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Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo 3DS
Available Colors
28,999 SB
Cosmo Black
28,999 SB
Aqua Blue
Nintendo 3DS
Price: 35,899
Sale: 28,999
--Select Color--
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Nintendo 3DS is a groundbreaking hardware release that brings 3D gaming to the handheld market for the first time. The fourth major release in the DS product line, the Nintendo 3DS utilizes 3D Slider functionality and an improved top LCD display to present a glasses-free 3D effect on compatible games, while giving players the option to moderate the effect as they see fit. Taken together with additional features including full analog control in 3D game environments, motion and gyro sensors that transfer the movements of the handheld into the game, 3D camera functionality, an adjustable stylus and full backwards compatibility and you have not only a must-have system, but a revolution in handheld gaming.

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on 04/13/13
It's funny, my 3DS has Swagbucks on written all over it! xD
on 04/06/13
SwagboyPaul::2013-04-11 20:04:22::2013-0 liked this  
I''m only doing this so I can play Luigi's mansion 2
on 03/24/13
a7x1990 liked this  
29,000 SB for this and it's normally 36,000? So basically it's normally $360 and now it's $290. Epic fail Swagbucks, you could buy a 3DS for $130 if you look for a sale. With $290 you could get a 3DS and at least 4 games.
on 03/25/13
I'm just warning you all :)
on 02/28/13
the nintendo 3ds dosent ruin your eyes otherwise i would of not got one
on 01/10/13
TrevorLovak and 5 others liked this  
It costs 28,999 SwagBucks to get it here, but if you buy $5 Amazon Gift Cards, you can buy the Cosmo Black DS for $161. In $5 Gift Cards, it rounds up to $165, which will cost you 14,850 SwagBucks. You'll save almost half your Swagbucks if you buy it in Gift Cards from Amazon.
on 02/09/13
on 02/09/13
emgurl12 liked this  
on 02/02/13
ganster111 and 1 others liked this  
is there any plans for adding nintendo 3ds prepaid cards just like the xbox ones ?
or maybe the new nintendo eshop cards
they work on the 3ds and wiiu , nintendo eshop on both systems is offering retail games for download
I know lots of people will love such a e-card
please add it
on 10/09/12
Listen IT IS SO HARD FOR ME TO EARN THINGS... :( I want to get my mom a $5 amazon gift card... its on my wish list. PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ I WANT IT
on 10/20/12
ganster111 and 2 others liked this  
Ok listen up peeps, if you want more SWAGbucks you need to download their app on their phone called obviously,"swagbucks tv" before you open it plug your phone into a charger. Then open the app,pick a video, put your phone down, and then do whatever you want without your phone. The reason you need a charger is because ITS gOING TO RUN OUT OF BATTERIES! That is why. Also you don't need to pick the next video, it will do it itself! So if you do it exactly RIGHT NOW, and you have like lets say 321 swagbucks, by the end of the day you should have about hmm 420-500 swagbucks :D! Happy swagging lol!
on 01/12/13
swagbucks tv only gives you 50 sb though
on 12/07/12
It is true I joined on 11/30/12 and I have 550 swagbuck it works try it. It pays off
on 12/31/12
i got one of these just not on swagbucks i didnt even know what swagbucks was until summer 2012
on 12/09/12
yesterday i made 444 swagbucks exactly but today i only made 200-300 somedays im off but i just cant wait to get a 3ds.
on 10/20/12
i get about 150-160 swagbucks per day whenever all my referrals search and do trusted surveys
on 12/08/12
Referrals only give you points when they earn from searching.
on 11/27/12
dc5523 and 2 others liked this  
Just to let everyone know, using $5 Amazon Gift Cards will save you thousands of Swagbucks than blowing it all over here.
on 08/30/12
tinarkds2456 liked this  
I heard the 3DS gives you headaches, and ruins your eyes. I'd rather have a Nintendo Ds Lite, which i do have.
on 02/24/13
it only ruins your eyes if they arent fully developed so if you are over 6 years old you are fine, and it only gives you headaches because you are used to the 3D. i have it and i absolutely love it btw i bought it with my money
on 02/06/13
the 3d is just a topping, a bone to throw. the graphics are very similar to the wii, it is compatible with the old ds games, GBA games will soon be available to download, and you could trade in your ds lite to gamestop and they'll give you a discount when you buy a 3DS
on 10/19/12
well if you have bad eyes it will give you headaches
on 10/08/12
i wouldnt ,ill have 3ds
on 10/03/12
BrittanyKay12 and 5 others liked this  
To people who haven't used glasses free 3D, it will give you a headache at first. Your eyes will adjust to it. If it bothers you that much, just lower the 3D settings or *Gasp* Turn it off. Problem solved.
on 10/19/12
Awkw4rdAss4ssin and 1 others liked this  
yeah, it's not like it's only feature is 3D. it actually has really good graphics and cutscene capabilities, aswell as a variety of virtual console games and other applications.. and awesome software titles :D
on 10/01/12
emgurl12 and 2 others liked this  
So not true.
on 10/19/12
Too bad i'll never get this since Swagbucks bans user with lots of points Dx
on 10/19/12
dc5523 and 1 others liked this  
I've seen a few peeps that have enough to buy a couple of these and I have had this much too. If you're doing your swagging honestly you will NOT be banned!
on 08/21/12
i only got 26 thousand swagbucks
on 10/16/12
i get about 100 sb to 150 sb
on 10/09/12
ganster111 liked this  
on 10/16/12
i have this it is alright but then i saved for the ps vita and got it made my whole day
on 10/09/12
rockman296 and 2 others liked this  
Hey! If this was like, twenty swag bucks, i would so get it!....THEN i will have swag! Thumbs up if right
on 10/01/12
Tybalt liked this  
this is good. very fun. Headaches? wimps! Hurts my eyes a little, but no headaches. worth the buy!
on 09/05/12
SiouxSinner liked this  
2 100$ amazon gift cards FTW
on 08/25/12
on 08/14/12
hmmm. nitendo ds or xbox 360 for same ammount of SB's? i think im gonna go with xbox
on 08/10/12
take it back 5 stars
on 08/09/12
ksfelici::2012-10-29 10:49:17 and 1 others liked this  
im the kind of kid who had a ds but cracked the screen and lost it so im up for this
on 08/07/12
everyday i earn swagbucks
on 06/22/12
ksfelici::2012-10-29 10:49:17 and 3 others liked this  
On Amazon it's <$200, so it's actually a bit cheaper to get two $100 Amazon gift cards here (23,198 SB) and buy the 3DS on Amazon.

