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Flipkart.com Gift Voucher - Rs.500

Flipkart.com Gift Voucher - Rs.500
Flipkart.com Gift Voucher - Rs.500
Flipkart.com Gift Voucher - Rs.500
Flipkart.com Gift Voucher - Rs.500
Price: 950
Snag This!

Flipkart is one of the best online shopping portals. Their on-time delivery and a wide range of products for men, women, and children makes them the most sought after brand. A Flipkart e-voucher gives you the freedom to buy bestselling books, trendy clothes, kitchen appliances, stationery, bags, watches, beauty, and healthcare products, toys, and even music CDs. A Flipkart e-voucher opens the doors to the magical world of online shopping.

Your gift code will be posted on your account profile, under "My Gift Cards" within 10 business days of verifying your purchase.

Terms & Conditions
The Flipkart.com e-Gift Voucher can only be redeemed on the Flipkart.com website.
e-Gift Vouchers cannot be used to purchase other e-Gift Vouchers.
One or more e-Gift Vouchers can be redeemed against an order.
If the order value exceeds the e-Gift Voucher amount, the balance must be paid by Credit Card / Debit Card / Internet Banking.
If the order value is less than the amount of the e-Gift Voucher, the outstanding balance (after deduction of order value) will reflect under the same e-Gift Voucher.
e-Gift Vouchers and unused portions of e-Gift Vouchers expire 1 year from the date of issue.
e-Gift Vouchers cannot be redeemed for Cash or Credit but are transferable.
Flipkart.com is not responsible if an e-Gift Voucher is lost, stolen or used without permission.

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on 05/12/15
It's almost two months that I have odered two flipkart gift card worth Rs500 & Rs 1000. My order order Id are Order #13151960 and
Order #13437559. I was asked to send an email to compliance@swagbucks.com describing my problem to receive the gift card. I have contacted them two times each for the two gift cards but I still not receive my gift card. Please help me out and do the needful so that I can receive my gift card.
Contact me: sunitkumardas.12@gmail.com
on 04/14/15
xulfi and 1 others liked this  
When i clicked 'snag this' a new window opened for me. There i typed my name, address, etc. After dat they asked me to authenticate whether by sms or post card. I chose via sms and den i typed my number, but even after half and hour i didnt receive any authentication number on my phone via sms. I done the same thing for more two times. But the problem(no sms) was still there. And now, i am blocked, there is even not the option of changing the number, When i click 'snag this' once again, Its directly written in red box:

'Account Verification

You have requested a PIN which should be arriving, or has arrived via SMS Please enter your PIN below.

Enter Pin:
Can anyone help to resolve this problem. Please
on 05/03/15
Probably, your luck is not with you.
But in my case, when I ordered the Rs. 500 amazon.in gift card, I chose SMS & the SMS arrived in a few seconds. The phone no. on which SMS arrived was prepaid. I think your no. is postpaid.
I'm loving swagbucks a lot nowadays.
on 04/09/15
priyankasundar20 liked this  
Just received my second Giftcard :)
on 08/27/13
priyankasundar20 liked this  
I am from india bu when i clicked 'Snag this' button..I am getting message like 'This is not available for canadian residents'.....Please somebody help me....
on 09/08/13
priyankasundar20 liked this  
Can you get the trick that how change your country. Please tell me
on 04/08/15
priyankasundar20 liked this  
What u have to do is just contact the SB Support and write them to change ur country to India. That's it!
BUT....REMEMBER- u won't earn 9-47 sb for searching, u'll earn only 1 sb for searches.........and ur earnings would be very low. I think the key for SBs is DISCOVER->SPL OFFERS.
on 02/08/15
Shmeguul and 1 others liked this  
How do you earn swagbucks? I hardly earn 5-6 a day because most of the features are not available in India. Also there are no surveys available nowadays.
on 04/02/15
priyankasundar20 liked this  
Just be sincere with it....you will collect 950 just in some time
on 02/17/15
priyankasundar20 liked this  
Same problem here
on 10/18/14
priyankasundar20 liked this  
Its been 7 working days I haven't received my code till now. I trust swagbucks a lot but still I am getting impatient.
on 01/08/15
priyankasundar20 liked this  
Did you get it now?
on 04/01/15
priyankasundar20 liked this  
yeah I got it in 13days...
on 03/27/15
got my reward thank you swagbucks
on 03/30/15
Congrats! :-)
I'm glad that so many Indians are taking benefit of Swagbucks.com.
I've requested SB to add GCs of ebay.in, freecharge.in and more.........
on 03/23/15
I sang amazone.com gift card wroth rupees 300 and but it is useless for me :(..there is no many options for indians...
on 03/12/14
arjunkrishna052 liked this  
How to use flipkart voucher after getting e voucher
on 06/15/14
how can indian customers win swag bucks. not able to use the toolbar, swag codes wont work, also sbtv also not available for india. how did you managed to earn swag bucks
on 06/15/14
how can indian customers win swag bucks. not able to use the toolbar, swag codes wont work, also sbtv also not available for india. how did you managed to earn swag bucks.
on 03/26/15
Hey Vagish, I'm also from India and i joined on 22 Jan 2015 and on 26/03/15 I have 971 SB!
Out of 971 SB, 608 are from spl offers! :-)
on 10/12/14
#toolbar can be used-it gives 1 or 3 swagbucks,make it your default...
#noso can also be accessed there is a link...-2sb daily
#swag codes come late night use sc-s;com to know about them
#surveys help to earn a lot-40 to 60sb
#discover ->special offers
#finally refferals
on 12/01/14
Shmeguul liked this  
but only earch bar and poll is available in india .... in search box 1 bucks after 50 to 60 searches
on 12/01/14
sorry search bar in place of earch bar
on 06/14/14
when u place an order in flip kart they will give u many options of payment u can just select gift voucher and enter the gift voucher codes and u will see that the amount in the gift vouche rwill be added to the final payment.

