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Sennheiser HD 202 Dynamic Headphones

Sennheiser HD 202 Dynamic Headphones
Sennheiser HD 202 Dynamic Headphones
Sennheiser HD 202 Dynamic Headphones
Price: 9,999
Sale: 6,999
Snag This!

The HD 202 closed, dynamic hi-fi stereo headphones are the ideal partner for DJs and powerful modern music, providing good insulation against ambient noise and a vivid, crisp bass response. The rugged lightweight headphones have a secure fit and can be used for both mobile sources and home (mini) hi-fi systems. When out and about, a convenient cord take-up lets you adjust the headphone cable to the required length.

* Closed, supra-aural, dynamic hi-fi stereo headphones
* For DJs, ideal for both mobile sources and home mini hi-fi systems
* Good attenuation of ambient noise
* Earcups can be removed from the headband
* Specially designed damping perforation ensures powerful bass response
* Lightweight diaphragm material with "turbine" embossing for
extremely low bass
* Powerful neodymium magnets and lightweight diaphragms for high
sound levels
* Powerful bass and increased signal levels for modern
rhythm-driven music
* Clips to the belt: cord take-up for adjusting the cable length when listening on the move
* Rugged outdoor design with durable and flexible headband
* 3 m highly conductive OFC copper cable
* Extremely comfortable to wear due to ultra-lightweight design, even for
extended listening
* Replaceable leatherette ear pads
* 2-year warranty

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on 02/16/13
cwm747 and 2 others liked this  
this exact pair of headphones is $20 on amazon. like no joke
on 04/03/13
Thanks colombiagurll for the info its better to get giftcards and purchase them plus you have a return policy of some sorts with amazon as where we dont on SB's.
on 01/14/13
I hope I can get these. This brand is a boss when it comes to sound.
on 04/05/12
these are very good headphones. they provide great sound because I used to have them, now I might get them again. But this time, for free! For only 6,999 SB, that's a good deal
on 12/28/12
check out the V-MODA Crossfade M-80 or the V-MODA Crossfade LP Over-Ear Noise-Isolating? Metal Headphones
on 12/28/12
6,999 SB is allot considering they can be found at Amazon for 29.99 which = about 3,000 SB ( prime) or 3,600 SB w/shipping.
on 10/07/12
Lunatic360 and 1 others liked this  
Beats by Dr. Dre are SO retarded. Who even uses them? Just sayin'.
on 12/20/12
No they aren't they're pretty good actually, but Bose is still better.
on 12/20/12
dc5523 liked this  
They should get bose ones.
on 10/18/12
go to amazon and buy this
on 09/27/12
redgirl liked this  
Dr.dre headphones
on 04/03/12
faruqiahmed liked this  
Is bose headphones good?
on 09/13/12
The best
on 08/28/12
same ones for $20 on amazon
on 03/14/12
I know you probably delete items that remain in the store too long, but please leave these up! my mother's account is at 3200, and she said i could use her account to get them...I am getting these suckers as soon as she reaches 7000 !
on 07/03/12
it costs less swagbucks to get the amazon giftcard and buy the headphones on amazon.
on 04/15/12
you can just use the 3200, get a couple of amazon giftcards and order it online for much less. 7000 sb is about $75 in amazon gift card and the headphones cost less than $30 online. sennheisers are awesome. get it
on 04/23/12
dc5523 and 6 others liked this  
LOL THESE ARE $20 ON AMAZON, just get 4 $5 Amazon gift cards for only 2k SWAGBUCKS! :)
on 03/10/12
I could really use these, tired of getting fused at when I watch TV and movies at night, or listen to music.
on 03/10/12
on 06/17/11
Comment Under Review
on 02/19/12
Sure. =/
on 02/17/12
Who are you foolin swagbucks? Were on to ya! We know these aren't worth 7000. They sell on amazon for $30 and with 6 $5 amazon giftcards 450 * 6 = 2700.
on 12/09/11
To much sb
on 01/22/12
NejiHyuga900 liked this  
on 01/19/12
awesome headphones but even on sale they are overpriced. on amazon right not for 18 bucks, just get a few gift cards and get em that way. NOT WORTH THE BUCKS
on 01/17/12
Oh, they'd be perfect to use when the rest of the family is asleep, and I want to listen to music! One of my to-get items! :')
on 12/30/11
these are pretty good but not worth it here on swagbucks its better if u get 4 or 5 amazon gift cards and purchases them for 20 amazon credits