*cough* ...if you have 23K+ SB. :|
on 07/19/12
Mithrandir liked this  
even better get a 500 dollar amazon gift card and you can buy a 3ds and games
on 07/15/12
Crossinashes and 1 others liked this  
Go for the $5 Amazon Gift Card. The exchange rate is better than just about anything and the task of earning doesn't feel as daunting because of the limit allowing you plenty of time to get SBs.
on 07/20/12
Crossinashes liked this  
Yes, this is the cheaper (albeit slower) way. Only costs 16,200 SB at about 7 months; that's about 2,250 SB per month. Quite doable if you save.
on 07/19/12
mistermoomoo and 1 others liked this  
if you like it press like
on 07/15/12
Shikyo1455 and 1 others liked this  
Time for something useful for those wanting a 3DS(like me):
On SwagBucks, 3ds goes for 28,999(SB)/$170(USD) = 170.58 Swagbucks per Dollar

The same amount of Swagbucks would get:
Paypal 12549(SB)/$100(USD) = 125.49 Swagbucks per Dollar
That's $200 with 3901SB left over

The same amount of Swagbucks would get:
AmazonGC 450(SB)/$5(USD)(most efficient) = 90 Swagbucks per Dollar
That's 64 $5 AGC worth $320 leaving you with 199SB left over. Granted with the 5 per gift per month limit, it would take you 13 months to get all the gift cards but only 7 months to have enough for a 3DS leaving you with 13699SB left over.

One more thing: You would need to make at least 75 SB per day(for a 30 day month) to be able to get the 5 $5AGC each month.

Hope this helps.

