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PayPal - 5 GBP

PayPal - 5 GBP
PayPal - 5 GBP
PayPal - 5 GBP
Price: 999
Snag This!

Get yourself a £5 PayPal e-Gift Card for free with Swag Bucks! PayPal is great alternative to carrying around cash and other cards. It is simple to use and is accepted at most stores and businesses!

Want to turn your Swag Bucks into CASH? This is your chance! When you snag this prize, £5 (British Pounds) will be deposited into your PayPal account. Use the money for anything - your gas bill, car bill, gifts - absolutely anything!

The money will be sent directly to the PayPal account that is associated with the same email as your Swagbucks.com account. Your first and last name needs to be an exact match to your PayPal account information and your PayPal account needs to be verified. Under no circumstances will a payment ever be sent to a PayPal account with another email address, a different first and last name than what appears on your Swagbucks.com account, and an account that has not been verified with PayPal. For more information on PayPal account verification click here.

Please allow 7-21 business days for payment to be transferred.

on 03/13/15
Just received my first £5 Paypal gift card. Took about 3-4 days for the it to come through which is better than the 10 possible days it said originally.

It did take a good few surveys, videos and games to get this amount but over all it was a genuinely interesting exercise that has earned me £5.

Thanks SwagBucks
on 03/07/15
on 03/03/15
Good reward, just a shame its not instant
on 02/16/15
Wow. I asked for this around 9pm yesterday (Sunday) and it was in my account by 5am today! Impressive!!
on 02/05/15
I'm not sure why everyone else seems to be having problems with this. This is my sixth £5 PayPal voucher in the last couple of months, and all I have to do is click the link in an email that's sent as soon as I 'buy' it. Then, 24 hours later, I get another email saying that it's been paid into my PayPal. Only once has this taken more than 24 hours. Every other time it's been 'next day delivery' so to speak. YES, it says 'you need to verify' but all that means is clicking the link in the email. Always been quick and hassle free for me!
on 02/04/15
Raflood20 liked this  
Takes so long to go in!
on 12/29/14
QUINCYBUCKS liked this  
apparently my account is not verified, well it has been for years so :/
on 12/23/14
says its on sale for 949sb on pre page, but now it says 999?
on 11/29/14
QUINCYBUCKS liked this  
why does it say my paypal isnt verified! it is and has been for ages!
on 12/06/14
this happened to me too, have you managed to sort it yet?
on 11/06/14
Mobile PIN verification doesn't accept my UK mobile number, it says 'Just enter your 10-digit number' but UK numbers have 11 digits, sooo.......Now I'm waiting for the postcard to arrive. 5-7 days, they promised. At first I didn't see where you're supposed to enter the PIN once it arrives, but actually that field only shows once you've requested the postcard to be sent. next week this time I should have my PIN.
on 11/11/14
To anyone who is interested, I received the postcard today, entered the PIN into the validation field, then you still need to go through email verification (or phone verification if that's chosen) but that's obviously quick and straightforward. Waiting for money to come through to PayPal now :)
on 11/05/14
QUINCYBUCKS and 1 others liked this  
SWAG BUCKS LEGAL ISSUES. If you have had a call from someone asking for your bank details claiming they will get you out of debt then this is due to SwagBucks giving out your personal infroamtion, this has happened to me twice, the first account I had used my real name and after that happened I deleted my account and made this one with a fake name. Sure enough the scammers rung me again using the fake name on this account, this name has not been used on any other site but SwagBucks. Clear proof that they gave out my information yet again to a third party asking for my bank details to be able to get me out of debt that I do not even have. If you have experianced this too I please ask you to repost this and make sure people know of it, they can not ignore it if we all come foward!
on 09/03/14
megmegsx liked this  
THANK YOU SWAGBUCKS just got 4 5rs deliverd at once just when I was getting sick thinkin thay were taking to long. I take it all back thanks swagbucks
on 03/29/14
QUINCYBUCKS and 4 others liked this  
Try to get paypal voucher but this site keeps saying my pp not verified. But it is verified and has been for years.
on 04/20/14
mica95 liked this  
mine is the same my Paypal has been verified for years but it wont let me get this . did you work it out
on 08/30/14
Yup, I tried and I give up in the end!
on 08/18/14
make sure your paypal account has the same email as the swag bucks account
on 08/24/14
Kay2824 liked this  
why do thay take so long to transfer these to your paypal? Thay seem to be taking longer and longer. At 1st just a few days then it went to a week now iv been waiting 2 weeks still no sign?? is it just me is there a problem??
on 08/14/14
omg why did they remove the security question way of autheticating. since i live in UK, it'll take forever for postcard to arrive! come on!!!!
on 08/23/14
I know it's ridiculous I'm from London and I had to do it this way aswell
on 08/05/14
how long does it normaly take people to get this? The 1st time I snag a £10 and 2 £5rs I snag a £10 n a £5 on Thursday and then a £5 on the Friday. An I got them all at the same time a few days later on the Tuesday after. Now iv snaged a few £5rs n thay seem t b takin ages. Was it just a 1 off to get them so quick??? hope not
on 07/27/14
Why is this reward not available at the moment(last 5 days)?????
on 12/30/13
poolwizard liked this  
Comment Under Review
on 05/27/14
Why are you even here?
on 02/04/14
Colkid101 liked this  
Its not letting me snag this as I have not verified my Paypal Account, and I cant verify my paypal account because I have no online banking. How pathetic.
on 05/13/14
lbeare79 and 2 others liked this  
You don't need online banking. It's not ''pathetic'' at all. It's to make sure you're the one who's using your account. You'd soon complain if someone used your bank and didn't need to verify it. Stop whinging and just wait a day or 2, get a bank statement from your bank and find the code. Simples.
on 02/06/14
rasfi liked this  
when i redeem it first its ask for email verification...now they are asking for phone number or address verification..why?
on 08/16/13
shwegmaster liked this  
Everything matches for me but I cannot verify my PayPal account. There is also nowhere obvious to contact someone for help?!
on 11/19/13
shwegmaster and 1 others liked this  
verify PayPal. you have to retrieve 4 digit code from bank acct, do this in PayPal acct, remember once you click verify me you have only 2hours to enter 4 digit code.
on 02/04/14
What if you dont have online banking to verify your paypal account? Dont tell me I have to walk 2 miles to the bank just for 5 pounds on here?
on 10/31/13
Has anyone else had problems with paypal? I got this today in my gift status: Please contact compliance@swagbucks.com

