drown-down list above.

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on 03/08/11
These look really cheap...
on 03/07/11
Oh WOW! Stretch these too much and they RIP!
on 02/23/11
airlinemilien liked this  
ummm how long do these gloves arrive usually?
on 02/27/11
airlinemilien liked this  
Got mine in 3 days :3
on 02/27/11
got mine in like 1 week
on 01/29/11
Does anyone know if this is for 1 pair or a 2 pair set? When I buy these in the store they always come in a set of 2 pair.
on 02/27/11
one pair
on 02/22/11
Haha. I know what the magic is all about, you stretch em alot they will rip. That's the magic. Don't get these they are cheap.
on 11/29/10
lnong and 2 others liked this  
They look like magichins gloves...4 magic. Thumbs upp if you agree!
on 02/07/11
KamikazeKat13 and 7 others liked this  
this isn't youtube.....
on 02/22/11
on 02/14/11
on 02/11/11
I got my two pairs in mail yesterday. Both burgundy. Not bad to knock around in, put in car for emergency cold snap, I got mine for a couple of kids. I did not take off tag attachment yet. They did have alot of loose hanging threads. I cut those off. I expect the [magic] in these gloves will be the holes that develope no matter what you do or don't do. very cheaply made. target had these at one time 2/$1. All these magic gloves seem to be made very badly and end up with holes. Regardless where you buy them. But I knew all this going in. OK for what I want them for. But beware you will be getting a very inferior product.
on 01/12/11
airlinemilien and 1 others liked this  
baby szie because i dryed em
on 12/05/10
what size are they?
on 01/11/11
KamikazeKat13 liked this  
read the description
on 12/06/10
EACherry and 1 others liked this  
How are these Magical?
on 12/01/10
are they black? they look green
on 12/02/10
they're black
on 12/01/10
SilverCyrus liked this  
i just got these just in time for it to snow and came here in 2 days, and keep your hands pretty warm and you can do daily activities without bulky gloves restricting you
on 11/26/10
Only if they have it in white. Good for raving. :]
on 11/26/10
hay how do u get this i got it and i verified it does that mean im done and its shipping already or is there somethin else i have to do
on 11/27/10
It should ship very soon. I get my stuff in less then a week after I verify the item. I already got the swagbucks T-shirt and keychain, flashlight w/ lazor pointer and more stuff too. I am doing my X-mas shopping on Swagbucks.com :-D
on 11/27/10
they rip pretty fast i guess i have em

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