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$25 Amazon.com Gift Card

$25 Amazon.com Gift Card
$25 Amazon.com Gift Card
$25 Amazon.com Gift Card
Price: 2,500
Snag This!

Amazon.com Gift Cards never expire and can be redeemed towards millions of items at www.amazon.com. Amazon.com's huge selection includes products in Books, Electronics, Music, MP3 Downloads, Video on Demand, DVD, Apparel & Accessories, Video Games, Software, Sports & Outdoors, Toys, Baby, Computer & PC Hardware, Home & Garden, Jewelry, Beauty, Cell Phones & Service, Home Improvement, Office Products, Camera & Photo, Pet Supplies, and more. Amazon.com is the place to find and discover almost anything you want to buy online at a great price.

*Amazon.com is not a sponsor of this promotion. Except as required by law, GCs cannot be transferred for value or redeemed for cash. GCs may be used only for purchases of eligible goods on Amazon.com or certain of its affiliated websites. For complete terms and conditions, see www.amazon.com/gc-legal. GCs are issued by ACI Gift Cards, Inc., a Washington corporation. ©,®,™ Amazon.com Inc. and/or its affiliates, 2012.

How do I verify my order and where do I see the status?

How are gift cards from the Rewards Store delivered to me?

Access to your gift code will be emailed and posted on your account profile, under "My Gift Cards" within 10 business days of verifying your purchase.

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on 09/04/14
WoogityBoogity and 7 others liked this  
They need to add steam cards to rewards shop
on 01/22/15
ikr, but since best buy sells 'em online, I by those instead.

But still, steam would be nice
on 10/17/14
LadySapphire and 1 others liked this  
why is swagbucks tv mobile only giving 36 swagbucks it use to be 50!
on 01/01/15
sexy25 liked this  
true man, hate that!
on 03/10/13
sexy25 liked this  
soooo gonna get this
on 06/05/13
Lets see here.....

1x $5.00 AGC = 450 SwagBucks
1x $25.00 AGC = 2500 SwagBucks

450 x 5 = 2250 SwagBucks

2500 - 2250 = 250 SwagBucks remaining

so..... nah!
on 06/07/13
Stormiela and 3 others liked this  
Most people usually add express shipping to their $5 AGC,
so 50 x 5 = 250SBs 2250SBs= 2500 SBs

so....... =P
on 05/27/14
lisaz19 and 1 others liked this  
Who is dumb enough to throw away 250SB for "express processing", especially since it's only a gift card at a small value!?! Only time I ever pay for extra shipping for anything I order is if i can get it significantly cheaper online AND it is an item that broke or I need before a certain time and I couldn't plan ahead for it.

Most folks don't understand the "penny saved is a penny earned" concept. I guess that's why I have nice home, car, and very little debt
on 06/16/13
MMORT1997 and 2 others liked this  
Also people who already ordered five 450 Amazon cards might want to get more Amazon cards without waiting for the next month to come so the $15 and $25 cards are there as well
on 03/02/14
PocketPlayer liked this  
That's me lol but I've learned that if I save up each month with my normal daily earning as well as the daily meter goal bonuses on the 5th of each month, I earn enough for 1 $100 card and 1 $25 card. I prefer to buy the bigger increments to get larger amounts faster. :P
on 12/14/14
I mostly only search and do daily pools. Have earned about 1,000 in 2 months.
on 07/29/14
Its true c:
on 07/23/14
RocketKnight liked this  
SBTV Mobile on my phone
EntertaiNow on my tablet
Surveys, games, daily poll, noso, encraves on my computer(s)
I average between 410-520SB daily doing this. I also make anywhere from 1500-2300 a month on bonuses from reaching both of my daily goals every day for that month.
on 06/22/14
Are you being serious? I earned a little over 1200 SB and I started like 5 hours ago
on 06/21/14
how on earth do you earn $125 each month? It's taken me 6 months just to earn 1,044 SB.
on 12/10/14
Yes it's here.....ok so if anyone is wondering it took me 6 overall days
on 11/18/14
I got it in full within a day, but can you believe Amazon will charge you a SALES TAX if you purchase with a GIFT CARD??!!?!?!

