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Classic Red Kids Santa Hat

Classic Red Kids Santa Hat
Classic Red Kids Santa Hat
Classic Red Kids Santa Hat
out of stock
Price: 419
Snag This!

This velvet Santa hat is the classic style with white brim and white puff at the top. Perfect for the guest who wants to play Santa on Christmas morning, for caroling and other events that require a "Santa" look. Measures 13" from brim to puff top and 19" in diameter at the brim.

on 12/14/11
Lol This would look cute on my massive Rottweiler, Bubals. He would look ADORABLE! 8D
on 12/16/11
piekwandoe liked this  
good luck keeping a santa hat on a Rottweiler...
on 12/16/11
Just came in yesterday, it was too small for my head, but I still somehow managed to fit it. It's okay, but I should've measured my head before ordering, lol.
on 12/09/11
Omqqe Silva add mehh(:
on 12/09/11
Omqqe Silva add mehh(:
on 12/08/11
Love Santa hats, just need more Swagbucks, as usual! I really want this cool item!
on 11/11/11
trucker4life::2012-05-06 21:55:20::2012- and 2 others liked this  
what happened to the christmas tree?
on 11/14/11
8mario101 and 1 others liked this  
guess they sold out of that here on swag bucks,. I received mine in mail today it is just so cute ! cannot wait to decorate it
on 11/19/11
trucker4life::2012-05-06 21:55:20::2012- liked this  
Is the Christmas tree you ordered is it cheap in Swagbucks?
on 11/20/11
trucker4life::2012-05-06 21:55:20::2012- liked this  
it was 499 swag bucks ! I went to the dollar store in my area and got some cute lil decorations for it and minuture lights :) perfect size to add a little decor to my place
on 12/04/11
interesting ! sounds like you want to celebrate the holiday in style .so happy you were able to get it before it sold out .
on 11/29/11
Wish I could get Grinch hat
on 11/25/11
Awesome hat! Perfect for the holidays! I love everything on Swag Bucks!
on 11/11/11
need that for awesome swag
on 11/09/11
trucker4life::2012-05-06 21:55:20::2012- and 1 others liked this  
Definately going to get this for my son! Ive been wanting to get him a santa hat for the longest time :]

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