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PayPal - $50

PayPal - $50
PayPal - $50
PayPal - $50
Price: 5,000
Snag This!

Want to turn your Swag Bucks into CASH? This is your chance! When you snag this prize, $50 (U.S dollars) will be deposited into your PayPal account. Use the money for anything - your gas bill, car bill, gifts - absolutely anything!

The money will be sent directly to the PayPal account that is associated with the same email as your Swagbucks.com account. Your first and last name needs to be an exact match to your PayPal account information and your PayPal account needs to be verified. Under no circumstances will a payment ever be sent to a PayPal account with another email address, a different first and last name than what appears on your Swagbucks.com account, and an account that has not been verified with PayPal. For more information on PayPal account verification click here.

How do I verify my order and where do I see the status?

Please allow 10-14 business days for payment to be transferred.

on 03/27/15
Thanks swagbucks,I received my first card paypal for $50.000, only 4 days to be transferred to my account. Awesome!
on 03/29/15
Are you tired of people lying to you of how to make quick money online but yet they want to charge you for it . I had the same problem and I found freefactor. you make your first $50 dollars after registration or they pay you $100 . try it out free today
on 03/27/15
on 03/17/15
Wait, does my paypal email/name have to match my info on the website...?
on 03/20/15
Yes! It has to match it exactly
on 03/18/15
sexytrini39 liked this  
Snagged this yesterday and received it today. That was a lot quicker than the 2 weeks that I'm used to!
on 03/04/15
sexytrini39 and 2 others liked this  
I have contemplated requesting this gift card after reading the reviews. I was really nervous. I decided to give it a try because I needed the money. I am pleased to say it was a 5 star transaction. I requested the gift card and a day later I received the email that it was ready. I have already transferred it to my bank. It was quick and painless.
on 02/27/15
nacoaldupray22 liked this  
Thanks for my birthday gift
on 12/07/14
Did anyone had issues with SB not able to verify account with paypal and had the issue fixed. Do I have to link my bank account to verify? pls assist.
on 02/26/15
i had that same problem, i had to get my paypal account to 100%, linking everything, bank account,email address, phone number etc
on 02/15/15
Does the money go into your paypal card?
on 02/26/15
it goes to your paypal account, you can transfer it onto your payapal card, thats how i do it
on 02/20/15
This is going to be my first buy when the new month rolls around but I'm worried about my PayPal not being verified after reading these comments. My name and email all match, at least it will after PayPal approves my document with my new married name. I'd hate to lose 5000SB and not get the $50....
on 02/16/15
Jor98 and 1 others liked this  
I tried to "snag this" but I misplaced my phone. Finally found it a few days later and entered the verification code they texted me. It told me it was invalid. So I cancelled the order for this request and it took my swag bucks without giving me the money! I went form having 5,020 to having 20 with no money being sent to me! Now I feel like this whole website is a total scam.
on 02/16/15
NeeonLiights liked this  
Contact support!
on 01/11/15
N910V47 liked this  
I reached the 5000 goal and requested $50.00 paypal credit but got message saying cannot verify paypal account please contact paypal for assistance which I did . They said there was no problem on their end so whats up with that? Email is correct for my paypal acct
on 02/14/15
I think you have to atleast make your paypal 60%
on 02/03/15
did you tried contacting SB's support team?
on 08/11/14
NeeonLiights and 6 others liked this  
I am a newbie who just joined for about 6 weeks now and snagged this $50 paypal as my first reward :) It took about 5 calendar days (3 business days) from the time I ordered it :)
Thank you Swagbucks!
on 09/01/14
How did you do that? What's your secret?
on 09/28/14
NeeonLiights and 3 others liked this  
I work on my daily goals by watching videos, jun group and special offers. It was just recently that I came to learn about mobile apps, try to max them out everyday. (For IOS, 72 max now. It was 140 before) Surveys are the easiest way to earn SBs but I am not so lucky lately. Whenever there is a team challenge, I actively participate and read on comments. You will definitely learn a lot from the discussion! Goodluck!
on 02/08/15
At this time it is 126... 5 apps, 36 in TV and half for others.
on 02/08/15
Kenyona1 liked this  
Also older models likely fare better. I've had the Droid thing of not moving the bar happen to much, I think it's worse on that OS. Now I just use it for other similar stuff but I may go back to the other two exclusive apps that I'm getting another Droid.and maybe something I can run Bluestacks on.
on 11/04/14
That's amazingly fast. I miss when you could get 50 points from the tv mobile app. I think it's less now.
on 02/04/15
6 weeks for 5000 bucks is pretty standart - poster is referring with 3 days to paypal funds arrivel to the account i believe.
on 01/21/15
N910V47 liked this  
I entered the correct information and it still said my account isn't verified. My paypal has worked before, I have had no problem whatsoever receiving or sending money. But this doesn't work.