See if Sales tax will be applied in your state on Amazon for these gift cards before spending, so you wont be surprised!
on 12/10/14
i think sales tax is on most amazon orders
on 12/02/14
I font know if this is against the rules or not. But if it is im sorry I really need referals. Can you all please download feature points and use my code 5XMBA2. It would be greatly appreciated if you did.
on 10/17/14
303049a liked this  
What takes the Amazon cards so long to get here? Unbelievable! Ususally I get better service than I am now.
on 09/16/14
Does anyone know if I could use this on Amazon.ca ?
on 09/16/14
No. These are Amazon.com Gift cards. Not sure how Swagbucks handles Canadian accounts. Wonder if they have a different site with Canadian Amazon Gift Cards.

Here's Amazon's Gift Card policy. Look at section 2. Limitations.

Gift Cards may not be redeemed for the purchase of products at www.amazon.at, www.amazon.com.br, www.amazon.ca, www.amazon.cn, www.amazon.de, www.amazon.es, www.amazon.fr, www.amazon.in, www.amazon.it, www.amazon.co.jp, www.amazon.com.mx, www.amazon.co.uk, or any other website owned and operated by us, our affiliates, or any other person or entity, except as indicated by these terms and conditions. Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase other gift cards. Gift Cards cannot be reloaded, resold, transferred for value or redeemed for cash, except to the extent required by law. Unused Gift Card balances in an Amazon.com account may not be transferred to
on 09/17/14
on 07/16/14
WHT is the easyest way to earn swag bucks anyone? please help
on 09/16/14
12SimeonThunder liked this  
The easiest way is through the Mobile apps. The first 2 possibly 3 are available on iOS and Android. Last 2 are Android Only as far as I'm aware. Other than that just multitasking. Games, Watch/SBTV, Answer Surveys, Discover > Encraves and To Do List on the Homepage.
Swagbucks TV
Sportly TV
Indymusic TV
on 08/30/14
take surveys. sign up for surveys and you may get up to 50 swagbucks. I've gotten over 100 swagbucks in one day by taking 2 surveys.
on 07/16/14
like alot of them
on 09/02/14
if you sign up for the peanut lab surveys, you can take the gold surveys, as well as the peanut lab ones. sometimes you may be rejected, but other times you may earn 48 swagbucks. be patient, sometimes it takes a while.
on 06/30/14
I used 2500 swagbucks for a 25.00 goft card but it only crdited 20.00 to my account. Why?
on 06/27/14
sexy25 and 4 others liked this  
If you earn at least 5,000 a month, you will do better by getting 5 of the $5 Amazon gift cards first and then getting this one. That works out to 4750 for $50.00, which saves you 250 SB in the end. :)
on 04/26/12
Paquita2038 and 3 others liked this  
Just get 5 $5 amazon gift cards. it only costs 2250 SB
on 05/27/14
adriennel liked this  
That's what I normally do - however I found out this past month there's a lmiit of 5 reward order per months. It wouldn't let me order my 6th $5 AGC. Pretty lame... there's no limit on how many you can earn, don't restrict how many I can spend....
on 02/07/14
how long did it take?
on 07/08/13
zoom25 and 4 others liked this  
True but theirs that 5 $5 Amazon gift card limit each month.
on 03/28/14
Do the gift cards take longer to redeem for new accounts? My husband had his account for 4 years and his gift cards credit within 3 days at the most. Its been 7 days and no gift card yet. Hopefully no longer than 10 days.
on 03/31/14
MeaKyori and 3 others liked this  
Just an update, after 10 days I did not receive the gift card. i contacted support and they credited the gift card within minutes. Great member support. Thanks!
on 03/24/14
deli777 and 1 others liked this  
Everyone, it seems Swagbucks has massively improved the time it takes to get your gift card. I ordered my $25 about 2 days ago and I just got the gift card today. This is drastically better than it was a year ago when it would take almost 2 weeks.

