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Swagbucks Playing Cards

Swagbucks Playing Cards
Swagbucks Playing Cards
Swagbucks Playing Cards
Swagbucks Playing Cards
Swagbucks Playing Cards
out of stock
Price: 499
Snag This!

Show off your Swagbucks spirit on game night with these awesome Swagbucks Playing Cards!

You will love this custom deck of playing cards because it features your favorite Swagbucks characters including The Swag Guy, The Swag Gal and Swagasaurus Bux. This standard poker size 54-playing card deck includes 2 Jokers and the Aces even feature the Swagbucks logo. Snag a deck today and show everyone that you're a proud member of Swag Nation!

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on 06/27/13
Just Ordered These Cant Wait??
on 02/09/13
JackAttackkr and 1 others liked this  
This gives me an idea to make a card game called Swag.
on 12/27/12
This set is awesome! it is fun to use and free! I recommend this to everyone. it is fun to play with and great quality! Thank you swagbucks!
on 01/16/13
your review makes me tempted. But I need Large numbered playing cards. I hope they make those soon. And I would most love a Pinochle deck.
on 12/23/12
chesha78 and 1 others liked this  
They must add more swagbucks gear to their store !:)
on 10/11/12
on 09/08/12
jmariejackson liked this  
I would love to buy these but $5 for a deck of cards is steep for my bargain-hunting nature...I'll watch for a better deal on them - I know I'd use them every day because I always play a hand or two (or three) of solitaire every day. Only 4 stars because of the price, otherwise I'd give 5!
on 09/04/12
foxie42 liked this  
This is so cool! I'm totally getting these when I have the spare bucks!
on 09/01/12
Now thats cool...
on 05/30/12
Anyone have a dollar? Buy one quicker!! Jk swagbucks is cool, but some things are easy to get
on 08/31/12
dc5523 liked this  
Yea, but nobody can 'buy' these...you have to earn em'.
on 08/31/12
Cool cards, but the box rips waaaaaay too easily.
on 07/09/12
on 06/13/12
Getting these because they look AWESOME! Going to show it to my friends that know about Swagbucks once I get them!
on 06/01/12
I recieved these cards weeks ago. I've played mutiple card games every day. Thanks for the good products Swagbucks.
on 05/27/12
These are really cool cards! I'd love to add them to my collection. Why Swagbucks? Why must you make it so hard for me to save up for that necklace?
on 05/21/12
I received these today and I like them very much! I may even consider doing a blog review on them!!
on 05/21/12
Got these in the mail today, and I love them!
on 05/20/12
SwagMeCaptain liked this  
I am a playing card collector (for personal enjoyment, not trade/selling) and ordered a deck. While the cards are nice, easy to play with, the box was very difficult to open. No matter how hard we tried, my boyfriend and I were unable to open without ripping the tuck box. And now that they're open, I thought it'd be easier, but no, not really. The box is damaged each time we use the cards. Might not seem like a big deal to most but if the box isn't in good condition then the cards end up wearing down sooner. Even our dollar store deck of cards opened with no effort at all.
on 05/14/12
I got some! I collect playing cards, so I'm stoked to add these to my collection! Nice quality and totally cute!!
on 05/10/12
i think i might want this. i'm tryin to get all swagbucks stuff they have besides the keychain and tote bag. i really want the t-shirts
on 05/09/12
Actually considering it because it is so cheap.
on 05/06/12
might get it :)
on 05/06/12
Looks like amazing cards...
on 05/05/12
Snagged. I've got plans for this.
on 05/02/12
Sweet! I just ordered this!!!
on 05/05/12
So did i :)
on 05/05/12
SayWHATdude liked this  
Those are so cute!
on 05/05/12
nice like them
on 05/03/12
These are awesome! :D
on 05/02/12
southpaw67::2012-08-12 17:32:51 liked this  
Cool idea :)
on 05/02/12
carlos685 and 5 others liked this  
I've got to have these, my poker buddies are going to fallout after they see the SwagBucks Playing Cards. Their always asking me about joining swagbucks and I think that when they see the kind of stuff you can redeem they'll be ready to join up!

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