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CVS $10 Gift Card

CVS $10 Gift Card
CVS $10 Gift Card
CVS $10 Gift Card
Price: 1,000
Snag This!

As America's largest retail pharmacy, CVS/pharmacy® has the prescription medications, health care products, and other remedies you need "for all the ways you care.

What's more, CVS/pharmacy treats its customers with ExtraCare® - giving them 2% back on all purchases* plus $1 for every 2 prescriptions** purchased.

What better way to gift, reward or provide incentive than with the CVS/pharmacy Gift Card? It can be used at over 7,000 locations nationwide and can even be used toward prescription purchases**.
Order yours today!

Customers appreciate the wide assortment of popular beauty, health, and personal care brands, as well as, the high quality CVS/pharmacy store brand products recognized by value-conscious consumers.
Beauty is one of the core categories, and CVS/pharmacy was named Mass Beauty Retailer of the Year at the 2007 Women's Wear Daily Beauty Biz Awards.

*Excludes alcohol, gift cards, lottery, money orders, prescriptions, postage stamps, pre-paid cards and tobacco products.

+This e-Gift card can only be used in stores and cannot be redeemed at CVS.com.

**Excludes pharmacy items paid for in whole or in part by state and/or federal health care programs. This includes programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. Not valid on prescriptions purchased in NJ or NY. In Louisiana, not valid on any prescription for a controlled dangerous substance.

To view a sample e-Gift Card and a complete list of the Terms & Conditions click here.

Your gift code will be posted on your account profile, under "My Gift Cards" within 10 business days of verifying your purchase.

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on 08/03/15
Yes, many of the cashiers are unfamiliar with this form of payment. Just tell the cashier to select gift card before they scan it. I shop at many CVS' and find that this works with no problem.
on 06/19/13
Well this takes time and will make the employee struggle, i personally dont thinnk its worth the wait and struggle. I got this and spent it today and the cashier could not scan it or type in the number and she called the manager, who spent 20 minutes on the phone trying to find if its valid..I pissd off the employees and the people behind me but it still went through so whatever. From now on I will only use swagbucks for online shopping.
on 06/09/15
thank god i read this reviews before getting one. Just one advice to anyone out there. i would wait to get atleast 2500 and cash out thru paypal that way you can send it to your bank and use it as cash instead of going thru all of this with the nasty cashier we get once in a while. paypal is free and easy to use and sending money to your account is as easy. now reading all of this i rather do the amazon or paypal. just another option i wanted to share.
on 04/08/15
on 03/23/14
I love the great deals that I get at CVS, and today was the first time I used one of these E-gift cards. I did tell the cashier before I handed it to him that it was a gift card, he still scanned it a few times though. When the manager came over I told him that I was told that it beep when scanned and you have to put it in as gift card not a coupon, so he did that and it went through as it's suppose to. When I told him how it was suppose to be done he and the cashier ignored me, but he still did what I told him, lol. It was a bit annoying because the process was holding up the line, so I'm not sure if I will order another one or not.
on 01/14/14
I had no problems when I used my e-gift card last November. It was so easy to use. I am now saving up points to get a $50 one. Thanks swagbucks!
on 09/19/13
Jazzybeswaggin liked this  
Had no problem redeeming it initially or a second time using my remaining balance. After reading the reviews on here, I made sure and told my cashier(s) that it was a gift card and there was no problem at all!
on 08/18/13
how can u print it out an spend it
on 08/07/13
After doing some research it seems all the cashiers have to do is total the order, select "gift card" on the screen and scan the code. It seems like most cashiers get confused because they think it's a coupon. I am going to start using wordpad to print instructions for them, as the cards don't have any.
on 07/11/13
Do these have to be for you or can you give this to someone else?
The comments below make it seem like it may be a hassle, so I'm not sure if I'll pick this one or a different one.
At least with the Amazon ones and Starbuck ones you can just add the code to your account or someone can put on their account. I'm giving my sis a small treat and am going back between 4 gift cards.
Most likely will not use this one as so many issues, but still am curious.
Has anyone ever given the CVS card as a gift to someone?
on 06/26/13
Miller423 liked this  
I'm debating cashing out at $5.00 or trying to earn more points and cash out at $10.00. I want to use this with my ECB at CVS to really start earning ECB and doing large CVS hauls. I'm worried now after reading these responses but I will use it, (i've worked to hard not ot use it)lol1 I will come back with an update, maybe a while since I have to earn more points lol!
on 07/01/13
I have never had an issue with a ecard at CVS, you may get a cashier who has never seen them but usually if they follow the directions there is no problem at all.
on 04/21/13
I finally got around to using my gift card. I went to the store and after giving them my manufacturers coupons, store coupons and extra bucks coupons, I handed the clerk the gift card. She scanned it and it beeped. She tried to scan it repeatedly and it didn't work. She called over another clerk who told her to input the card number. They spent at least 8 minutes trying to figure out how to put the number in because it wasn't working. Finally they got it through but I checked on my receipt and it said "-$10 CVS Store Coupon" which is strange because it's suppose to be a gift card. I'm not sure if I will redeem my points for these cards again. They seem to be too much of a hassle not just for me, but also for the customers waiting in line and the clerks. I really wish there were better instructions. "Print this page. Use it at any CVS store during time of purchase" doesn't really help the cashiers.
on 06/19/13
I should add how awesome it was to get $60 worth of stuff for only $20. If these cards, were easier to use, it would be my go-to gift card.
on 05/05/13
KristaWista and 2 others liked this  
I've never had an issue redeeming my CVS e-cards at any of their stores. I also use Viggle e-cards that have the same process for redeeming. If anything, the cashiers love to hear how I earned these and I have had a couple of them sign-up with Swagbucks (and Viggle) through me. I use CVS gift cards to pay the tax after coupons and Extra Bucks. Best way to get things my family needs for FREE!
on 11/04/11
Frayx2 and 7 others liked this  
I think I am getting another CVS gift soon. I used 2 already and would like to share my experience. Here are some tips for using this type card.

