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500 GBP Amazon.co.uk Gift Certificate

500 GBP Amazon.co.uk Gift Certificate
500 GBP Amazon.co.uk Gift Certificate
500 GBP Amazon.co.uk Gift Certificate
Price: 82,999
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*Amazon.co.uk is not a sponsor of this promotion. Amazon.co.uk Gift Certificates ("GCs") may be redeemed on the Amazon.co.uk website towards the purchase of eligible products listed in our online catalogue and sold by Amazon.co.uk or any other seller selling through Amazon.co.uk. GCs cannot be reloaded, resold, transferred for value, redeemed for cash or applied to any other account. Amazon.co.uk is not responsible if a GC is lost, stolen, destroyed or used without permission. See www.amazon.co.uk/gc-legal for complete terms and conditions. GCs are issued by Amazon EU S.a r.l. All Amazon®, ™ & © are IP of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates.

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on 11/16/14
KmXiDreaMz liked this  
since I have started I have earned 125,000 sb,
on 01/11/14
lbeare79 and 2 others liked this  
i am finally going to redeem this only 1,000 more swagbucks to go. i am earning 500 a day so i will redeem this in about 2 to 3 days i am so exited :D
on 09/19/14
KmXiDreaMz liked this  
Did you ever redeem it?
on 09/16/14
KmXiDreaMz liked this  
Started 6 days ago, currently averaging 361 SB daily, so I should be able to get this in about 221 days.. (Although this average was offset by me getting 31 SB yesterday while I had little access to internet.. My average was 400-500 before then)

I guess I'm just lucky with surveys!
on 04/13/14
KmXiDreaMz liked this  
I just wanted to know if this is the best viable deal. What I mean is it better to buy smaller amounts that add up to it in case the site goes down or your account gets terminated.
on 08/23/14
KmXiDreaMz liked this  
In comparison to 5 100's it works out as about 1000 sb's less
on 07/20/14
KmXiDreaMz liked this  
i cant work our how people get this im eaning 10 swag bucks a day.... if that, i always get disqualifyed from surveys ;( been on here a month and only have 1100Sb its gonna be a long night :(. can someone give me advise?
on 08/19/14
KmXiDreaMz liked this  
Make 100SB a day, that leads you to getting around 3000SB a month, do this by watching different videos...it does take time the video thing but its good coz while ur watching tv or something, you can just click next on each video
on 08/03/14
KmXiDreaMz liked this  
i feel for you but i did get the 3 pound gift card in two days that was thanks to a 200 sp survay i did but look for high paying ones not just do them all
on 12/09/13
a good way to get this faster is to, no matter what, always get your goal every day because that will give you about 600-700SB more than you already have.
on 12/13/13
I really don't understand the goal system, When I hit my goal, i thought I am supposed to get the allocated bonus SB's too, but I never do! or am I missing something?
on 01/17/14
your daily goal will be credited to your account on the 5th of every month
on 01/11/14
if you are no a survey peson then just play the sbtv in the back ground when you go on your computer and after 30 secounds change the video. it might be annoying but it adds up to alot :D
on 01/11/14
hey guys the fastest way to get this would be the surveys and always complete you goal they won't pay you straight awau with the goal thing but if you keep completeing your gal everyday then it will add up to alot of swags at the end of the month cuz thats when they pay you.
on 07/02/13
Finally just reddemed this voucher took me 4 months to get it
on 01/11/14
well done does it work and stuff?
on 10/23/13
najeed2009 liked this  
How did it take you such a short time? :O
on 01/05/14
I wonder who the first person who is going to get this is
on 01/03/14
I want this :(
on 12/06/13
Would anyone like to refer me and i'll refer them then we'll both be equal in our chances of getting this?
on 10/26/13
carolyn26thfeb90 liked this  
I will get this soon.. Earning at least 500sb a day
on 12/01/13
how do you earn so much so fast? i can't figure out how?
on 10/22/13
sweggy12 and 1 others liked this  
Like if you'll be 101 and still young with 500 quid
on 10/22/13
me and surveys have a thing! so this is a long shot only 82,998 swagbucks left! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHNNNOOOOOO
on 08/29/13
82.997 to go :D
on 07/09/13
hei7 and 2 others liked this  
Earning 150 sbs a day, it would take me years to get.
Guys, be smart and save up for the £25. Your account would probably get deactivated or the site would get close (I highly doubt that) by then LOL
on 02/04/13
I've just joined this site with in a week I've earned 1530 swagbucks there's loads of free ways to get them do you guys do task brows noso do the trusted surveys etc if I keep this up I hopefully will have this for Xmas lol fingers crossed
on 03/15/13
so are all the surveys that pop up on the home page that are daily safe to use ?
on 06/23/13
Yes,I do them quite a lot.
on 05/26/13
I need 80 000 more swagbucks. not a lot
on 04/08/13
lbeare79 liked this  
I've started Swagbucks about a month ago and I now have 3333 SB. At the rate I earn them it should take me around another year and a few months. It will be worth it for 500 quid.
on 01/06/13
Was anyone able to really afford this???
on 01/15/13
Pawel1989 liked this  
I've been on the site for about 20 days and i've got 2000 so with time- yes!
on 07/01/13
What the secret? Well done!
on 01/17/13
so at your rate it would take you 829 days... and getting 100 a day is quite hard, unless you have a lot of spare time in your hands... :/
on 04/07/13
Items like this are affordable if you have a mass amount of referrals who are actively getting search sb.
on 03/10/13
hkhatun004082 liked this  
on 01/29/13
at the rate i earn swagbucks it will take me atleast 10 years to snag this... if any one does manage to snag this let us all know thanks
on 01/28/13
cmish63 , unfortunatly probably not, as that's why its avaliable

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