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The Home Depot $10 Gift Card

The Home Depot $10 Gift Card
The Home Depot $10 Gift Card
The Home Depot $10 Gift Card
Price: 1,000
Snag This!

The Home Depot® is helping people do more with their hard earned money. From modest projects like updating your bath to small projects with a big impact like paint. The Home Depot can help you get more done in your home for less. That's the power of the world's largest home improvement retailer. The Home Depot. More saving. More doing.℠

Please allow up to 1 hour upon delivery confirmation for activation before redemption.

Swagbucks is not affiliated with The Home Depot®. The Home Depot®; is not a sponsor of this program. The Home Depot®; is a registered trademark of Homer TLC, Inc.

To view a sample e-Gift Card and a complete list of the Terms & Conditions click here.

Your gift code will be posted on your account profile, under "My Gift Cards" within 10 business days of verifying your purchase.

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on 04/26/15
Takeshi0493 liked this  
great gift card especially prepping for summer
on 12/06/14
Takeshi0493 and 1 others liked this  
Ok used it first time in Canada.no hussel at all.cashier scanned it and thats it.amd also to Canadians its 10 USD so you get little bit more.it was 11.80 for me today.Nice!!!
on 10/23/13
Great reward. Does this card work on the Canadian online store website (i.e., homedepot.ca)? Thanks!
on 01/01/14
Comment Under Review
on 11/16/14
basoomee and 1 others liked this  
it says it does!
on 12/12/13
Takeshi0493 liked this  
giving this to my dad for christmas he'll love it
on 11/24/13
Can I print out one of these as a gift? Or must it be redeemed online only?
on 11/24/13
Nevermind, I scanned down and this has already been answered. :)
on 05/18/13
tigermonkey1 liked this  
It would be nice if there was a $5 home depot card. Theres a $5 Lowes card but they never has what Im looking for.
on 05/10/13
what is the limit on how may of these I can get in one month? i have enough points to get 3, can i get 2 today and one tomarrow?
on 02/19/12
MaraJade9 liked this  
This is soooo awesome. I am thrilled to be able to get Home Depot ecards. Just in time for spring and I am already planning which flowers to plant.
on 10/22/12
How long did it take to get the $10.00 Home Depot card?
hsaid::2012-02-20 14".."+
on 02/19/12
That's a lot of swagbucks for only $10
on 09/11/12
1 swagbuck is roughly worth 1 cent to 0.01 cent. So you are getting most of your bucks.
on 06/12/12
JudyandB09 and 2 others liked this  
Don't be greedy. it's actually a really good deal.
on 06/12/12
yolidave liked this  
Only 1049. That's one of the best gift card ratios out there.
on 10/22/12
And this was a better price than what they are offering for today's braggable bargin at 1099!
on 10/01/12
how long does it take to get pin number in the mail?
on 09/12/12
moody341 and 1 others liked this  
It's a pretty good deal. Stop being cheap!
on 06/12/12
MtStar and 2 others liked this  
To help factor in on your decision to get this card here's advice on some things you can get with this $10 Home Depot card: batteries, bug spray, sponges, dishwashing scrubber, and dishwashing liquid soap. There's other things you can get that's under $10 too. Goodluck.
on 09/29/11
is it possible to use this towards a dishwasher purchase in store or is strickly buy online items? lost, on this one, thanks so much.
on 06/12/12
MommaNelly and 2 others liked this  
It's not strictly for online items. You can use it in the store. You just print out the e-gift card, and they scan it in the store. It's sooo easy.
on 02/17/12
Can someone help me ,Canadian here,can you use Canadian homedepot store or online,use e cards ,if order online must be shipping cost.new to this e card,past got gift cards by mail. wish swagbucks would have at less one gift card send by mail.would be great.
on 02/25/12
I received one and used it in the store ... very easy they just scan it when you pay and it automatically came up.
on 02/17/12
msun209 liked this  
IS there a limited time after swagbucks send it to me e card ,Thatyou have use it. up
on 02/17/12
lol also, it reads up there in terms and conditions, "Gift cards do not expire" so my statement stands true, it is against the law for gift cards to expire.
on 02/17/12
in the state of california its against the law for gift certificates/cards to expire.

on 02/16/12
willybucks liked this  
I have been saving up for the $100 card. Can I order more than one of these at this price? Will the store let me use all of them on one transaction? I really need my orange trees for my back yard.
on 02/16/12
You can order 2 prizes a day and use as many of these as you want on one transaction
on 02/16/12
Thanks for the information.
on 02/17/12
Tattoo87 liked this  
And you can order two more today before the prize changes. :)
on 07/02/11
So how do you use it in store then?
on 12/02/11
You bring in the printed paper and there is a barcode for the store to scan. Easy as that!
on 12/06/11
o, that makes sense cuz i was also confused. i just bought it for my dad
on 10/04/11
staciecasey liked this  
I am still confused? Do they send you a gift card code via email and an actual plastic gift card in the mail? How do you get the plastic card mailed to you?
on 12/02/11
Swagbucks send you an URL ("go to my giftcards")and you click it then you paste in the code (will be there with with the URL) and it will bring you to a page to print the gift card. There is no actual plastic gift card.
on 05/12/11
ZappySphink liked this  
"Valid toward purchase of merchandise/services at any The Home Depot® store in the United States, its territories or possessions and in Canada"

So this is valid in CANADA!!???????!!!! Yahoooooo- something other than an Amazon.ca GC! THANK YOU SWAGBUCKS!
The Swag Gal
on 05/16/11
jemcore and 9 others liked this  
Yep - it's available for Canadians! I'm hooking you up with 100SB for your comment! :o)
on 11/11/11
i haz a question if i wanted to buy an ultimate game card for like...5 bucks do i get the scratch code in my inbox or...is it in the mail?
on 05/18/11
Awesome! Thanks so much!!!
I'm participating in a community garden this year- and I've been shopping at Home Depot frequently because of the supplies I need. Being able to redeem SB for HD Gift Cards will help help out a great deal :)
on 10/05/11
I am super excited about this deal! I love swag bucks! but I am still confused. LOL Can someone please tell me how you get the actual plastic card mailed to you? Is it after you copy and paste the link into your address bar? Or do you have to call customer service right off the bat?
Thanks so much!
on 07/19/11
tosha38401 liked this  
If i get this when i have enough points which i have 700 :(, do u get the plastic card to be used in store...or a printable one?
on 07/30/11
its a E-gift card that means you just get the number thats it
on 06/12/11
When I "snagged" this it didn't say E-card. I Copy and pasted URl and got a "warning" about unsafe website.
I had to contact swagbucks customer service. Not worth the effort to me, too many steps. I will stick with the plastic card that comes in the mail.
on 05/19/11
So, this is a gift card sent via email and not postal?
on 05/24/11
So, how do you use them? Like the O'Charley's cards....how do you use those e-cards?
JayLaw::2013-05-31 1".."+
on 06/03/11
I don't know if you figured it out by now but I bought two of these. Once I received them in "my gift cards". It gives you a url website to go to...It's an odd address like http://egft.in/...... You put in your address bar and it may pull up a screen that looks like a security violation/ certificate error, you have to continue into site. When you get onto the site, it will have the Home Depot logo and information....Type in your CHALLENGE # (exactly as is, if not, you'll get so many tries before you are locked out and you'll have to call customer service to get it reset----joke on me)....and that's it! Enjoy
on 05/15/11
But if you do the math, the 50$ one is cheaper
on 05/03/11
Cassieandra23 liked this  
This is a great new gift card for all us homeowners.

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