1. CVS eGift card is not being seen very often compare to the regular hard card. it's a paper you print out at home, the cashiers at CVS may not know about this thing exist AT ALL. If at check-out, they just scan the bar code, it will beep. No matter how many times he tried. IT WILL BEEP. You will need to explain it to them and point out the instructions on the bottom. Very IMPORTANT: the cashier must follow the instructions in order to get it through. So before you hand the cashier the paper, tell them it's an e-gift card, please see here (point out the instructions), I highlighted mine in yellow. Then he will need to select the gift card option on the screen before scan it.
on 11/04/11
Frayx2 and 4 others liked this  
2. You can see the card balance on the receipt, and the store do not need to keep your paper. 3. Keep in mind how much you have left on the card or you can check it at CVS.com before use it again. You can always tell the cashier "I still have this much left on it" before hand it to him. 4. DO NOT use self check out if you are planning on use the e gift card, always go to the regular check-out line because it won't take it, even under the supervisor mode sometimes. 5. Treat the eGift card as cash. Hope it helps!
on 04/30/13
Thank you
on 12/02/11
Wow, this is awesome, thanks!
on 06/20/12
istandonmyown liked this  
Why sell cards that cannot be redeemed online?
on 10/19/12
FrugalOne365 and 2 others liked this  
Seriously? I cannot believe you're complaining. It's just as easy to use it in the store. I, for one, am very glad Swagbucks offers this gift card.
on 09/24/12
FrugalOne365 and 2 others liked this  
At least it's not a card for a business that only exists in maybe one or two out of all the states in the USA.
on 07/11/12
elizabethhersom5 and 5 others liked this  
Someone always has to complain. I love CVS thanks Swagbucks. I just go to the store and shop.
on 04/30/13
Believenu, have you had any problems with the CVS e-gift card?
on 12/30/12
FrugalOne365 liked this  
I love redeeming for these! I use them combined with my CVS extra rewards bucks!
on 04/30/13
I will soon be redeeming my first CVS e-gift card once it is on my swagbucks account but I am nervous because of all the negative feedback.
I am in Miami, Florida. I sure hope I don't have problems with stores in my area. Out of curiosity, Tattoo87, what city are you in?
on 01/09/13
These are my favorite e-gift cards. Like previously posted, you can combine them with Extra Rewards Bucks, manufacturers coupons and CVS coupons. Make sure that you hand over the e-gift card to the cashier after you have used ALL your coupons. Once they apply the e-gift card and total the purchase you will not be able to use any other coupons afterwards. Sometimes my total purchases get reduced to just the tax owed on the items. I have been using them for about a year now and never had a problem.
on 03/01/13
So the e-gift card doesn't cover the tax?
on 03/14/13
Yes it does, it's like cash!
on 12/20/12
san1 liked this  
Please don't purchase any CVS e-gift cards because you might not be able to use them in store. I ordered a $25 dollar card, printed it out and tried to use it today at my local store. First of all, the store clerks have never seen such cards. They scanned the barcode and got the message something like sequential number is invalid. They were trying to enter it manually and same message. All the instructions on the card are "Using your gift card is simple: Redeem in-store 1. print the card. 2. Use it any CVS store during time of purchase." So, they were refusing my card as it didn't scan. I asked to call the number on the card for CVS Customer service 1-877-259-7078. They did. They put us on hold for 30 minutes . The CS representative Anna Marie said that they do see that my card has $25 balance but she cannot help me to get it redeemed at store because I purchased it from the 3rd party - Swagbucks. So, my $25 CVS e-gift is worthless Swagbucks, please help me.
on 12/30/12
i have been using these for over a year and I have never had that problem :/ i'm sorry you did!
on 12/20/12
newyork371 liked this  
I just called CVS customer support (888) 720-6811 and then I was connected to gift card department asking for the directions for using egift card at store. They say the store needs to enter all the digits in the barcode and then the last four digits of the barcode. They should not enter the four digit PIN number. PIN number is only to check balances. Apparently, the store was entering the PIN number. Well, I don't know if those new instructions will work. We have a storm coming and that's why I was trying to finish my shopping today.
Even if new instructions work, I'm still angry at CVS for
1) not providing proper redemption instructions on their card,
2) poor customer service at stores and headquaters.
Ultimately, I wasted so much time. On the positive note, I didn't have any problem with a Walmart e-gift card. I asked and they exchanged it for a plastic one because I want to use it for gas too.
on 12/19/12
Just snagged 2 of this today!! I can't wait to use it with my coupons hihihi.. I save a LOT of money in cvs !! thanks SWAGBUCKS for this !!
on 10/16/12
StephersSays and 1 others liked this  