Thank you Swagbucks for improving the experience for me!
on 03/07/14
MW2L3g3nd and 5 others liked this  
Most of the time, it takes around 10 days for me to get the $5 amazon gift cards. I just ordered this $25 one yesterday and it already came in!
on 06/12/13
Does anyone know if amazon.com ships to Canada? There are these sunglasses I wanna get but they aren't available on amazon.ca
on 03/02/14
Depends on the seller. Take a chance and buy them.
on 01/09/14
i just want to know if it would be OK to order another amazon gift card after the first one i ordered? have not i gotten it yet i only ordered it 3 days ago the one i ordered is the first one i ever ordered should i order another or will it do something to My first order? because i need to another amazon gift card for the things i want to get Please reply
on 03/02/14
adriennel is correct. You may order as many rewards as you wish. They are all separate orders and do not affect each other in any way whatsoever.
on 02/28/14
lmd1dzayn and 2 others liked this  
You can order another even if the first hasn't come yet, the new order won't mess up the other one :-)
on 02/06/14
Hey guys I ordered my $25 Amazon gift card on the 18 of January 2014 and now its it February 6 and I still didn't get it I verified it already through not ways but I still didn't get could someone please help
on 02/07/14
please help me
on 02/15/14
You should email SB and let them know. They said it takes 10 business days, so after the 10 days I checked my gift card to see if it had arrived, but no Luck, so I emailed them and I got it the very next day!!!
on 10/07/13
adriennel liked this  
Just got the code for my gift card today! Going to use it to buy Christmas gifts.
on 02/07/14
how long did it take?
on 10/07/13
Great, just takes a while to recieve it
on 02/07/14
how long did it take?
on 02/07/14
dresacaguing liked this  
Hey guys I ordered my $25 Amazon gift card on the 18 of January 2014 and now its it February 6 and I still didn't get it I verified it already through not ways but I still didn't get could someone please help
on 02/03/14
i accidentally put in the wrong phone number and didnt get the text, now everytime i try to rebuy anything, it says i need account verification which is the pin from the sms text, is there some way i can change payment methods again or redo my real number, because its been stuck for like this for a week. thanks for help
on 01/07/14
Does anyone know what the rules are for redeeming gift cards? LIke how many per week can you redeem?
on 01/23/14
gustav13 liked this  
The limits are as follows: You can order up to 5 $5 Amazon Gift Cards per calendar month. You can order up to 2 of any gift card on any particular day. Beyond those two rules, you can order whatever you want. There are no other limits besides the two mentioned here.
on 01/21/14
I think it's 5 per month...
on 01/18/14
marioho liked this  
can anyone please tell me why it says "we thought you should know, this prize is currently unavailable" when i click on the "snag this!" button? did this happen to you too?
on 04/15/13
koalawoman and 8 others liked this  
Thanks to Swagbucks and many, many Amazon gift cards, today my Roomba (robotic vacuum) was delivered. $500 and paid for entirely with gift cards. Hoping that it will help keep the dust down for my asthma!
on 01/08/14
I was told by amazon.ca today, that you can only use 1 gift card per order :( Did you use more than one gift card in one order??
on 10/25/13
AngelGirly5 liked this  
It does seem that since the express shipping was taken down, the orders seems to go through faster (about 1 week) instead of 2. Maybe it's just me.
on 11/23/13
It's not just you, one of my orders came in three days ( it was over the weekend though. )
on 10/10/13
MMORT1997 liked this  
Its been 10 days and no express shipping :/
I havent used any of the swagbucks. I have enough for either 25 bucks for amazon or for paypal
They need to add it already.
on 10/13/13
I want express shipping back too! It's half a month overdue.
on 10/11/13
You have to order which reward you want. Just click "Snag this!".
on 10/13/13
She was saying that she had enough to snag either a $25 Amazon card or a $25 Paypal card, but she wants the express shipping back.
on 05/08/12
MMORT1997 and 8 others liked this  
why is there such a long wait time to get a digital delivery? takes longer then snail mail....i dont get it
on 05/09/12
MMORT1997 and 2 others liked this  
same lol apparently they can only type a number a day.. ive purchased e cards that are in your email within 2 hours.. at this rate they could mail the card personally and it would be here faster.
on 07/08/13
TonyB2010 liked this  
Actually SwagBucks doesn't send you your Amazon Gift Card. Amazon sends it in, SwagBucks never see's your Amazon Gift Card.
on 07/26/12
MMORT1997 and 3 others liked this  
Well, they do have to do this a couple thousand times a day guys.
on 10/02/13
your argument has no merit, as post below stated that other sites are alot faster and alot more traffic than this one. so that excuse dont work anymore
on 09/01/13
