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Southwest eGift Card - $100

Southwest eGift Card - $100
Southwest eGift Card - $100
Southwest eGift Card - $100
Price: 10,000
Snag This!

Redeemable online and with no expiration, this $100 Southwest Gift Card is an easy and convenient way to purchase your next flight from Southwest Airlines.

Your gift code will be posted on your account profile, under "My Gift Cards" within 10 business days of verifying your purchase.

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on 03/08/14
electricku liked this  
I absolutely love this gift card! I've been wanting to go see a friend I haven't seen in a long time and now with this gift card, I was able to pay for my flights! I am looking forward to being able to catch up with my friend and it's all thanks to Swagbucks! I must also add that the delivery time of this gift card was so quick too! Joining Swagbucks is one of the best decisions I have ever made! Thank you so much Swagbucks for making this trip possible!
on 03/06/14
starbucksking liked this  
Thanks for these! I just got my second card today! Going for my third now. With my $300, and my best friend also going for $300, our trip to Disney World in 2015, is that much cheaper. Saving $600 will allow us to add on a few days at Disney. Thank you Swagbucks for the amazing site!
on 12/24/13
SO GREAT! I love these!
on 11/20/13
I have used southwest cards several times (I moved from chicago to miami in april) and these were fantastic to cut the cost of flying back and forth all the time. Now they are even better as I am using them to purchase my little sisters plane ticket for christmas! Now the only thing I have to worry about paying for is Disney tickets (but swagbucks will be helping with those too as I will be purchasing the paypal ecards!)
on 05/26/13
How many of these gift cards can I use at one time and can I use this for a vacation package on southwest.com?
on 07/24/13
BeckSusie liked this  
You can use up to 4 cards per transaction, but that includes the credit card you are paying any balance on if there is one. So if your flights are under $400 total, you are fine with 4 cards. If not you have have to split them into separate transactions to use all 4 (or more) cards.
on 11/20/13
Bellachic333 and 1 others liked this  
You can also just purchase the paypal money instead and then use paypal on southwest.com to pay for the entire flight and there is no limit on that. (that's what I did)
on 06/29/13
BeckSusie and 1 others liked this  
I looked it up on there site, because I wanted to know the same thing. You can use four per transaction.
on 10/14/13
I just want to say thanks again to Swagbucks for having these Southwest Airlines Gift Cards, as well as allowing myself and my wife to be members. We each had $300 in gift cards, so we saved $600 today when we booked our trip to Florida for next Spring. We used my 3 for one way and her 3 for the other, so it was nice to see $300 coming off the bill each way.
on 07/23/13
paigedah and 3 others liked this  
I started off saving SB recently and was hoping for a department store card. Then I read these reviews for SouthWest!! Over the next 6 months, me and my two best friends of 25 years (one of them actually since birth)will all 3 be turning 40! We were trying to plan something very special. I've wanted to go to Vegas for years and thought it would be a great idea. None of us can afford airfare so we axed that. Now that I've discovered Swagbucks, hopefully we can make that trip a reality! I've never even been on a plane before and can't think of a better reason than my big 40th to mark that off my bucket list! I've got to get my friends in on this site!! :)
on 06/05/13
bxbella08 and 1 others liked this  
Im saving for this right now. i plan on taking my little girl to Disney World next year so me and the hubs are using swagbucks to cut the costs. im saving for plane tickets and he's using his points for amazon cards to get all the things we'll need to take with us. Thanks Swagbucks for helping a 3 year olds dream come true :)
on 11/30/12
35mmfanatic liked this  
Got my first cards the other day, and all is nicely in order. I'll note that my gift code from SB has some spaces in it, and you have to remove those spaces in order to get the code to work on the SWA website.
on 11/01/12
Loving the Price drop on the Southwest Cards! Thanks Swagbucks!
on 08/28/12
paigedah and 7 others liked this  
I'm saving up for these to help pay for a vacation I hope to take my parents on next summer. They have done SO much for me and I owe them one. Thanks SwagBucks!
on 08/13/12
nansiludie and 2 others liked this  
I used this giftcard for our first wedding anniversary trip to Vegas! With this giftcard, I was able to score extremely reasonable flights for my husband and me. I had no problems with it, and I'm very impressed. We love to travel, so this was perfect for us. Thank you, swagbucks :)
on 07/23/12
nansiludie liked this  
Everything is so expensive these days!
on 07/23/12
fairyxtale liked this  
Use Southwest for most of my and my husband's flights! They are a good airline!!
on 07/22/12
septemberann and 1 others liked this  
Wish they would come up with a gift card for rental cars. My flight was really cheap but the rental cars are so expensive. At least twice as much as the airfare!!
on 04/22/12
mrscato89 and 3 others liked this  
I used these to help pay for our Disney/wedding trip, and am currently saving up to do some more. This a HUGE benefit, and is right up there with the Amazon gift cards, as far as I'm concerned. I bought the first one back in August of last year and had no problems with using them in February 2012. Thanks so much for this opportunity, Swagbucks! :)
on 05/04/12
You had more couage than I did to redeem and then see if it still worked months later! Congrats on that, and thanks for the tip!
on 05/03/12
Bellachic333 and 6 others liked this  
Im 1370 points away from my $100 Southwest Card, and saving for more. I am taking my kids on a cruise in February 2013. I cant wait. Being a single mom, If it werent for SWAGBUCKS...this would NOT be possible for me. THANK YOU SWAGBUCKS!! My kids and I will have an AWESOME time!! :)
on 04/29/12
OK, so basically if my airfare is say 400.00 i could use one of the gift cards for 100.00 and pay the rest with a credit card right? I sure hope so because I want to be able to use my points on one of my flights and then a gift card to pay part of the other flight?
on 03/24/12
Can you use these when buying tickets online? (Since the online prices are cheaper)
on 03/24/12
Yes you can- Read my post below on it.