Snagged one today! I wish I had known earlier that Swagbucks offers CVS GCs wooot! should be able to maximize my savings with coupons + CVS gc :D
on 09/24/12
I wish i had one near me. Oh well.
on 09/24/12
istandonmyown liked this  
Same here.
on 09/24/12
istandonmyown liked this  
right now you get 4% back from CVS so that card would be a real BraggableBargain X2 cash back at CVS!!!!
on 07/11/12
istandonmyown liked this  
Omg!!!! yes! i love CVS!that's my favorite store i love exrabucks and all the money CVS save me. can't wait to use my gift card
on 04/25/12
soinlove20::2013-01-02 13:33:18::2013-01 and 3 others liked this  
These come in handy with all the sales and coupons at CVS. Its good to highlight the area for the instructions for the cashier to follow. I had a problem one time and they nearly refused to accept it because it wont work (they just scanned it). Once they follow the instructions went right in smoothly. I love these e-gift cards :)
on 04/10/12
istandonmyown and 1 others liked this  
How do u use a egift card in the store?
on 04/21/12
istandonmyown and 1 others liked this  
u can print it up, and use it right in the store, just show them the print up when u pay for your stuff
on 04/06/12
istandonmyown liked this  
Can't wait for this 100 more to go
on 04/03/12
istandonmyown liked this  
CVS is great! Finally a BB that I can actually take part in! Thanks!
on 04/02/12
soinlove20::2013-01-02 13:33:18::2013-01 and 1 others liked this  
this is so awesome! I LOVE CVS! I save so much money with their extrabucks sales and using coupons, I can't wait to get my giftcards :)
on 04/02/12
istandonmyown liked this  
Thanks, getting me one!!!!!!!!!!!!
on 04/02/12
justjenny87 liked this  
Yay, I've been waiting for a CVS card sale!!!
on 04/02/12
was trying to save for the $100 agc, but this might just set me back a few sb! good deal!
on 03/27/12
Great, trying to save up for the $25 dollar one but hey I coupon so I never spend much there. Never had a problem with gitcard.
on 02/21/12
I have redeemed several of these gift cards from swagbucks and they've help so much with daily items at CVS, along with all the great deals CVS has every week. I've never had a problem using the gift cards with my local CVS and for the amount of SB, it's one of the better deals on here. :)
on 02/17/12
I usually get the Amazon cards, but why not try something new? Especially something for such a great bargain that you can combine with all the CVS coupon out there! Thanks SO much Swag Bucks for such a great deal!
on 01/16/12
Cool CVS Card is the Braggable Bargain
on 01/16/12
elizabethhersom5 liked this  
I've used 4 of these....combined with coupons here at swagbucks = awesome value!
Remember to get a raincheck @ CVS if item is out of stock...CVS rainchecks do not expire!!!
on 12/13/11
elizabethhersom5 liked this  
Redeemed two of these so far! Just keep in mind like others have said, tell the cashier to put it in as a manual gift card ( Just as if it was a plastic card that could not swipe) you keep the paper unless its empty and they do not scan the bar code even though it looks like a coupon. Speaking of coupons I can't wait to start using Swag bucks coupons with my CVS Gift card redeemed from the Swag store to get more Swag bucks!
on 11/29/11
ViBee liked this  
Can these be stacked?
on 11/29/11
These work wonderfully for me- cashiers have had no problems!
on 11/18/11
hallya and 1 others liked this  
Thank You Swagbucks! You always have such a great selection of gift cards and help us to save on our budget with them. Greatly appreciated!
on 11/04/11
elizabethhersom5 and 1 others liked this  
Love the CVS gift card, I used mine with no trouble at all! Thank you so much swagbucks! The only thing that could make it better is if you lowered the price a little bit.
on 04/30/11
so we can't use this in the store?
on 05/07/11
I'm not exactly sure how this works, as I haven't tried it yet. But I have used online GC's in the store. You just print it out and use it just like a giftcard in the store. There is a code the cashier needs to scan. And there are instructions on the bottom of the print out if your cashier can't figure it out :)
on 05/08/11
I agree with Leah. I recently purchased a $25 gift card online thinking the $5 promo was still valid and it was not. However, they just scan the barcode and it works just like a regular gift card. I suspect this will be the same.
on 05/02/11
"This e-Gift card can only be used in stores and cannot be redeemed at CVS.com." What I don't get is it is an e-gift card and will show up in your "my gift cards", but you cannot use it online. So you will have to print it out and hope your CVS will accept it.
on 05/07/11
If you have to print it, it seems more like a coupon than an e-gift card. You have to use the full value at one time with coupons, but gift cards deduct whatever amount you are being charged until you reach the maximum value of the card. I would like more clarification on how this e-card is used in actual stores before I purchase it.
on 11/04/11
alsnacky and 1 others liked this  
The "card" gives instructions for the cashier to scan as a GiftCard - just make sure that if you are using any coupons and/or ECBs that the cashier scans those before the gift card as the GC is treated as tender and no discounts can be applied after a payment is made.