I get mine from Bing in a day and I got one within a few hours. I get money in my Paypal from other PTC sites quicker than this. I also get some of my orders from Amazon quicker than it takes me to get $5 from here.
on 09/20/13
MMORT1997 and 2 others liked this  
what happen 2 fast shipping
on 01/26/13
96shell liked this  
So does anyone here want to reefer to me? message me if so I'll reefer back i have time in my hands so i be making at least 100 a day i will try to get 1000 swag bucks every week it might benefit you but you need to put lil bit of effort in it too if you want to benefit from this site let's help out each other =D
PS. can you message me here? idk i just started still learning if not then hit me up on my youtube channel XsinisterX616 just search that on youtube.
on 09/11/13
hey ill do it i earn about 1,500 in two weeks so yea add me
on 01/29/13
MMORT1997 and 2 others liked this  
you're already a member ,you can't be a referral , an no one who is already signed up can be one either and you only win referral bucks from there search wins
on 08/19/13
Dumplingz liked this  
I may have made a mistake, will this giftcars still work on the Canadian site? cause i accidentally bought this one.
im kind of dumb.
on 09/10/13
Ill take the gift card
on 09/04/13
MMORT1997 and 2 others liked this  
Such a shame the Express Delivery got taken down...I hope it comes back because it was worth the 50 SBs to use it.
on 09/07/13
In the blog they said Express Shipping will be back by October 1st.
on 08/29/13
so only a limit on 5 dollar ones
on 08/29/13
MMORT1997 liked this  
what the heck I got express shipping day before yesterday for my gc and it's still not there
on 07/31/13
if you want to get gift crd ,use appcasher in iphone.
on 03/24/13
MMORT1997 and 2 others liked this  
WTF they removed express shipping?! >:(
on 03/25/13
MMORT1997 and 1 others liked this  
the express shipping will be back april 2nd, they removed it in honor of passover and Easter
on 05/22/13
on 07/08/13
yankees992012 answered that, you should re-read it...
on 05/24/13
Do these expire?
on 07/01/13
on 05/26/13
No, they don't expire.
on 07/01/13
i only need 1875 more to get this plus rush shipping
on 04/12/13
Will I eventually get a code to use this gift card online rather than waiting for it to be mailed?
on 06/05/13
the e-Gift Card never gets mailed to you, its posted in your account.
on 04/19/13
You should check in the My Gift Cards section to see if it popped up there.
on 06/01/13
I want this
on 03/15/13
Dumplingz and 1 others liked this  
Is this valid on the Canadian site?
on 05/24/13
Just looked at the other Amazon $25 one and it's for Canadian users. Try Amazon.ca e-gift certificate, I think it's the same as this one but for Canadians and it's an e-gift certificate.
on 05/24/13
I'd like to know this too, because unlike some, I don't live in the U.S.
on 03/19/13
just got my 25 gift cart in my in box and just swag another one i got it in moring and am worthing on my #3 one :) they r fast at send them...
on 04/16/13
how many days did you have to wait for the gift card?
on 06/05/13
10-14 business days or 2 days if you add express shipping for an extra 50 SwagBucks. So for the normal price at 2,500 SwagBucks logically 3 weeks.
on 03/23/13
How did you get so many swagbucks
on 05/11/13
Quickest way, do trial offers. Then do surveys.
on 03/24/13
I am close to getting this. I just use the toolbar daily, watch videos, answer the daily poll, and when I buy stuff online I do it through Walmart or Amazon, that way I can get swagbucks.
on 04/23/13
how much time it take 2 get authentication code via post?
on 05/04/13
According to the last text on the page it says "Your gift code will be posted on your account profile, under "My Gift Cards" within 10 business days of verifying your purchase." as of 04 May 2013
on 04/14/13
I ordered my amazon gift card 10 days ago. It seems to take some time....Where are you gift card?!?
on 04/19/13
It can definitely take a little while. 10-14 business days, I believe but you WILL get it so that's a good thing.
on 04/03/13
ManiacWinners360 and 2 others liked this  
I thought that express shipping would be back April 3rd ? But it's not there yet. I Just tried to order a $25 Amazon card and the option wasn't there.
on 04/04/13
i ordered mine almost 7 days ago
on 03/28/13
hopefully mine comes soon order it day before yesterday
on 04/01/13
Wow Still Haven't Gotten It :(
on 03/18/13
what is it?
on 03/15/13
got it on time a day nice work. great news
on 02/25/13
ashmcara90 liked this  
Just incase anyone is wondering, I ordered this with express delivery on Feb 22nd, and I received it at Feb 25th.
3 Days, not bad Swagbucks, not bad at all.
on 01/02/13
KevTrinh liked this  
i thought swagbucks was only doing this until the end of last year.....
on 01/02/13
gagreels and 3 others liked this  
I was under the same impression. Definitely not complaining though! These reasonable giftcard "prices" create an incentive to earn more each day since your efforts are rewarded much faster, and it makes your time spent worthwhile!

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