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CVS eGift Card - $5

CVS eGift Card - $5
CVS eGift Card - $5
CVS eGift Card - $5
Price: 500
Snag This!

As America's largest retail pharmacy, CVS/pharmacy® has the prescription medications, health care products, and other remedies you need "for all the ways you care.

What's more, CVS/pharmacy treats its customers with ExtraCare® - giving them 2% back on all purchases* plus $1 for every 2 prescriptions** purchased.

What better way to gift, reward or provide incentive than with the CVS/pharmacy Gift Card? It can be used at over 7,000 locations nationwide and can even be used toward prescription purchases**.
Order yours today!

Customers appreciate the wide assortment of popular beauty, health, and personal care brands, as well as, the high quality CVS/pharmacy store brand products recognized by value-conscious consumers.
Beauty is one of the core categories, and CVS/pharmacy was named Mass Beauty Retailer of the Year at the 2007 Women's Wear Daily Beauty Biz Awards.

*Excludes alcohol, gift cards, lottery, money orders, prescriptions, postage stamps, pre-paid cards and tobacco products.

+This e-Gift card can only be used in stores and cannot be redeemed at CVS.com.

**Excludes pharmacy items paid for in whole or in part by state and/or federal health care programs. This includes programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. Not valid on prescriptions purchased in NJ or NY. In Louisiana, not valid on any prescription for a controlled dangerous substance.

To view a sample e-Gift Card and a complete list of the Terms & Conditions click here.

Your gift code will be posted on your account profile, under "My Gift Cards" within 10 business days of verifying your purchase.

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on 11/17/12
Where are the instructions on how to use it? I heard that they punch it in manually, but I could see how they would be confused.
Team Rewards Store
on 11/30/12
You will receive a link under "My Gift Cards". When you go to that link you can print it out a bring it in to the store. In the description above you can click on "click here" to view a sample e-Gift Card and a complete list of the Terms & Conditions.
on 03/14/14
Team Rewards Store:
Please consider requesting to have instructions for the cashier included on the print-out. I believe this is what Kachie was trying to clarify above.
Some cashiers treat the print-out as a coupon, so the customer may be missing out on a store discount (it happened to me twice since it's not treated as cash) and the store may be losing money by having these redeemed twice because the balance remains on the gift card and it can be printed again.
CVS e-gift cards from the Recyclebank website include these instructions:
1.Cashier ring sale 2. Total Sale 3. Choose Gift/Money Card button from quick payment row on touch-screen 4. Scan barcode on eGiftcard.
on 01/05/14
Does anyone know if you can get a physical gift card instead of the printed out version
on 03/13/14
Not through Swagbucks. At least not yet.
on 12/07/13
Sizzzel and 2 others liked this  
sorry if you dont know the answer but can these be used for purchasing riot points on league of legends
on 03/11/14
Oh, and you can also get a Sports Authority one. That also works with LoL
on 03/11/14
If it's on the list and the gift card is payed and you have the code... then i guess so.
on 12/08/13
So this = RP on LoL?
Sorry I'm being extra-cautious right now.
on 12/08/13
League ahas this program where you can use certain gift cards to purchase Riot points
on 12/08/13
on 12/14/13
I'm pretty sure the answer is no. You might find LoL pre-paid cards at CVS, but you can't use this gift card from Swagbucks to buy another gift card at CVS. Hope that helps.

on 12/29/13
So CMFroggy: Are you saying that the answer to qwerty's question is YES?
Have you done this with CVS e-gift cards from Swagbucks? Thanks.
on 12/14/13
thank you for the help
on 12/14/13
Sizzzel and 1 others liked this  
What he's talking about is OpenBucks. http://www.openbucks.com/
In League of Legends, if you go to Purchase RP, there are payment options on the left side. The one at the bottom is OpenBucks. If you use OpenBucks, you can put in the code and pin number from the CVS giftcard and use it to buy RP, all within the client. It's an incredibly good system, and the entire reason why I use swagbucks. Free RP OP.
on 12/04/13
How long did it take you guys to get this?
on 12/07/13
about 10 days for all gift cards
on 09/23/13
cruelas liked this  
I've used several of these so far. If the cashier hasn't seen one before, he/she always tries to scan it as a coupon, which is wrong. If it doesn't scan the first time, let the cashier know that it scans as a giftcard. I would think the fact that it says giftcard on it would have clued them in, but even if I tell them it scans as a giftcard, they always try to run it as a coupon first.
on 06/14/13
Zoraluv liked this  
Now the store manager says I cant use it for cigs. the terms and conditions only says you cant get cvs reward point if you use it for prescriptions, alcohol or tobacco. So I wont be ordering cvs cards anymore. walmart lets me use theirs for anything.
on 08/01/13
Well yeah they should, it's a gift card not a coupon
on 05/27/13
I think choosing this reward is risky since it seems it's STILL NEW TO CASHIERS (as of May 2013). I took the risk and it worked out for me, but I could see a different cashier/manager just refusing to accept it.
If you're not in the mood for possibly waiting a few extra minutes at check-out, this reward can be annoying.

The print-out of the gift card that I used had NO INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE CASHIER. I suggested entering the numbers as someone commented below, but after studying the paper for a while, she tried a few things and whatever she did last worked--but I don't know what that was, sorry. I think I got lucky since the cashier was patient.

