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Charity Impact eGift Card - $1

Charity Impact eGift Card - $1
Charity Impact eGift Card - $1
Charity Impact eGift Card - $1
Price: 100
Sale: 85
Snag This!

With the Charity Impact Card you can make a real difference in the world by choosing from over 50+ impact actions, such as planting a tree, feeding a puppy, providing clean drinking water for a day or giving a child in need a meal.

The Charity Impact Card was created to let you support your favorite cause, knowing how you are impacting the world. By working closely with our nonprofit partners such as the American Red Cross, Boys&Girls Club, Food for the Poor, Charity:Water, every redemption will make a difference and create real change.

For every $1 of the Charity Impact Card, you will receive 1,000 Impact
Points that you can use for charitable acts on the Charity Impact Card website. As an example, with only $5, you can help to create all this positive change:

  • Provide Clean Water for a person for a day

  • Offset 2 lbs of Carbon

  • Feed one Rescued Puppy

  • Prevent Illegal Elephant Poaching

  • Give a Toothbrush to a Disadvantaged Child

Please check out our website at CharityImpactCard.com.

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on 03/31/15
dgoyer liked this  
Consider when you are donating to the cause how much of it is going to the salaries of CEOs,COOs and VPs. Some bring in more than a million dollars in compensation. So how much is really going to the cause. Go to www.charitywatch.org and look up the charity you wish to donate to and click on the Salary tab. I love donating to great causes but these officers are making too much money. No one needs to make $400k to a million dollars in wages. That money is taken away from the charity it is meant to benefit.
on 03/30/15
Does anyone know when this sell ends?
on 02/14/15
Is the charitable impact card website a real donation place, does the money actually go to giving water to a child, or giving them a toothbrush. how do i know that the money i donate is actually going to it
on 02/17/15
1 swag buck is like 1 cent.
So itune gift card code is 5 bucks. = 500 swagbucks.
The amazon egift card is on sale. Only 450 swagbucks. It is $5. but the swagbucks converted = $4.50 it is on sale too
on 03/03/15
no, it is not on sale. it is 500 sb for a $5 amazon gift card. otherwise the $25 amazon gift card is on sale for 2200 sb
on 03/14/15
josh56 liked this  
The $5 card *was* on sale when Tesla wrote that, though.
on 06/14/14
NeeonLiights and 3 others liked this  
it said in 1 500 point donates 10 cents. o 20 cent=1000 points? Do they keep 80%???
on 08/06/14
Also can you provide the source to this information, as I read it CharityImpact, in their own words, "What amount of my donation is actually driving the impact that is referenced?
We are working closely with all our nonprofit partners and have defined impactful micro-actions that are being done on your behalf. Our nonprofit partners have given us a specific amount that they need to carry out an impact action. We will wire 100% of that amount to the charity, so the action can be accomplished. Most of the charity profiles on the site also list the dollar amount that is needed to create a specific impact."
on 03/03/15
well take what they say with a grain of salt.
UNICEF says they donate 100% of what they recieve, but i had a friend who did some research, and came out with an AVERAGE COMMISSION UNICEF takes is 60% of the money they recieve. after that, I volunteered for unicef, and i found out that the majority of his research was TRUE. the fault of his research is that UNICEF takes 70% and usually takes 20% more to ship the items. so in the end, the children ONLY GET TEN PERCENT.
on 08/06/14
I'm willing to support both, I enjoy swag and don't mind paying back into the companies that do right by me, perhaps the ratio could be a bit improved, but don't let it fully discourage you. Swag has overhead costs to deal with as well. Regardless, namaste, Good day and God Bless.
on 11/05/14
AntiSwagGamer and 6 others liked this  
SWAG BUCKS LEGAL ISSUES. If you have had a call from someone asking for your bank details claiming they will get you out of debt then this is due to SwagBucks giving out your personal infroamtion, this has happened to me twice, the first account I had used my real name and after that happened I deleted my account and made this one with a fake name. Sure enough the scammers rung me again using the fake name on this account, this name has not been used on any other site but SwagBucks. Clear proof that they gave out my information yet again to a third party asking for my bank details to be able to get me out of debt that I do not even have. If you have experianced this too I please ask you to repost this and make sure people know of it, they can not ignore it if we all come foward!
on 03/03/15
the company knows your IP ADRESS, which is determined when the computer is made. even if you delete an account and reopen a new one, they will still know your ip adress and wills till be able to track you and ask you for random information.

hope this helps.

on 03/14/15
IP addresses aren't "determined when the computer is made." You can learn a bit more here. http://whatismyipaddress.com/ip-basics
on 01/20/15
on 02/04/15
Yeah ur right.
on 01/07/15
How do i use it, i bought this, but i don't know how i use it, help. Great idea though, that is why i rate 8/8
on 01/07/15
Nevermind, i used it already
on 12/12/14
rukhsardin liked this  
I'm glad I can help people and the environment just a little bit especially since people have always helped me when I needed it and the earth provides for everything I need.
on 11/23/14
BUTTSNSTUFF liked this  
yeah sure il donate
on 11/11/14
PlanetHead and 1 others liked this  
I am happy to help those who need it with my own money. Thank you, Swagbucks, for notifying me of this wonderful cause.
on 08/29/14
Kd39 liked this  
I am happy to help those who need it with my own money. Thank you, Swagbucks, for notifying me of this wonderful cause.
on 08/22/14
Great choice!
on 08/16/14
fireginny and 2 others liked this  
I'm happy to spend all my SB on Charity Impact, I would just like to see where the donations are going and how much of a difference we're all making as a whole!
on 08/11/14
love this choice
on 08/10/14
swaguser64959108 liked this  
We gotta help other people in need.
on 08/06/14
I recently thanked SwagBucks on facebook for allowing these options go give back to local communities and the world at large, and it's great to see such a great deal on these charity cards, bout to snag some swag.
on 08/06/14
earningswags and 1 others liked this  
As a side note it would be awesome to allow us to buy perhaps 4 of these cards a day on just this offer alone, I wish I could do more than 2 dollars a day, anywho, thanks again!
on 06/28/14
swaguser64959108 and 2 others liked this  
Anybody know how I can use this? I have a giftcard but there are no instructions on what site to use it for.
on 06/28/14
swaguser64959108 and 5 others liked this  
Nevermind, it's right here on this page. xD
on 06/24/14
largehead and 5 others liked this  
Great way to spend my SwawgBucks. I am a huge supporter of animals (I volunteer at the local shelter and have two rescued dogs at home) so I chose to feed a rescued puppy. I couldn't resist the cute photo.

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