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Daily Polls

Today's Poll: 03/29/2015

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With sequels, prequels, and remakes becoming more prevalent these days, do you think Hollywood is running out of ideas? Submitted By Team Swagbucks, CA
Yes, I am tired of sequels, prequels, and remakes
Yes, but I don't mind
No, there are plenty of fresh ideas
Other/Undecided (explain in comments)
Comment on this poll
on 03/29/15
Plenty of ideas left
on 03/29/15
they proved they were out of ideas with Cowboys and Aliens, Abraham Lincoln vampire slayer and not to mention Jason vs Freddie. give me a break!!!
on 03/29/15
Every thing need ideas, even sequels, prequels, and remakes
on 03/29/15
CuteChromosomes liked this  
there are plenty of ideas left in the world. it's a matter of funding and profit.
on 03/29/15
BatManuel67 liked this  
Every movie shouldn't be remade...nor should they have sequels..or prequels that have nothing to do with the actual movie..and are pretty much meaningless and pointless.
on 03/29/15
Godfather II?
on 03/29/15
Hollywood boring. NOLA for life.
on 03/29/15
kbouldin liked this  
Did anybody watch movies from the 50s? They were overwhelmingly alike to the point that the actors were on weekly salaries and pumped out movie after movie.
It's the quality of the actors, the script and the effects that make the difference. Love is love, fear is fear, suspense and wonder will come in any genre. There is nothing new under the sun because it is all eternally interesting.
on 03/29/15
Who cares?
on 03/29/15
At least with the sequels and prequels I think they make them because of demand, not for lack of ideas.
on 03/29/15
kbouldin and 2 others liked this  
I'm still waiting on the Thelma & Louise sequel! I think they could have landed that jump.
on 03/29/15
all over rated over payed singer, actor,any any entertainer. replace them with knuckle dragging monkeys,apes and baboons and they will guarantee better fresh new shows.
on 03/29/15
Ok with sequels and prequels that are well done. Sick of remakes of 80s and 90s films that are still relevant without being remade.
on 03/29/15
ggawlik liked this  
hasanyone heard of the new marvel movie antman? =)
on 03/29/15
on 03/29/15
Katanaton and 1 others liked this  
don't watch many movies... don't really care.
on 03/29/15
AncientEvergreen liked this  
I think there's too much trash in movies in general. Even great films are brought down by lowering standards.
on 03/29/15
I don't really ever watch movies so I don't care.
on 03/29/15
bobbyay liked this  
I think they are just too chicken to try anything that isn't "tried and true." There are always new ideas, but not always people willing to give them a shot.
on 03/29/15
There are plenty of new ideas out there, but they never get a chance.
Just like in the rest of the good ol' USA, it's all about the money these days, and if they can both save and make money reusing an old idea, Hollywood is going to keep doing it until people stop buying it.

That being said, some of those "old ideas" are freaking fantastic to see realized with modern technology behindthem.
on 03/29/15
This isn't a new thing . It's been a practice in Hollywood for decades . Your favorite movie is probably a version of hamlet , Romeo and Juliet or Richard the 3rd
on 03/29/15
they cant read every script, let alone fund some of em. so remake what works until.
on 03/29/15
candyrosepetals and 1 others liked this  
I wish they would create more John Wayne type Western or shows like Little House on the Prairie.
on 03/29/15
TexInNYC and 1 others liked this  
I think they are running out of ideas, but as long as the sequel,etc.., is as good or better than the original I don't mind. Like How to train your dragon 1&2 both were great movies on their own. Or despicable me 1&2 and I am really looking forward to Minion Madness.
on 03/29/15
fuzzybootcuff and 1 others liked this  
I don't mind sequels but have the time they are redoing the same story from the first or it can't meet the same expectations as the first movie.

Stop trying to package the same gift and resell as something else. It's not different because you put a slight twist on it. Be original - not stupid.
on 03/29/15
fuzzybootcuff and 1 others liked this  
Hollywood's not running out of ideas; Hollywood is out of ideas.
on 03/29/15
Joie9102 liked this  
I love to write stories but find that plots are all used up. I can add a twist or combine two different plots but the main plot is not exactly original. Man vs man, Man vs nature, Man vs some other crisis.
on 03/29/15
zephyr359 liked this  
I honestly can't say for sure, because I haven't had television service or seen many movies recently. Some sequels I saw in the past were a welcome follow-up to what I saw before. But I'm sure it's possible to overwork a story until it becomes stale.