I haven't done anything wrong, so why would there be a problem?
on 09/04/13
has any one been paid lately this month or last month??
on 09/16/13
poolwizard liked this  
i just received my pin in the post and am so happy
on 09/01/13
poolwizard liked this  
I got the reward from 23rd Aug before the one from 19th Aug. Why was that skipped then??
on 06/14/13
behop93 liked this  
both my email and names match and work with other companies.
but I keep getting the can not be verified message.
seems I'm not the only one with this problem.
on 06/26/13
It says "Please allow 7-21 business days for payment to be transferred."
on 07/04/13
poolwizard liked this  
on 07/02/13
don't know if anyones having this sort of issue, but because im in the uk I cant seem to verify the transaction with my mobile number and I am not willing to wait for a postcard to be delivered.
on 07/03/13
momi93 liked this  
Same here, mobile verification doesnt seem to work for the UK, the postcard is the only way plus it doesnt take that long to come!:)
on 07/03/13
it doesn't? how long did it take for you? thanks this is helpul
on 06/07/13
Has anybody else's been put as shipped, but they haven't got their money in their paypal account?
on 05/24/13
behop93 and 1 others liked this  
Also, have a verified paypal account but states it cannot verify. Please sort this so I can claim my reward?! Anyone elses worked?
on 06/05/13
Was your problem solved? I am planning to convert mine =S
on 04/17/13
Nzriv and 3 others liked this  
I have a verified paypal account which I use often everywhere else, but I cannot verify it with Swagbucks any more.
on 03/08/13
behop93 and 1 others liked this  
my paypal is not veryfying too
on 03/03/13
behop93 and 1 others liked this  
Same a likemop, I have a paypal account, but it's not verified.
on 12/12/12
corinne3nayart and 1 others liked this  
got the swags but no verified paypal
on 09/11/12
1RAJ and 12 others liked this  
1,049 SB is a bit expensive, about 900 would be better IMHO.
on 09/04/12
behop93 and 5 others liked this  
1049 swag points are you serious? Not worth bothering with in my opinion. How many hours would you need to spend doing surveys, watching videos and doing mindless 2 swag bucks tasks? It's poor value compared to the rewards on offer if you live in the States.
on 06/24/12
xxzaynxx and 4 others liked this  
To be fair 1049 isn't too bad for £5, considering with minimalistic efforts, I could easily earn that in 5/6 days, just need the time :)

Good luck all - currently on 765 points ~ J
on 05/25/12
sparrowIV and 4 others liked this  
This gives me motivation to actually earn Swagbucks through offers and surveys, instead of just searching! A great prize that opens up the possibility of using Swagbucks to get anything!
on 05/22/12
Bleakly0125 and 5 others liked this  
Good for the people in the UK! Like me! Not needing to worry about exchange rates with dollars! A lot of swagbucks are needed but definitely worth it :)
on 05/14/12
mrandmrsdenne liked this  
too many swagbucks to earn it takes ages to get swagbucks so its hardly worth while but it is a good idea
on 05/09/12
sparrowIV and 1 others liked this  
on 05/09/12
corinne3nayart and 5 others liked this  
Thank you swagbucks for getting paypal uk. It is muchly appreciated. Hows about 100 swagbucks for this comment as i am the first person to commenthttp://www.swagbucks.com/p/prize/28851/PayPal-5-GBP#

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