on 02/03/15
have you receive a text message from SB? a confirmation code or something?
on 01/27/15
N910V47 liked this  
I don't have PayPal but I'm considering signing up.
Does PayPal charge a fee when you redeem 5000sb?
on 01/29/15
NeeonLiights liked this  
Paypal doesn't charge you anything since swagbucks is just sending money to your Paypal account.
on 12/10/14
I'll be to the 5000sb mark in 2-3 days, but I'm having to wait for PayPal to change my name from my maiden name to my married name. It takes them about a week to verify the paperwork. I'm so anxious to get my first reward in the bank so that I know for sure it all works well.
on 03/29/15
Are you tired of people lying to you of how to make quick money online but yet they want to charge you for it . I had the same problem and I found freefactor. you make your first $50 dollars after registration or they pay you $100 . try it out free today
on 01/05/15
firepraiser and 1 others liked this  
Don't worry it definitely works.... I've completed PayPal more than 3 times ;)
on 01/07/15
MissOptimistic liked this  
Really. I'm still waiting, it's been well over a year.
on 01/01/15
Snugglebaby16 and 2 others liked this  
My account is verified Swagbucks still says cant be verified! I emailed SB hoping for a speedy resolution!
on 12/17/14
hi everyone, i would like to know is it possible to get my reward even if my paypal account was verified and registered outside of US or Canada?
on 12/17/14
Kenyona1 liked this  
I tried to claim this reward and it said that it couldn't verify my PayPal because it isn't the one registered to my Swagbucks account. I logged in to my PayPal and added my other email account to my profile. It took me a couple of minutes to figure it out and then PayPal sent me a verification email to my Swagbucks email. Then when I went to the reward store I had not problems adding the reward the second time. I ordered it on Thursday night around 10pm. I got the confirmation email from PayPal and my Swagbuck account on Monday Morning. I transferred it from my PayPal Monday morning to my bank and got it Wednesday morning. All in all a little less than a week to get to my bank account. Also adding the new email to your PayPal doesn't change the login if you add it as a secondary email.
on 01/26/14
CollegeGirlSwagg liked this  
how long has it taken people over average to reach the 5,000SB mark?
on 12/10/14
I just joined 20 days ago and I'm at 4336. I try to average 200sb a day to get 6000 in a month. Getting 200sb a day usually only takes me a couple of diligent hours.
on 01/29/14
firepraiser liked this  
It'll usually take me a couple weeks. If you do surveys and such, plus hit at least one of the goals everyday, you'll get paid out nicely on the 5th of the month. Plus, if you buy things, it's an added bonus!
on 11/15/14
does any one know why sb cant verify my email pls and thanx
on 11/23/14
I'm having the same problem. First I changed my paypal primary email to match my swagbucks email. That didn't work so then I changed it back and changed my swagbucks email to match the original email I had registered for paypal. It's very discouraging. I would love to use this for my holiday shopping! Please swagbucks do something about it.
on 11/24/14
Enhance420 liked this  
I contacted swagbucks customer service/support and they sorted it out! I was finally able to snag this reward! THANK YOU SWAGBUCKS :D
on 11/12/14
I get an error telling me this prize is currently unavailable :/
on 11/12/14
I wonder why my rewards saying EMAIL Approval can anyone help me out Thanks...
on 09/04/14
I verified my paypal but SB here keeps saying it isn't. Idk what to do. Anyone..
on 09/13/14
I am getting the same thing, happening
on 10/01/14
My account is also verified but SB says it isn't.... can anyone help??
on 11/04/14
The email address and your real name have to match exactly with the information on your Paypal account. Also, Swagbucks sends an email for you to click on for verification.
on 10/31/14
This Gift cards used to cost 1000 (6,300) plus more SB. Nice to know it is only 5000 now :)
on 10/23/14
I received my 50 dollars as well.
on 10/20/14
I snagged this Wednesday 10/15/14 it's in my paypal account Sunday 10/19/14.
on 10/10/14
Mine took 10 days to go into my Payal A/c ,,, 2 days ,,, thats incredible,, do i believe it, dont no. says 10-14 days so ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????, and right now tryin to get another $50 card ,, but not working, so have another go,
on 10/08/14
I can't wait till this shows up on my Paypal Account...I hope I have as fast of action as HimechanKK had... check his comment below....Love those Swagbucks...Keep on trucking....xoxo
on 10/05/14
Swagbucks may be guilty of the old bait and switch.I like to save up for Pay Pal cards of lower denominations.Now the minimum appears to be $25.
on 10/02/14
CLewinson liked this  
Getting Paypal 50 is faster than 25. Just grabbed my 2nd $50 and took only 2 days. The $25 ones took about 7-10 days on the average. :)
on 10/01/14
MissOptimistic and 5 others liked this  
Whoa! At first, I was tempted by this site. I researched proofs on this site. I signed up a little over 2 months ago & I took my time to reach the $50.00 Paypal credit. I finally reached the 5,000 SB needed to snag this. I snagged this $50.00 credit for Paypal back on September 29th, 2014 & I got a message in my e-mail (October 1st, 2014) saying that it was sent to my Paypal. I signed onto Paypal and saw the $50.00! I must say, this was really fast to get. Thank you Swagbucks! =) Two thumbs up for sure!