On the other hand, think of Margaret Mitchell's "Gone With the Wind". Many people would have loved to read a sequel written by her own hand. Unfortunately, she died in a car accident before that could happen. I read somewhere, though, that when asked if she was going to write a sequel, she said, "No, the story has already been told." Sometimes what's left unsaid leaves more to the imagination.
on 03/29/15
I'm not a movie lover. Couldn't care less.
on 03/29/15
djohn78 and 2 others liked this  
I just searched Palm Sunday--11 Swagbucks!
on 03/29/15
I forgot to mention a remake of the film: "Fiend Without A Face" would be memorable If It were
updated 21st Century Style and In-Color.
on 03/29/15
So remakes sound good..but they are too many worn out movie ideas these days!
on 03/29/15
I just don't watch the remakes and most sequels. Prequels? Maybe if I were that invested in a story I would care I guess. I think most people are getting bored with Hollywood. Everyone I know is getting more into television series and rarely even going to the theater anymore.
on 03/29/15
I would like to see the Remake of: Brides of Dracula, Leech Woman, Love With A Proper Stranger,
Children Of The Damned, Saratoga Trunk, Baby The Rain Must fall, and Man With The X-Ray Eyes.
And of course, I expect them to be in color and updated to reflect "Modern America".
on 03/29/15
I really hate when they make remakes. They always make the remakes corny. For example Dukes of Hazzard (it's a remake from an old tv show) and 21 Jump Street. I hear they are remaking The Crow. I believe that should be left alone. Brandon Lee died for that movie..
on 03/29/15
on 03/29/15
I had a professor in college that said that all stories are 10 basic concepts.
on 03/29/15
SisterDoe and 1 others liked this  
I don't pay attention to fame in Hollywood. They make movies with whatever they decide to use. These days you can shake your leg and be famous.
on 03/29/15
I often don't like remakes. Sequels = depends. Prequels = yes
on 03/29/15
SisterDoe liked this  
The watch and earns are not working right.
on 03/29/15
I am so tired of it, I watch international movies now since we have the same remakes and themes. They are so much better than Hollywood remakes and what not. I love old movies though 1965 and down are great movies.
on 03/29/15
I enjoy the remaking of films. For example, I enjoyed the film "Rosemary's Baby" when It first appeared
in the 1970's. And, it remake was different and not as confusing as the original. As a kid, I saw the
film "Wasp Woman". I was amazed by the film as a child. But, I laughed at it as an adult. I intend to
view its remake. The "Species" sequels are a bit too much. But, I view them anyway. And, I enjoyed the
remake of "Children Of The Damned" as much as the original film when it appeared in the 1960's.
on 03/29/15
tfjparadise liked this  
Everything has been essentially done as far as plots go. The only thing you can do is continue a series or make an original movie but when you break down the plot it would have been done several times (it's all about how the director portrays it though that will make it watchable or not).
on 03/29/15
LiquidViper and 1 others liked this  
Who cares if Hollywood keeps putting out the same stuff each year? You don't have to watch them. The truth is, there are many dozens of original and fresh movies released each year by smaller studios. It's no one's fault but your own if you can't be bothered to look them up. Foreign movies are also a good place to find good original ideas.
on 03/29/15
I seldom go to the movies and never to sequels.
on 03/29/15
I don't watch too many movies si I don't really care.
on 03/29/15
New idea's are fine, its the Cable TV Channel that suck!
on 03/29/15
on 03/29/15
I don't realy care either the movies are fine the way they are now.
on 03/29/15
It don't really matter to me we don't watch a lot of movies unless there kid approved
on 03/29/15
LiquidViper liked this  
Reality check.. Hollywood is and will always be a money hunger!
on 03/29/15
travelergranny and 1 others liked this  
I don't watch very many movies, so it really doesn't matter to me. I just wish that more family friendly movies would be made.

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