However, the details above state: "This e-Gift card can only be used in stores" and there's a customer service number on the print-out, so I guess you could always complain to someone to get it to work in the end.
IF ANYONE FROM THE SWAG TEAM IS READING: It would be VERY helpful if the gift c
on 07/25/13
The cashier needs to hit total, select "gift card" as the payment option, and then scan the barcode. Only one of the cashiers at the store I shop at knew how to use this gift card and I had him explain it to me. HTH.
on 03/14/14
sounds about right melanieo3.
I just printed out a CVS e-gift card from another reward site and it says:
1. Ring sale 2. Total sale
3. Chose Gift/Money Card button from quick payment row on touch screen
4. Scan barcode
on 06/12/13
My sister tried using one the other day and the cashier also had a hard time with it. She got lucky and the cashier put it in as a coupon and said something like, "I hope we get credit for it," so I can see the store rejecting it next time.
(also--probably because it was entered as a coupon--she didn't get the full value of the 25% off coupon she was also using since it was not entered as a gift card)

Thanks for your time.
on 06/18/13
gmakitty liked this  
Agreed. I wish there were more detailed instructions. When I redeemed my $10 card, they must have done something wrong because it came up on the receipt as "-$10 CVS coupon" and to this day, the balance on my card has not changed. It still says $10.
on 07/23/13
goldielocksraj liked this  
This happened to me too, so now I have a moral dilemma :)
on 06/27/13
CVS cards are a great value especially with coupons and extra bucks. Just ordered one of these. I had trouble redeeming my $10 one before but I will give it another shot. My sister never has trouble with these for some reason. There are no detailed instructions for the cashiers to follow like the other cards so my only advice is to make sure they know it's a gift card and not a coupon and give it to them AFTER giving them CVS coupons, Manufacturer coupons, and extra bucks.
on 06/14/13
how do I get rid of this albatross
on 03/22/13
i like this one, i try this one first if the store accept it but they accept it on my first attempt, and the second and third times i print it with instruction on it ( i did not clipped it like i used to do in my first gift card when i bring it in store) and now i am waiting for my walmart gift card too, ohhh and also this one.. ^_^...
on 01/24/13
82seeker and 1 others liked this  
I don't like e-gift card. What should I do to redeem swagbucks for physical gift cards? Please help . Thanks
on 12/20/12
Please don't purchase any CVS e-gift cards because you might not be able to use them in store. I ordered a $25 dollar card, printed it out and tried to use it today at my local store. First of all, the store clerks have never seen such cards. They scanned the barcode and got the message something like sequential number is invalid. They were trying to enter it manually and same message. All the instructions on the card are "Using your gift card is simple: Redeem in-store 1. print the card. 2. Use it any CVS store during time of purchase." So, they were refusing my card as it didn't scan. I asked to call the number on the card for CVS Customer service 1-877-259-7078. They did. They put us on hold for 30 minutes . The CS representative Anna Marie said that they do see that my card has $25 balance but she cannot help me to get it redeemed at store because I purchased it from the 3rd party - Swagbucks. So, my $25 CVS e-gift is worthless Swagbucks, please help me.
on 12/20/12
cruelas and 1 others liked this  
I just called CVS customer support (888) 720-6811 and then I was connected to gift card department asking for the directions for using egift card at store. They say the store needs to enter all the digits in the barcode and then the last four digits of the barcode. They should not enter the four digit PIN number. PIN number is only to check balances. Apparently, the store was entering the PIN number. Well, I don't know if those new instructions will work. We have a storm coming and that's why I was trying to finish my shopping today.
Even if new instructions work, I'm still angry at CVS for
1) not providing proper redemption instructions on their card,
2) poor customer service at stores and headquaters.
Ultimately, I wasted so much time. On the positive note, I didn't have any problem with a Walmart e-gift card. I asked and they exchanged it for a plastic one because I want to use it for gas too.
on 07/10/12
onepower liked this  
do they mail the card
on 09/11/12
RAQUKEL liked this  
You can print out the gift card - like the CVS coupons you get through emails - and you just have it scanned at checkout. There's an example in the description above: https://www.vcdelivery.com/Cert/T2/cert_MyCertificate.aspx?sample=true&GSID=09l6DzLXQN9LglGNlcOSYA%3d%3d
on 08/22/12
pkim9071 and 1 others liked this  
I had no idea about the BraggableBargain what a great way to win 150 Swagbucks!
on 08/22/12
pkim9071 liked this  
You tellin me!!!
on 07/09/12
dizzymom4 and 3 others liked this  
This is awesome! I finally got enough points for $10 and I just see this!
on 08/22/12
Your username...
on 07/10/12
on 08/22/12
Love using the CVS gift card, now even better since it is on sale. Thanks swagbucks!
on 07/09/12
elizabethhersom5 and 3 others liked this  
Cvs is like my 2nd husband. I love CVS !!! Thank you swag for getting CVS giftcards for $5 I've been waiting for a long time.
on 08/22/12
LOL gave me a good laugh!
on 07/09/12
onepower liked this  
I'd like this gift card to get my wonderful aunt something nice. She doesn't have a lot of money and could use it.
on 07/09/12
elizabethhersom5 and 4 others liked this  
cvs has some pretty good sales too!

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