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YaySave.com e-Gift Card - $5

YaySave.com e-Gift Card - $5
YaySave.com e-Gift Card - $5
YaySave.com e-Gift Card - $5
out of stock
Price: 500
Sale: 450
Snag This!

Snag this e-Gift Card and save $5 at YaySave.com!

YaySave.com is your one stop shop for anything household related. Find your everyday cleaning essentials, paper products, beauty items, medicines, baby care, and seasonal items. With the usage of their Certified Program, Referral Appreciation Program, and Premium Membership Program, YaySave.com provides amazing savings on shopping done right in the comfort of your own home.

Your gift code will be posted on your account profile, under "My Gift Cards" within 10 business days of verifying your purchase.

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on 07/13/13
janoomaa1 and 4 others liked this  
I have not purchased a Yaysave gift card yet, but I AM considering buying a few BECAUSE their customer service has GREATLY improved over the past 6 months, as well as their communication. They also are trying to increase their inventory and when they have 30 or 40 SB's per dollar, and lower or free shipping, it is worth it for sure to see about stock up items. (or buy gifts or staples for others, or to donate) BUT you have to know your prices. i also like that they NOW IMMEDIATELY credit your SB's! Which is GOOD! (but be careful if you're using paypal, as you have to return to the Yaysave site to get your SB's. I don't ever take a chance with that. Hope this might encourage some of you who are wondering...In a nutshell, i have found this site to be useful for certain things and for 30-40 SB's when they have it!:-)
on 07/23/13
JBthe1 and 1 others liked this  
I enjoy shopping at Yaysave although prices may seem high (imo) compared to shopping in physical stores in my area. I get gift cards often and stack them in my acct. and when they have special sales or deals, I am ready to stock up. I have only had one problem (?) and that was earlier this year when an item I had ordered was unavailable. They gave me a $1 apology credit which I thought was a very nice surprise but I later had to e-mail them to find out if I would have to wait and receive said item at some later date or get a refund.. They immediately credited my acct.so all ended well! All in all I think it's a great way to shop and earn swagbucks because I save gas, wear and tear on my car and my body,(LOL), delivered to my door and basically costs me nothing!! The free shipping that has been available on any orders (so far this month) has been an extra bonus!
on 07/13/13
JBthe1 and 1 others liked this  
PS, I also emailed them more than one message respectfully stating my dissatisfaction and disappointment 6 months or so ago when I was ready to never buy from them again. Sometimes if we let a business know, and do it in a constructive fashion, it CAN make a difference over time with their service. In my experience, at least, I have found much improvement across the board at Yaysave.
on 06/17/13
Use your swag bucks else where. I placed an order with Yaysave and received it after the 7 day threshold (13 days). They claimed employees were out sick. I decided to try it again and placed another order 15 days still haven't heard back from customer service or has my order been processed. If they can't stand by what's on their site, and then remove their "contact us" section, they are just thieves in my opinion hoping people will forget about their orders.
on 01/07/13
I just received a gift code and don't know how to use it. When I enter the gift code on the site, it asks me to enter a pin underneath the code. I didn't get a pin. It says something like 7+5 and I am guessing it is a sequence of numbers. Can anyone tell me how to enter a pin? :)
Team Rewards Store
on 02/07/13
Qwassie and 2 others liked this  
Add up the numbers displayed in the "Security Code" box on the left and enter that total in the "Security Code" box on the right. Ex. If "9 5" is displayed in in the "Security Code" box on the left then you would enter "14" in the "Security Code" box on the right.
on 01/09/13
BIGbarb70 liked this  
The pin is the answer. So, if it says 7 5, the pin is 12.
on 01/04/13
This online store is so dumb. Don't bother with this, Amazon.com is way better. They just sell crappy stuff, and they didn't credit my swagbucks. Then on top of that, someone phished my email from their site and is sending out phishing emails. So now I am freaking out about my financial info being secure.
on 12/17/12
Will we still get get swagbucks if we used the stacked gift cards to pay for the purchase?