PS: minus one star for not having red ;p
on 07/15/12
leen76 and 2 others liked this  
Umm...SB? Where did the nintendo eshop cards go? Im really bummed because thats what i really wanted from here. >:(
on 06/10/12
I just got a nintendo dsi yesterday for my birthday so i think this product can wait. but i still wanna get it sometime else and i think the 3D is really cool so i give it 5 stars!
on 06/05/12
OEmmGee liked this  
Awwwwwwwwww i wish i had enough for this.
on 05/22/12
on 05/22/12
i like 3ds
on 05/21/12
tinarkds2456 liked this  
uh swag buks r coo but i do whant this ds
on 04/26/12
salsabil89::2012-05-03 17:46:04::2012-05 liked this  
Ugh i want one of these sooooo bad but it'll take me forever to get it......-_-
on 04/24/12
ksfelici::2012-10-29 10:49:17 and 1 others liked this  
man i want one of these but ill probley have a better chance geting one from the store but got to work for it
on 04/23/12
ksfelici::2012-10-29 10:49:17 and 1 others liked this  
I want one of these but i need alot more SB to go ):
on 04/16/12
ksfelici::2012-10-29 10:49:17 and 2 others liked this  
getting this with amazon gift cards,much cheaper,great product tho
on 04/11/12
salsabil89::2012-05-03 17:46:04::2012-05 liked this  
I highly recommend any gamers to get this. It's amazing!
on 04/07/12
I don't understand why this would be more expensive than the xbox360 kinect. I know its on sale right now but seriously????? Anyhow I already have one and it is fun for some games to play in 3D, although a bit hard. I tried with mario kart 7 and i kinda lost when it was in 3D mode haha. Yes graphics are not as great but it is nintendo
on 01/28/12
EJtheDJ liked this  
I figured that, since I have one of these, I should just say a thing or two about it here. The 3DS is a really awesome gaming device, although the graphics aren't the best. Also, when the 3D setting is turned all the way on, it may hurt your eyes, but that's just because your eyes have to use muscles they're not used to using. In addition, the graphics don't really "jump out" of the screen; rather, you can see that the 3DS has "depth".

...so yeah, that's all I can say right now.
on 03/30/12
Also, you might notice the pixellation on the screen, especially when using 2D mode, but also in 3D mode. In 3D mode, any dirt on the screen glares at you, so you literally have to keep it spot-free to play well. But playing with brightness set on 5, power saving mode off, 3D turned all the way up, and volume up is bliss.
on 03/20/12
I have this and my little sister watches netflix all the time on it, it's a great item! The games on there are incredible, it's a must have in my book!
on 02/24/12
I really want to get one of these for my stepson. He is my everything, and I struggle to be able to show him that through anything more than affection. He is only six, but he has been wanting one of these since they came out. Hopefully, I can work extremely hard and get this for him.
on 03/09/12
mistermoomoo and 1 others liked this  
Be careful I have one, and it comes with a warning saying that anybody 7 or under shouldn't use the 3D feature at all because it can hurt the development of their eyes.
on 03/08/12
How can u save that much SB isn't that extremely hard!!!!!!!
on 02/25/12
Can anyone tell me how to get enough swagbucks for this? I would love to get one of these for my sick brother for his birthday.
on 02/19/12
Darn, I'll never get enough sb for this, I guess my dreams of having one of these is slim to nothing like every thing else in my life. Oh well it's good too look at.
on 01/23/12
Gotta work hard for this ~
on 01/23/12
I have one but i want a new one
on 01/01/12
Assassin4eva liked this  
someone had came by my house and they stay for a good little while and they left a black 3ds at my house so i decided to keep and they didnt even call back to see if they left it there so i sad oh well they wont have a 3ds
on 06/08/12
call em up and give it back!
on 01/10/12
mrpokemonzone and 2 others liked this  
Do you know them? If so, you should try your best go get it back to them - it's an issue of integrity, after all :/
on 01/23/12
wiidude and 1 others liked this  
Why don't you buy them one on the swag store and give it as a gift to them?
on 01/17/12
i got this already hahahahahahah
on 12/05/11
I really want to get the 3DS - Nintendo has so many cool games coming out for it!
on 01/12/12
Get one!!

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