Hope you get enough points to get a few of these!
on 01/24/12
Bellachic333 and 7 others liked this  
Just a heads up to those afraid they can't buy a whole ticket with these. Say you have four or five gift cards, then just buy the ticket as two separate transactions, ie: two one-way tickets. Southwest doesn't discount if you buy a return trip, so two tickets works just fine and then you can use more cards. :)
on 01/29/12
Thanks for the tip!
on 01/28/12
I have always wanted to travel more but could never really afford it. This is awesome!
on 01/15/12
russell1964 liked this  
Are these stack-able?
on 01/24/12
Yes- Southwest will let you use up to 4 cards per payment. So if you have a $410 far, you will only be able to use 3-$100 since you will need to apply $110 on a credit card. If the flights were $390, and you had 4-$100 cards, you could use all 4 and have a balance of $10 on the last. the cards never expire, but I do not know what happens if you dont use them right away from your swagbucks account- I have had mixed answers so we did not chance it- we placed our orders about 2 weeks ahead of the flight schedule opening, and when it opened we jumped on our flights and saved the $250 which was SWEET!
on 12/09/11
This is my next big Swagbucks purchase. I'm trying to save up so my MIL can come visit when the baby is born next summer.
on 10/03/11
LiLRa3Ra3 and 3 others liked this  
I used my 2 $100 and my wife's $50 this morning- It worked great! Thanks Swagbucks for the Cards! Already saving up for another one- I would love to surprise my wife with an anniversay trip somewhere! Stuff like this makes Swagbucks AWESOME!!!
on 08/26/11
Just kind of wondering if I will see The Swag Guy and The Swag Girl in my travels here today . . . I could use some Swagbucks love from them since my surveys are still down after 2 weeks!
on 07/28/11
Bellachic333 and 8 others liked this  
Awesome!!! Thanks so much for adding a higher increment card on these since you can only stack a maximum of 4 items at Southwest to make a purchase (4 can be used as long as they pay for the bill in full- otherwise you can only use 3 cards and a credit card to fill out the payment- see the $50 card comments- Swaggernauts have researched this a lot already!)

Next stop- $250 and $500 level cards please!!!
on 08/22/11
BBWHazel and 4 others liked this  
Yeah, im hoping $250 and $500 gift cards would be available!
on 08/09/11
BBWHazel and 2 others liked this  
This is so worth it because you can travel for free!

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