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10 Piece Manicure Set

10 Piece Manicure Set
10 Piece Manicure Set
10 Piece Manicure Set
out of stock
Price: 409
Snag This!

Pamper yourself with this full size 10 piece manicure set. This set includes 2 nail clippers, tweezers, 6 nail files, and a cuticle pusher. This product was designed in the USA.

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on 03/02/12
Just two points away!
on 02/07/12
I am little surprised about the reviews on this product. The nail clippers don't cut very well, the tweezers are terrible, and the cuticle pusher ends up doing nothing. This was a big waste of swag bucks since everything but the files ended up in my trash can. I'd get something else, an amazon card to buy decent manicure materials would be wiser.
on 01/31/12
I ordered this when it was on sale. It came yesterday.. Nice product. I would recommend. Items came lined up from top to bottom on the middle of a card board backing, with the plastic covering, protection. The finger nail files were stacked on top of each other, and each of the other items were one after the other in the column. This is going to be a Christmas 2012 gift. Thinking ahead.
on 01/26/12
I sue wish I hadn't just spent about all my points on a amazon card!!! I sure would love to have this! It is one of the best things I have seen!!!!!!!! Good luck to everyone!!!!!!!
on 01/25/12
i was going to give this to a 19 year year old girl but since i'm in australia i can't :(. but i won't let that get me down.
on 01/25/12
Turbanlady liked this  
I really want to buy this while it's on sale. How long do sale prices last?
on 01/25/12
on 01/14/12
Fantastic one for women.
on 11/14/11
I love this pefect so wish i could buy this
on 01/14/12
Perfect gift for women.
on 11/30/11
It looks like such a great gift to get...... i just dont have enough..... i need 100 more :(
on 12/03/11
too bad it sold out ........
on 12/02/11
I can but this but i need to know how it come does it come in a box like the Nail set for kids and laser pointer or when i order it it will be lose I want to give this to my mmom but if it lose like a bracelt i orderd i just getting her sunglasses and sorry for miss spelling anything please some one reply quick I will be your friend
on 11/30/11
I can't wait to get this! I think the black thing on the left look interesting
on 11/27/11
I ordered this ,I may give this to guy friend :)
on 11/16/11
this is going to be the next thing that i buy : )
Team Swagbucks
on 11/17/11
FashionDiva17 and 4 others liked this  
Isn't it great? A major must have!

We're hooking you up with 100SB for your comment =)
on 02/29/12
Sounds good to me!!
on 01/26/12
Me tooo!!!!! Please Just this Once :)
on 01/25/12
This looks great! will deff get it when i have enough
on 11/26/11
Comment Under Review
on 11/26/11
TiShiek liked this  
Aww... :(
on 11/26/11
on 11/22/11
LotsoHugginBear liked this  
your rare
on 11/23/11
lovenhope22 liked this  
this is the next thing that ill buy... Ill get it for my mommy! :) she will love it! thank you swagbucks for a affordable and awesome thing! Keep swagging.! :)
on 11/21/11
what does it come in?
on 11/15/11
This is awesome and officially on my wishlist..

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