on 09/26/14
Swagbuck and Paypal have the same info for me. But it won't work. I've tried the link in the popup but nothing answers my question
on 09/26/14
I am having the same issue with mine. Not a happy woman right now.
on 09/22/14
Got this today. Thanks Swagbucks!
on 09/18/14
CLewinson liked this  
I've done the 25 PayPal one and now I think I'm going to aim for this one. My 25 PayPal one came in 5 days and it was my first time too i was so nervous. Now I'm eager to her this one also.
on 09/12/14
rvanderwoodsen liked this  
Just snagged this!
on 09/10/14
I would like to receive this gift card as a gift.
on 03/23/14
vava26 liked this  
Does anybody know if this prize is available to UK and ROI users? Or is it just GBP we can redeem? For the price of £50 is 9399 swagbucks and $50 is only 5000 swagbucks. Why is GBP more expensive? For the price of £50 swagbucks, american users can get Almost $100, that doesn't seem fair.
on 06/19/14
stevieboii liked this  
i emailed them and they told me that we can not use this only can use the uk one hope this helps
on 06/17/14
do u have a reply yet lol u ave you tried this x
on 04/28/14
Nope still haven't got a reply yet :L
on 06/02/14
current market exchange rate like semack02 explains. if someone hands you a 50pounds or a 50dollars note, you would be better off accepting the pound. its worth almost 900 dollars or so.
on 06/02/14
*90 dollars
on 06/08/14
Ghotion liked this  
Yes but if you look at it like if an american user gets $100 dollars for the same price as we pay for £50 pounds... The exchange rate for $100 dollars is worth roughly £60 pounds. Therefore any United kingdom / Republic Of Ireland users would be better of claiming $100 dollars instead of £50 pound. £10 in the dirrence is quiet a lot of money to lose on here.....
on 09/03/14
And those of us living in Ireland have the double unfun of more expensive GBP paypal only when it's _not even the currency here_. So it has to be converted anyway! Why not let me have the USD option? Or at least have an EUR one. Harrumph!
on 04/22/14
Because the exchange rate for GBP is different from the American Dollar. £50 is simply worth more then $50.
on 04/18/14
did you get a answer to this as i would like to no as well x
on 09/03/14
Mrsov liked this  
On day 8 of waiting to get this card in my paypal account... :(
on 08/01/14
I'm in the UK and the £25 card costs near enough 5k swagbucks, but this one costs the same at converts to £30 do I get this one? Will it work??
on 07/27/14
Kring liked this  
Love this option!! It's super easy to transfer my Swagbucks to Paypal. It varies on how long it takes; I've had it only take 7 business days and I've also had it take 12 business days.
on 07/23/14
trying snag this wont let mee :( have 5,007 sb
on 07/23/14
Please contact PayPal Customer Service for assistance. Click "Close" to continue browsing the Rewards Store, or "Retry" or retry verifying your account.
on 07/22/14
If I purchase this, do I have to have an bank account linked. Because there is a way to get a check sent to your house if you want your cash off of paypal. So just curious before I buy
on 03/28/14
Is this only for US? I live in Canada, so I can only get bank account in canada. So do I need United States bank account? Please help...
on 07/16/14
WithOutOxygen liked this  
No you do not need a United States Bank Account. I also live in Canada too and I got a bank account from TD Canada Trust which I have link it into my PayPal Account with verification with 2 deposits that was sent to my bank account. This is just a USD currency exchange which can be change into CAD if you use PayPal currency exchange from USD to CAD.
on 07/10/14
Took a week to get into my PayPal account. I'm paying a bill down with it. I have the PayPal Mastercard so this works great for me! It's the first reward I've exchanged my SB for and I'm about to exchange another 5000!
on 07/10/14
This takes too long. Once you finally get it into your paypal account you have to wait another 3-4 days to get into your bank account.
on 06/19/14
stevieboii liked this  
no1 from the uk can use the us dollars for paypal i emailed them and that was there answer
on 05/31/14
I have a paypal account and it has a bank account added to it, but it will not let me verify the account. Can anyone help?
on 06/19/14
ChocolateCookies liked this  
you need to wait for paypal to deposit 2 sums of money into the back account assosciated with paypal, once they have done this you input these sums of money on the paypal website, then your account will be verified
on 05/30/14
I ordered both a $50 and then a $25 Paypal on 5/23. The $25 is showing as In My Gift Cards on the Order Status but the $50 one hasn't yet. How come one has posted and not the other. Also it was the one that was ordered first that hasn't been posted while the one that was ordered second is the one that is showing as In My Gift Cards. How come? Surprised the $25 has come through as fast as it has. When I did $100 ones and then a $25 one earlier in the month those seemed to take longer.
on 05/13/14
What does verify mean? I've used paypal for years and have even won paypal cash in swagstakes and they delivered to my account just fine but it won't let me BUY any...

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