on 12/18/12
HookerFamily and 1 others liked this  
Yes. :)
on 10/25/12
They do not have a lot of good products. I wanted to get laundry detergent and they only had small bottles, samples of ALL, some Method and one small bottle of Tide. I was disappointed. There is not much to choose from at this store.
on 10/20/12
They just had to make something even cheaper than the legendary 5 dollar Amazon gift cards
on 09/02/12
Can you use more than one per order?
Team Rewards Store
on 09/06/12
HookerFamily and 2 others liked this  
These are indeed stackable meaning you can use more than 1 per order with no minimum purchase required.
on 09/04/12
vclaire917 liked this  
Yes (unless it's changed). I had gotten 4 of them one month, and added them to my account, then was able to use them. There were some issues with the gift card amounts not getting taken off my order total, but after several credit card disputes they must have fixed it ... as I tried again last week (to use my last $5 that was in my account), and it worked without any problems.
on 09/04/12
Do you use this as a gift card or a discount card?
on 08/23/12
Awesome Thanks, Great experience
on 03/26/12
Cuteandfree and 6 others liked this  
The discounts offered on this site aren't really that great and the last time I ordered, I tried to use one of my $10 gift cards (which was old but not expired) and they never credited my account. Think I'll stick with drugstore tyvm
on 04/12/12
I wrote to them about the fact that their prices are not exactly a savings....and the prices on a few things got better. I've found a few things that actually were a pretty good deal, but you have to search for the deals and they are few and far between. There were a couple of things I was going to buy because I could use these cards, but now they don't have those anymore. Figures. lol I just ordered my second card but if it's going to be a headache to use them then I'm not going to shop there anymore at all. It's kind of a weird eclectic mishmash of merchandise, anyway, and sometimes it's hard to find anything there I even want. But after reading these comments, I think I'll write to them FIRST and tell them I'm using gift cards and if there are any problems like I'm seeing here, it will be my last order. I've had two orders from them and no problems with either of those, but then I wasn't using gift cards for those.
on 04/03/12
dracophyle and 3 others liked this  
Not worth it in my opinion. I got a premium membership from here, first order was fine. 2nd order they said they were cancelling, and still charged me -- had to file paypal dispute. 3nd order using gift cards, they took the gift card credit out of my account, and still charged me full - dispute pending. I still have 1 gift card on the way. Hopefully find something under $5 to avoid having to pay anything. Just not worth the hassle.
on 04/12/12
Slade366 liked this  
Just an update. After I received my last $5 gift card, I placed an order (total came to $4.98, so my total should have been $0. It still required paypal or credit card. This time I just used credit card, thinking their paypal integration may not have been up to snuff for the previous orders. Well, I clicked to have my credit applied, but it didn't apply the credit (left it in my account), and charged my card. I emailed them about it, and they said they'd credit. After a week of know credit activity on my credit card, I filed a dispute, and my credit card company re-imbursed me. No more Yaysave for me! What a waste. Must be someone running out of their garage or something, because they don't know how to run a business.
on 04/12/12
gmakitty and 2 others liked this  
no credit not 'know credit' that is ... lol
on 03/28/12
Wow... got this in 5 days after ordering.... 3 business days. :) Thanks Swagbucks!
on 03/25/12
proudusmcwife22 and 2 others liked this  
Can you use these gift card to upgrade to premium account at Yaysave?
on 03/25/12
BIGbarb70 and 2 others liked this  
Just bought one of these!! Thanks Swagbucks! These will help out ALOT with household needs. :) I like how you guys are getting better and better each day!
on 03/08/12
DarthFabulous and 1 others liked this  
Woohoo! Thanks Swagbucks!!!
on 03/20/12
DarthFabulous and 1 others liked this  
Are these stackable
on 03/22/12
DarthFabulous and 1 others liked this  
According to the blog post, yes they are! :)
on 03/25/12
BIGbarb70 and 1 others liked this  
I hope so! Free TP and PT, awesomeeee
on 03/05/12
DarthFabulous and 1 others liked this  
Awesome store....

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