Personally I love these and get them exclusively. As another posted said with all of the ECBs offered at CVS a $10 CVS GC can go a long way. Just last week I used one to pay for items included in the CVS CG giveaway (which will be going on until Dec. 25th), With Coupons and this GC I paid $3 Out of Pocket (for a little over $30 worth of stuff) and received a $10 GC back - you can't beat a value like that!
on 05/15/11
annette88 and 2 others liked this  
i have used these before, you print it out and its just like a gift card, you dont have to use the whole amount at one time, the balance will still be there
on 05/07/11
I agree. Can we get some more clarification from swagbucks about how this works, please?
on 05/01/11
It says, "It can be used at over 7,000 locations nationwide..."
Sounds like stores to me.
on 10/31/11
GironaSpa liked this  
I wish it wasn't an e-giftcard...I wish it was a regular giftcard!!! (hint hint:D)..but I still like it!!!
on 09/19/11
cshihad and 2 others liked this  
ooh I can't wait to use this card!! I absolutely LOVE cvs! B/W their sales and ECB, $10 can go a VERY very long way there! I am always getting cheap razors and free toothpaste (love coupons). ;0)
on 05/27/11
Donnyfan and 3 others liked this  
Just ordered my second one. Once your order comes in it gives you a website and claim code. You go there and can print out the card with a number, pin, barcode, and instructions for the cashier. They just scan it and you use it like any gift card. You do not have to use the full amount in one transaction, and you can combine it with sales, coupons, and extrabucks. This is my new favorite prize!
on 05/27/11
Thanks so much for posting this explanation!
on 05/27/11
im new to this, what do you search to get these points or swagbucks?
on 09/08/11
You can get the bucks from searching for anything, installing the toolbar and using it, taking surveys, or using the site's features like TV, special offers, or finding codes in the blog. Good luck!
on 08/20/11
I've used two of these. They typically don't scan, but the cashier can just type in the gift card number and it will work just fine. It will tell you how much you have left on the card on the bottom of your receipt! Love these!
on 07/28/11
CuteLindsey86 and 4 others liked this  
Please have the option of allowing people to re-fill an existing CVS gift card with this prize. It's actually harder to lose or tear if you have the physical card. Thanks!
on 08/20/11
I couldn't agree more!
on 05/24/11
kaitygirl147 liked this  
Hints for winning swagbucks!

