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Wooden Oriental Bookmarks

Wooden Oriental Bookmarks
Wooden Oriental Bookmarks
Wooden Oriental Bookmarks
out of stock
Price: 169
Snag This!

These wooden bookmarks make a great gift for anyone who loves to read. Featuring pretty Asian flowers and colorful tassels.

***1 Wooden Oriental Bookmark per order. Design to be chosen at random***

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on 02/27/12
edenelisabeth and 1 others liked this  
I have ordered my 1st swagbucks item and can't wait to get it. I hope mine does not come broken or in a non-padded envelope. This would be a strike and it would not let me have good feelings about this organization. So I ask swagbucks to PLEASE SEND with CARE!!! This is only good business.
Team Swagbucks
on 03/14/12
Thanks for the tip! Hope you enjoy your bookmark! we're hooking you up with 100SB for your comment!
on 03/07/12
I think you should be concerned with the postal service because they're the ones most of the time that damage items during transit.
on 03/07/12
I meen ill be darn! swagstore does to have good product, but it seems that when people do get it its exactly what said to be and good quality but either SMALL OR very little of!????:)
on 01/20/12
whiteblade117 liked this  
I ordered one. It came in the mail yesterday. It is very small. 3 3/4" tall and 1" wide. It is made of delicate, fragile balsam wood, like the airplanes I put together as a kid. My picture was no where near colored as neatly as those in above pic. Mine looked like a 3 year old was given a green highlighter marker and told to go at it. And the flowers, were pink and yellow colored. Everything was out of the lines, scribbled on color. The cord was very very thin red line, it started unraveling the minute I took the item out of the envelope. Over all, ok, but be careful with it. It could snap in half quite easily.
on 01/31/12
BE AWARE, I ordered a second book mark. It came in a plain no padding white envelope. When I took it out of the envelope, it was crushed and broken into several pieces. It was not repairable. 149 points lost and down the drain.
on 02/27/12
I agree with you. This book mark is nothing worth getting. The size of the book mark is nothing but a sick joke
on 01/31/12
thanks for the warning. It became available today again for 169 SB i immediately ordered 1 , i really wanted to order another one but after reading your review i decided to spend my SB on other things. btw can't we get replacements if our order was damaged, i would feel really bad if my bookmark came in several pieces : (
on 02/27/12
midnightuser and 1 others liked this  
I order one of this book mark and it came in the mail and open it thinking it would be nice but when I open it and took it out I got some sorry looking type of book mark if you can even call it. The details on it is sloppy at best. Even a 2 year old kid can color it better. This is NOT WORTH 169 SWAGBUCKS!! The size of it is a joke! I am never ordering anything that is an actual item. Only ordering gift card from now on.
on 02/22/12
I have ordered 2 of these awesome bookmarks and as far as quality they are nice. These are a small gift for the book reader. I understand some of the reviews below and I feel it's still an nice item! Plus they are very pretty as well. People expect to much for free!!!! Get one and see what you think! They are worth 169sb. Trust me I would not have ordered 2 if I did'nt like them! :}
on 01/30/12
Gah I want, but since saving for something else its a terrible temptation.
on 01/24/12
Gah! I'm Asian, and love to read but it's out of stock!
on 01/17/12
these are really cool and if you buy these online they are $99
on 01/19/12
I hope you meant 99 cents...
Also, where would you buy them online, if not in the swag store?
on 01/23/12
IKR!It only worth under a dollar but im getting this.
on 01/23/12
Going to order it.Happy chinese new year!
on 01/23/12
Oh gosh i had no idea these came out till today :o Happy chinese new year everyone :)
on 01/23/12
on 01/18/12
aww how cute are these <3
on 01/18/12
Awww it's '1 Wooden Oriental Bookmark per order.' I wish it would have stated that the first time ordered them. I was under the impression it was a set of 4 in a case. Still they look very nice. I will have to wait and see what I get.
on 01/18/12
on 01/12/12
stepsolightly liked this  
These look very pretty! I have a friend in dance class who loves all things oriental, so I might snag this as a birthday present for her!
on 01/12/12
These look great.

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