as most headphones they arent they great at first but after a few hours of listening the bass raelly kicks in and sounds amazing recommend for first time audiophiles
on 12/24/11
I love that this style is coming back because I am getting sick of those irritating ear buds lol
on 05/29/11
CAN this work for i pods
on 12/20/11
dc5523 and 2 others liked this  
Ur just stupid
on 06/08/11
on 09/07/11
kamal0222 liked this  
Do these work on xbox 360
on 12/20/11
petethekiller liked this  
They're regular headphones. Are ya that stupid!!????!?
on 12/20/11
Just get a fifty dollar amazon gift card which is less than this 5,900 sb. Buy it on amazon for twenty bucks and have thirty dollars left.
on 12/17/11
lmfao these are 7000 swagbucks the 25$ amazon gift card is 3200 these are 21 bucks on amazon NEW!
on 12/31/10
boos3337 and 20 others liked this  
they should put beats by dre on the swag store
on 04/07/11
Bluejoker and 5 others liked this  
Beats by Dre are terrible headphones
on 12/20/12
No they aren't they're pretty good actually, but Bose is still better.
on 03/14/12
dc5523 and 3 others liked this  
really? well I guess it proves that anything that gets insanely popular usually sucks
on 03/23/11
dc5523 and 1 others liked this  
It would be to much money for swagbucks to give Beats... Think about it....

Nice beats are like $400-$500 so it would be like around million of swagbucks conversion... plus many people have a real high amount of swagbucks they could buy like 50 of them and swagbucks would lose ALOT of money and close down this amazing online store
on 01/29/13
haha,noooo, the cheapest beats are $175 for the beats wireless and $200 for the solo hd's. i think that swagbucks would get alot more popular..
on 10/08/12
dc5523 liked this  
I don't think there are as many people with 50 million swag bucks as you do.
on 01/01/11
yeah thats what i thought as well, have u bought this Sennheiser headphones?
on 01/01/11
jassi and 5 others liked this  
yeah if they put the beats by dr dre
that would be like my dream come true
on 12/31/10
VirginHamster and 3 others liked this  
It would cost exactly 18,000 SB
on 01/06/13
I'd predict 30,000 regular, 24,999 sale price.
on 01/27/11
Fr33Evr and 2 others liked this  
do you know how to earn points faster?
on 04/05/12
go to this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol_14Hpzm4k watch the video, read the description, and try it
on 02/19/12
dc5523 liked this  
If you have an android, there is a SwagBucks TV Mobile app that (is separated from the regular SBTV and) allows you to watch game/movie trailers and comedy clips and you will earn 2 Swagbucks every 5 videos that you completely watch and its always on auto-view so you can go to sleep and earn Swagbucks. But you can only earn up to 50 Swagbucks a day with the mobile version.
on 03/29/12
Is this only for Android? Is it available for iPone users?
on 12/04/11
cheating isn't allowed.. just saying
on 12/09/11
lol just saying
on 07/06/11
Do these come new or used?
on 12/06/11
used would be just nasty.
theyre new
on 10/28/11
These look so awesome! I really need some new headphones! *saving my swagbucks!*:)
on 06/25/11
Good headphones!
on 06/17/11
catdog77 and 3 others liked this  
I just purchased these on amazon and literally got them yesterday! They are amazing. I recomend just buy nothing but amazon giftcards on swagbucks because it ends up being cheaper.
on 04/17/11
kamal0222 and 9 others liked this  
They should add skullcandy headphones on the swag store :)
on 02/01/11
what is the Inpedance? ,cuz it depends of quality too
on 01/03/11
do this fit the iphone
on 01/01/11
Acides liked this  
u can read the reviews for this headphone here

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