Searching- You can win 1-4 times a day from searching. (5 is rare) It helps if you go to their facebook page and see when everyone else is winning.

Swagbucks Tv- It helps to watch videos on swagbucks tv the pet videos are usually the shortest. Watch 250 videos and you have earned 75 swagbucks (daily maximum). 3 swagbucks every 10 videos watched.

Tasks- Tasks are little jobs that pay you to do you work. They each have a training session to help you get the hang of it.

Trusted Surveys- Visit your trusted surveys page to see if you have surveys available. You will not qualify for all of them so don't be dissapointed. But you can win some big bucks from surveys!

Special Offers- Special offers are offers that pay you to do them. For instance: Are you wanting to sign up for netflix. Do it on swagbucks and get 1000 swagbucks! There are many offers for free.

There are more ways these are just some!
on 07/06/11
I love the Games. You get 2 swagbucks for every 2-3 games that you play (10 daily maximum). You also get a daily buck each for using the toolbar, voting on the daily poll, and visiting the trusted surveys page.
on 07/07/11
Thank you I had put these originally on there but it was to many words on my comment so they wouldn't let me put it on here thanks again!
on 07/19/11
thanks for putting this it helps me sometimes
on 07/08/11
elizabethhersom5 liked this  
I bought this prize last month and used it last week it the store. When it showed up in my gift cards, I followed the instructions and then printed it out. At first the register did not take it because the cashier accidentally tried to use it as a discount rather then a gift card. Once he selected gift card, the prize worked just fine for me. I had an amount over $10 so I do not know what would have happened if there was less than that. I really like this prize and might get it again if I have enough SB after purchasing my maximum $5 AGC/month.
on 07/11/11
savemoney08 liked this  
Do you remember how many business days it took to get your CVS gift card? It seems like it's taking a really long time.
on 07/15/11
I ordered it june 2nd and recieved it june 10th so 8 days total.
on 07/07/11
Would love these gift cards but don't have a CVS by me! 8( But I do have a walgreens TSG... HINT HINT LOL...
on 06/30/11
phephee liked this  
I decided to cash in my swagbucks and get this giftcard. I received the code the giftcard online (on my swagbucks account) about 8 days after I purchased it. I printed it from my home computer and took it to my local CVS to use. My order total was 8.50 and I wanted to use the $10 gift card, and even though it has specifically printed on it that residual value remains on the giftcard, the cashier at my CVS said I needed to purchase at least $10 worth of product to use it (the computer was beeping at her and not letting the coupon process at all). I decided just to pay cash rather than argue with the cashier and took my CVS giftcard to another CVS the next week. This time I purchased more than $10 worth of product so I was sure it would work, but again the computer beeped when the giftcard was scanned, and after some haggling the cashier finally manually entered the discount for me. I really want to like this giftcard deal, but I probably won't be getting it again.
on 07/04/11
lisasmith1019 liked this  
My paper giftcards ALWAYS beep. I've been using them for 2 years now. There are instructions on the bottom of the page to tell the cashier how to do it. They need to hit the giftcard button on their screen, then scan the bar code. That's how it's always worked for me.

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