on 11/09/14
kp1336 liked this  
I requested for the pin on 28/10 but have not received the pin yet. Any idea as to when I will receive it
on 10/29/14
swaguser16703344 liked this  
I have asked for the pin yesterday but has not recieved yet. Any idea when will i recieve it?
on 10/30/14
It atleast takes 10 days to receive the pin. :D
on 10/30/14
Oh ok thanks
on 10/21/14
I applied for coupon 22 days ago and still waiting..... its limit.
on 02/19/14
ordered on 13/2/14..not recieved yet
on 10/12/14
10 days time..
on 06/21/13
any one received flipkart gift card?
how many days to get this card?
on 10/12/14
i am waiting for mine
on 07/04/13
4 days
on 06/24/13
6-14 days
on 03/26/13
rhyder88 liked this  
You can only use 3 of them min ur order..I prefer sapdeal
on 04/04/13
Can we combile multiple GV in Snapdeal?
on 05/24/14
U can't combine u have to goto account section and click cash in gv and then the money will be in ur snapdeal account. Just like a phone recharge card.
on 06/15/14
MridulSen and 2 others liked this  
how can indian customers win swag bucks. not able to use the toolbar, swag codes wont work, also sbtv also not available for india. how did you managed to earn swag bucks
on 09/11/14
MridulSen liked this  
In ur list the swagcode thing is wrong cuz the codes does work but the issued and wxpiry time are late night around 3-4am and some times 1-2 am.If u can wake up all night for petty 3-4 sb's then u should do it...
on 09/06/14
Devkr176 and 1 others liked this  
guys can u tell me how u earn sb so fast,if u have any trick tell me on checkandmate00@gmail.com
on 08/09/14
coolteero237 liked this  
ErrorMessage: Unknown gift card number , ErrorCode: 1007
Getting this message plz help
on 08/08/14
But how to get the code :/
on 06/04/14
AntekDroid liked this  
I received the flipkart gift voucher after 12 days .,but the received gift voucher whcih is not valid swagbucks is cheating all the people and wasting all the time .,dont trust the swagbucks
on 07/19/14
Devkr176 and 1 others liked this  
I m 2 from india and i got a flipkart voucher after 8 daysand it worked for me..
on 06/14/14
u can contact swagbucks about this issue and they will give u another gift voucher from flipkart

even my friend got an incorrect voucher he did that and he got another one.

Swagbucks rock

PS: dont blame wagbucks it is not their problem
on 06/15/14
Comment Under Review
on 08/01/14
on 04/08/14
what is the voucher pin? can anyone tell me?
on 07/19/14
hoppr liked this  
on 07/14/14
when the e-gift card code will i get
on 06/19/14
I'm new here
on 03/03/14
ranga1990 liked this  
i want to ask anyone here from india that if anyone participated in swagstakes and won??
is there anyone?? pls reply
on 05/17/14
i have won at once anurag
on 06/15/14
how can indian customers win swag bucks. not able to use the toolbar, swag codes wont work, also sbtv also not available for india. how did you managed to earn swag bucks
on 03/29/13
AntekDroid and 1 others liked this  
500 rs is low, need higher values, any way happy to see this in our reward store :-)
on 07/19/14
you can also snag 1000 rs flipkart voucher
on 04/04/13
AntekDroid liked this  
Exactly! I too want higher values!
on 05/04/14
same here..
on 03/02/14
what will happen if i click snag this
will dey deliver the e-voucher to my house or email???
on 03/06/14
SwagNamer3 liked this  
It will be posted in the My Gift Card Section and the will send a notification on ur email !!
on 01/25/14
zubby001 liked this  
Received at that day exactly........
on 01/25/14
authentication pin email mai nhi aa skti kya?
on 01/25/14
nahi aa sakti
on 01/08/14
Kya kissi aur ke flipkart voucher ko apne flipkart voucher ke saath use krke shopping kr skte h kya? I mean 2 alag alag account k vouchers?
on 01/13/14
Rockyhandsome liked this  
Yes, Of course YOU can, Just Go To Flipkart.com During payment method select giftcards and then enter the code...... You can use maximum 3 giftcards on a single order........
on 07/12/13
ahmadsarfa liked this  
Finally received it after 12 days...Immediately redeemed for a pair of running shoes...waiting for delivery...
on 10/12/14
on 09/08/13
CompGen liked this  
I am from india but when i clicked 'Snag this' button..I am getting message like 'This is not available for US residents'.....Please help me....
on 01/04/14
are u using a proxy?
on 11/19/13
someone plz help.i dont have a snag this option to redeem the swagbucks.Now how can i redeem
on 05/27/13
hey its telling that it will send a authentication code to verify the address and its been 2 weeks and i dint receive any post card from swagbucks ...please help..
on 11/18/13
why dont you use mobile verification
on 11/09/13
I also getting the same message dont know how to claim my gift card
on 08/28/13
I get it in 2 days
on 08/02/13
got it in 5 days immediately bought ucb slippers
on 06/15/13
how t oget mobile verification
on 06/08/13
It is great to use the card
on 05/29/13
I want higher value gift cards from flipkart
on 05/04/13
Only use this card

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